Links and Useful Contacts

This page lists many useful contacts and websites involved in the restoration of Vincent's, Norton's and motorcycle restoration in general. There are also links to other motorcycle related websites, many that themselves contain useful links.
Many of these sites I have used myself, and where appropriate have given a personal recommendation based on my experiances with them.

Vincent Contacts:

Company or Website Description Contact Details
Maughan & Sons Vincent Engineers and producers of the finest precision parts for Vincents. Specialise in Stainless Steel. Definitely recommended!

Lincs. UK.
Phone 01529 - 461717

Dave Lindsley Specialist in Restoration of Magnetos and Dynamos
(including parts for KVF/KVFTT magnetos)
Bolton, Lancs. UK
Phone 01706 - 365838
VOC Spares Co. Ltd. Vincent Owners Club spares company Lymm, Chesire. UK.
Phone 01925 - 758455 Web Site Excellant web site put together by Jim Baltusnik and Craig Comontofski, covering all things Vincent.
Includes comprehensive table detailing original Black Lightnings and much other Black Lightning information.
Big Sid's Web Site Web Site of renowned American Vincent restorer and historic motorcycle enthusiast, Sid Biberman. Many interesting stories and anecdotes.
VOC Homepage Web Site Vincent Owners Club web site. Includes contacts for VOC spares scheme, MPH editior etc.
Vincent Links Web Site A web site doing just what it says, providing an easy link to just about every Vincent web site available! Put together by the VOC Lone Star Section


HRD Comet Web Site A really nice site written by John Barber, detailing the exploits of his father who worked at the HRD Works, and owned a Comet that went on to become the well known Cadwell Special
OldRacer Ben Kingham is well known for his success in VMCC racing, and this excellent website covers the exploits of Ben and his father Tim (who I used to know when I raced) on Vincents . Very nice site, well worth a visit
Norton (SOHC) Contacts and Sites:  
Company or Website Description Contact Details
Norton Motorcyles Site A site dedicated to Norton singles put together by one of the best known Norton exponents in the UK, Dr George Cohen ('Norton' George). As well as offering an engineering service, George's knowledge of Flat Tank and Cammy Nortons is second to none.
Stu Rogers International

One of the best known experts in the field of SOHC Nortons (not to mention a very competant and successful rider).
Stu manufactures many of the hardest to obtain parts for single cam Nortons and gives excellent advice

UK Phone 01945 - 585116
McIntosh Racing Another very highly regarded manufacturer of Norton camshaft parts, Ken McIntosh can supply or make many of the rarest parts for SOHC Nortons. Based in New Zealand, I have found Ken to be very helpful and efficient

Tel: 0064-9-570 1119

Bernie Allens Manx Norton Site Another Manx site, Bernie specialises in restoration of DOHC Manx Nortons
Bruce Symons Manx Norton For Sale Page Bruce is a long term owner of two cammy Nortons, who I have conversed with many times but has finally decided to hang up his helmet and sell the bikes. This site gives all the details.
The 1947 Manx is one of the most original and beautifully restored Manx's I have seen and well worth a look
John De Kruif:
Rapid Hare
John has put together a very nice website that amongst other things covers the restoration work he carries out on his bikes, including cammy and flat tank Nortons. Well worth a look www.
Motorcycle Restoration Services:
Company or Website Description Contact Details
Dave Lindsley Specialist in Restoration of Magnetos and Dynamos
(including parts for KVF/KVFTT magnetos)
Bolton, Lancs. UK
Phone 01706 - 365838
Bob Warner Cycles Wheel Rebuilding, able to supply Akront alloy wheel rims. Excellent reliable and friendly service. Leicester. UK.
Phone 0116 - 2627426
Arthur Sosbe Welding Specialist Welding. Certainly the best welder I have ever met and able to tackle the most difficult jobs, including alloy crankcases etc. Used by many car and bike restorers. Leicester. UK.
Phone 0116 - 2626492
Deespray (Brian Dees) Quality paintwork and Stove Enamelling (used by many Vincent restorers)

Phone 01634 - 843755

BT-H Magnetos Ltd Very good quality modern replacement magnetos for historic machines. I have never heard a bad word spoken about their products. Used on a lot of classic racing and competition bikes
Tippers Vintage Plates Beautifully finished pressed aluminium number plates. I recently ordered a set of 3 plates (one rear and 2 front) for my Royal Enfield Constellation. Service was good and the plates were of very high quality, aluminium highly polished and backing in black. They can also do special orders to your template.

UK Phone 01702 - 553226

Leicester Bearing Company Not only a good place for bearings, but I also get all my chains, Loctites, small pins and grease nipples from here
Moss Engineering As well as building the fastest Scott's in the country, Roger and his son Richard also take on specialist engineering jobs
Other Useful Websites :  
Company or Website Description Contact Details
Levenes Solicitors

This was the company I used when I had my motorcycle accident back in 2004, when claiming damages against the driver of the van that hit me.
I found them to be an excellent practice, always very professional, and ultimately they secured me a very favourable outcome.
I would definitely recommend them to any other motorcyclists unfortunate enough to have need of their services
Bike Links Web Site

Another site giving links to all sorts of excellent motorcycle web sites.

BikeFair Put together by fellow restorer and very good friend, Steve Lacey. When not restoring beautiful Cammy Nortons and such like, Steve also sells motorcycle parts both new and old. To see what is available visit his site :-

JHP Ducati (John Hackett Performance)

Great place to buy or service a Ducati.
Service Department is reminiscent of a race shop and worth the visit to see on its own

204 Keresley Road
Coventry, UK. CV6 2JJ
Tel: +44 (0)24 7633 5300

Ducati Shed For very high quality Ducati billet clutch cylinders, and other 748/916 mods Informative site giving many useful links to other motorcycle sites, coming events and motorcycle sport roundups, particulary in the IOM

Webmaster : David Lewin

Stratford-Rudge Merv Stratford's site, detailing his indecently fast Rudge's. Site maintained by his son Roy.
VMCC The Vintage Motorcycle Club website. Lots of useful stuff
Torque Motorsports (Sprinting) Terry Homan (and his friend Steve) run Torque Motorsports, that organises Sprints in the East Anglia area
Brooklands Museum
This website details all coming events at the oldest and most famous racetrack in the country - well worth a visit!
Motorbike UK Web Directory A website offering many useful motorcycle related website links
Yesterdays Useful website that specialises in offering classic motorcycles for sale
Historic Racing In Wales Online
and Vintage Motorcycle Online
Two very interesting websites written by Lynn Issacs and his wife, providing a wealth of interesting information about historic racing and the the ISDT competition

The 500 Owners Association

Home of the 500 Owners Association - a car club dedicated to Formula F3 500 cars, i.e. Cooper, Kieft etc.
Many of these cars used Norton 500 Manx engines, hence the asssociation with this site.
Very informative and interesting site, with many links to car racing world

Sandalwood Pictures

Superb photography from Julie Holbeche-Maund and Phil Mallin. I found this website when Googling for Mallory 1000 Bike Festival, which they attended. Although they do not specialise in motorsport photography, those they have taken are fantastic.
Well worth a look, just to see some of the other photos - landscapes, wildlife etc. , really excellent