Web Site - Change History

This page gives an overview of the change details for the site.
I will update the table below as I add new restoration sections and amend or improve existing content.

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Date Change Detail

1. New advertising added on homepage - Duke Marketing, Amazon, revolving ad
2. New additions to On-line Catalog in 'For Sale' section


1. New Homepage, with additional alternating advert
2. New additions to On-line Catalog in 'For Sale' section


1. New Homepage, with additional Amazon adverts
2. Latest article on Norton restoration. Section 5 - Timing Chest
3. New additions to On-line Catalog in 'For Sale' section

15/07/06 1. 'For Sale' page updated to include further new parts to the SOHC catalog - including bearings, fasteners, TT carb bits
06/06/06 1. 'For Sale' page updated to include catalog of SOHC International and Manx Norton parts now available for sale
02/04/06 1. Downloads Section updated. 'Screensavers' now included, with more to follow shortly
  2. Website goes commercial for the first time. Banners added. Sorry if some are not happy about this, but I will try and keep them relevent to the site's main interests. Even I have to pay the bills!
  3. Loads of small changes , to make corrections, following input from people reviewing new format
22/02/06 1. First major redesign of web site format. New Homepage, with revised layout, banner, format, text etc.
  2. Site now divided in to 2 main components: Introducing a Norton section, in parallel with the Vincent section
  3. Norton International/Manx sections added, to detail the recent build of a 1938 Norton Racing International
  4. Various smaller amendments made, to compliment changes detailed above
22/01/05 1. First use of Style Sheets. Used this to change font and size for all web pages. Now uses 'Georgia' as default font type (12 size)
  2. New button added on Homepage for 'Racing'. This page previously accessed from bottom of 'My Other Bikes'
  3. General tidying up of old errors. Multiple small corrections
  4. Vincent Update page updated (but not the bike!)
16/01/05 1. Home page updated to show latest buttons. Font of Homepage amended. Change history Updated
  2. New Section added for fitting Ducati 916 Slipper Clutch and Footrests
  3. New Section added for pre-war Camshaft Nortons
  4. Section added for Soundtracks
  5. For Sale and Wanted section added
15/01/04 1. New Ducati links in Links page
07/02/04 1. New Bikefair link in Links page
15/01/04 1. New Ducati links in Links page
  2. Amendments to 'Wots New' section on home page (including Vincent update)
  3. Ducati 916 page added (accessed from Wots New section)
31/08/03 1. New link in Links page
  2. Pictures of finished Constellation in 'recent developments' page
  3. Crank section amendment. Balance factor changed from 60% (one of my Nortons) to 46% - Whoops! sorry about that
19/07/03 1. Modified home page to include link to 'recent developments' section
  2. New 'recent developments' page, detailing Constellation rebuild
23/05/03 1. Added new link to another web page in 'Links' section
  Note : Sorry I have not had the opportunity to add more in the last 2 months. All available time at moment is going into another 'quick' restoration of my R.E. Constellation, so I have something to ride this summer! However, gearbox section to be added soon
23/03/03 1. Added Archive Photo's section - Original Black Lightning photographs and more contemporary shots of racing Vincents at VMCC meetings
  2. Meta Text changed on homepage in a futile attempt to finally get picked up by search engines - Hey ho . . .
15/02/03 1. 'Links and Useful Contacts' page now populated
13/02/03 1. New restoration page added detailing build of the wheels.
11/02/03 1. Rollover image of HRD motif on homepage no longer errors when pressed
  2. Amended Norton photograph on 'Other Bikes' page
  3. New photographs added to 'Racing Sidecars and Solo' page (follows on from 'Other Bikes' page


1. Amended Home Page Left Bar, to include 'Change History' button.

  2. Most text pages amended to enable 'autosizing'. This should allow them to resize to account for various browser resolutions
20/01/03 1. Added 'Other Bikes' photos
15/01/03 1. Various small enhancements to correct bugs
  2. Numerous spelling corrections
11/01/03 Site First Published on Web