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Norton SOHC and Single Cylinder Parts Catalog

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Please take a moment to read our T&C's on the homepage before going to the 'Items' section where we list all our parts by category, thanks.

RacingNorton Background

Our family has owned, ridden and restored Norton single cylinder motorcycles since the 1960's - I was only a kid in the early days - but still had to pass the spanners to my dad! I was given my first project bike, an early '50's sidevalve 16H Norton, to build myself in the mid 1970's.
In those days original parts seemed plentiful and not too difficult to find.
But as always happens - things move on and good Norton parts become ever more difficult - particularly as bikes are restored and bits used up or worn out.
So seeing this back in the early 2000's, and with many of the older generation of parts providers retiring, I decided to start manufacturing some of the more difficult to find parts for Norton SOHC and single cylinder Norton's - mainly covering the period from the 1930's to 1950's. Originally, I offered them from the RacingVincent website, but as our catalog increased we created a transactional website - www.RacingNorton.co.uk where customers can order the parts directly and orders are handled by my daughter Stephanie Norman.


Since then the parts catalog has continued to grow, and as I write this update in 2019 we now offer over 700 parts, many of them made in-house on CNC machinery or by trusted and high quality manufacturers and craftsmen.
We also sell some of the more generic mass produced parts - but again, only from trusted suppliers or those where the quality is well described in our listings.

Norton OHV/SV models and Douglas pre-1925 2 3/4hp models:
Many of the chassis parts made for Norton SOHC (International and M30/early Manx models) were also interchangeable with other single cylinder models - and even the early Dominator models. Where possible, we state where these parts also fit other models.

As of 2017 we have also started to manufacture more parts specifically for the OHV (i.e. Mod 18, ES2, Mod 50, Mod 19 etc) and sidevalve models (i.e. 16H and Big 4) and have now created a new section specifically for these parts. We will continue to expand this side of our business and if you are an owner of one of these models - do not be shy to tell us what parts you are trying to find - if possible, we may consider manufacturing them in the future.


To tell us of a part you require, email: sales@racingvincent.co.uk


Likewise, in 2016 I purchased a 1919-20 Douglas 2 3/4hp 2 speed belt drive Edwardian flat tank motorcycle. As part of restoring this bike I have found many parts impossible to find - so have now started to manufacture some parts for this model, as well as some generic to other motorcycles of that era. Again, if there are parts you require for this model, email on the address above and we will let you know if that is a part we would consider making in the future

Finally, please bear in mind that we are a small business, with just myself and my daughter Stephanie doing all the administration and manufadturing - so please leave a few days before expecting an email reply, and just try again if you have not heard back in two weeks . . . sometimes when particularly busy we end up getting behind!


Best wishes

Paul Norman 2019

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