SOHC Magnesium Bevel Housings

Click on the thumbnails for larger example of each:


Bevel Patterns

Bevel Patterns
The wooden ones form the internal core


Machined Bevel Castings

First batch of bevel castings after machining
and fitting of bronze bearings


Light grey bevel castings

A pair of bevels in a lighter grey finish.
I can supply this, but dont advise it as it is actually quite light
(I also have to prepare the bath specially!)


Black Chromated Bevel Castings

The (standard) finished article.
By this stage I have pinned the bearings and re-chromated them in
the traditional black chromate solution (as used by Norton's), to protect the machined surfaces.
The large Vertical Shaft Union Nut (E15) is in Stainless Steel and I
hope to be able to offer these soon