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Russel Fry

0796 - 9990305

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- Very rare Amal RN Twin Float carburettor
- Good condition and complete except for needle. This is probably the rarest of twin float Amal competion carburettors and extremely difficult to find

Twin Float Amal RN 1 Twin Float Amal RN 2



- I thought I would use my own Readers Mart to place a 'Wanted' ad"
I have a few bits I am after, as follows:

- An aluminium or bronze skilled 5oocc Round Head. Condition not that important. I am after a spare for my Racing Inter, to compare to my current head
- Pre-Featherbed 500cc magnesium crankcases, again any condition considered. Will also consider post 1948 350cc magnesium crankcases

- Norton girder forks or fork blades. Am really looking for a parrallel set in good condition, but anything considered

If you have any of these parts available I will pay a good price, or will consider swapping for new or second hand spares of my own


SOLD - 02/02/09

Norton 600cc Model 19 Engine/Carb/Magneto Unit - Ex Titch Allen
- This is a complete 600cc Model 19 engine unit, which includes magneto, Type 27 Amal carburettor and even the oil pipes, in full working condition. It is just as it was when I removed it from the ex-Titch Allen 1938 Manx Chassis'd 'Posing Outfit', whch I last ran in the 2007 Festival of 1000 Bikes.

The engine was removed from the outfit last year, so that the bike could be restored and fitted with an original 500cc SOHC Manx engine. The bike is now nearing completion, and although the pushrod 600cc engine was in very good condition when removed, I think it is now surplus to requirements. The engine always ran really well and was a lovely docile unit (for a racing outfit!), ultra reliable and very well natured.

I have not done anything with it since removing it from the bike last year, but will happily strip it down for the future buyer, so they can see inside it. It was originally put together by Titch's late son Roger Allen (who I also used to passenger for occasionally), and I think may have been gently breathed on.

I will be happy to provide any more details on request. Email me:

Price £600 Complete with magneto and carb

600cc Model 19 Engineat Amal RN 1 600cc Model 19 EngineAmal RN 2


Titch Allen with Big Plunger Outfit

Titch Allen and myself with the 'Posing Oufit' at 2006 Mallory 1000 Bike Festival
Model 19 engine was fitted at this time. Tith's last ride on the outfit







Bruce Symons - Manx Norton For Sale Website
Bruce is a long term owner of two cammy Nortons, who I have conversed with many times but has finally decided to hang up his helmet and sell the bikes. This site gives all the details.
The 1947 Manx is one of the most original and beautifully restored Manx's I have seen and well worth a look




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Placing An Advert

As I have been contacted by so many vistiors to the website in the last year who have asked me if I "know anyone who might be interested" in their bike or parts, I am now offering the opportunity for readers to use this page to advertise their own bikes or parts for sale. I will also include 'Wanted' ads in the lower section, although dont be suprised if you see everyone looking for the same elusive bits!

At this stage I am only offering the facility to those readers who are selling either Camshaft Norton (SOHC or DOHC) or Vincent motorcycles and parts, although I will also include ads for interesting racing bits, like BTH, Amal and Smiths competition parts.

If you wish to place an advert on this page, please email me at:
You will need to provide the following details:
- Full Name
- Contact phone number (including international dial code)
- Contact email address
- Address details (these will not be posted or disclosed on the website and are for my benefit only)
- Clear description of motorcycle or parts, with as much detail as possible
- Accompyning Photographs in .JPEG format. I normally use 120k size for thumbnails and 550k for the larger version that can be clicked on. Up to 8 photographs per advert are allowed
- Price details. Please give an indication of price. Sorry, but I will not accept an advert with just 'offers'

Cost of placing an advert is :
£15 per motorcycle (or bundle of parts) for a 3 month duration
for a FOR SALE advert

£10 per motorcycle (or bundle of parts) for a 3 month duration for a WANTED advert

The start date being from the first day of the advert being posted on the site. After this period of time the vendor can either extend the period of time or it will be removed

As this Mart will only contain Cammy Norton and Vincent parts, I would expect that it will be the ideal marketplace for those trying to sell their motorcycles and will hopefully become well known by other collectors of similar machines (I know from the last two years of readers emails that there are many people out there looking for the right bike).

  FOR SALE - 3. Catalogs and Literature
Date Make /Model Description
15/12/06 Original 500cc DOHC Manx Norton

- I have decided I may be interested in adding a DOHC Manx to my collection
- If you have a reasonably original 500cc Manx (preferbably 1955-1960 but any Featherbed Manx considered) then why not drop me an email
- Obviously I would like to find one in good condition, but I am not too fussy and would consider one for restoration
- Good price paid for the right bike
- This bike is for my own collection and is not for re-sale

14/03/06 Norton SOHC (pre -war) Manx parts

- Manx or Inter Plunger/Rigid Frame. Any condition considered
- Manx scolloped petrol tank (bolt through type preferbably)
- Conical pre-war front brake, complete or parts
- Manx 'dog kennel' gearbox end cover (with no kickstart boss) and high first gear set
- Longstroke Manx 350 square alloy barrel
- Always interested in SOHC Norton parts, all types

Good price paid for all parts

16/01/05 Vincent Black Lightning/Grey Flash Footrests and Gearchange Assembly

Come on, some one out there must have some of these parts!
Please save me from having to slave for hours in the workshop. I am particularly after the Lightning style gearlever and the serrated rearset lingage parts.
Thanks in anticipation!