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No.16 / July 2012

What’s New? – New Products July 2012

A Real Variety This Month!
I am pleased to say there is a good selection of new parts available this month, including a few of the bigger items that have been in the pipeline for some time.
At long last we have the SOHC inner timing cases completed and available, in both aluminium and magnesium, which are as fitted to roadgoing Norton Internationals and CS1's, and for the magnesium versions - to racing International's and pre-featherbed Manx;s. They have come out well and hopefully you will agree they look quite good - in fact pretty much indistinguishable from the original items! I only have a limited number of aluminium ones available though (and some are reserved already), so please let us know as quickly as possible if you require one of these.

Another rarity item I have been asked really pleased about be able to offer this month are forged Norton International slipper pistons, made by top piston manufacturer Omega. These pistons are made to the same dimensions and crown radius as Hepolite originals and are beautiful quality. They are of approximately 9.5:1 compression ratio and look too good to put inside an engine! As far as I am aware, this is the first time proper road-going Norton slipper pistons have been available since Norton's stopped having them made by Hepolite (although I am sure someone will correct me on this!).

There are a few choice other new items this month, but rather than me talking here, why not read on:

Best Wishes,
Paul Norman
August 2012


A11/7 and A11M/7 - SOHC Crankcase Bevel Cover (Inner Timing Case)
- With Oil Pump Drive Bearing Fitted

It has been a long time coming, but this month I am pleased to finally be able to offer SOHC Inner Timing Covers, in both aluminium and magnesium.
As with all parts we produce, these castings have been maufactured to be as close as possible to the shape and look of the original castings, and even have the original casting number, in the same position as per original. The patternmakers I use are excellent, and if I say so myself, the castings are virtually identical in shape and contour to an original - including the inner face and boss.
They come with the oil pump drive bearing already pressed in and reamed, and this phosphur bronze bearing has the correct spiral turned oil groove running through it, which stops just before it reach's the outer face - a feature often overlooked, which if allowed to run all the way through, can result in excessive oil being fed into the magneto chain well.

Magnesium or Alloy?

There are two versions available - either those in LM25TF Aluminium, which were as fitted to all roadgoing Norton International's and CS1's (and the early racing versions), and those in A8 Magnesium, which were as fitted from the mid 1930's to Racing International's and SOHC Manx Nortons (i.e pre-featherbed magnesium crankcase models).

Go to the this item in the online Catalog:

Online Catalog

Magnesium Cover
A11M/7: Magnesium Inner Timing Cover
Magnesium Cover
A11M/7: Magnesium Inner Timing Cover - an original cover above and our version below - the damp look is water repellent oil to protect in storage
Gearbox Return Spring
A11/7: Aluminium Inner Timing Cover - without breather hole

Gearbox Return Spring
A11/7: Aluminium Inner Timing Cover - with outer timing cover with rev clock drive - already available on the catalog

It should be noted that if ordering an Aluminium timing cover, these came in two standard types. Very early and very late covers were devoid of a breather hole (as per all magnesium timng covers), but for a period around the mid 30's to late 1940's (I think!), they had a breathing hole at the upper part of the bevel chamber. As standard the covers do not have this hole in them, but I will have both types setup on the online catalog - as I have a jig for performing the additional operation required for the breather type .

Magnesium covers are fully re-chromated after machining, while aluminium covers are supplied with the easily visible areas polished (note: due to the intricate shape, I have refrained from obtaining a mirror finish, to avoid the increased risk of damaging the machined faces

Finally, for completeness I should point out that the manufacture of these covers has been far from straightforward, not least being the fit of the outer cover, for which I have a number of originals with subtle variations. As first machined, although the outer covers fitted, I found so many variations that some were not matching up well. Therefore I took the decision to have the top threaded hole of the covers bored out to take an oversize threaded insert, and then the 1/4 BSW" thread hole re-machined in a slightly different position, to make the fit more 'generic'. This insert has been expertly applied (at not inconsiderable time and expense!) and is virtually invisible. It in no-way reduces strengh - in fact it makes the thread stronger, as it is of a higher tensile strength than the original casting material!, but I feel I should highlight it, so it's purpose is understood.

Price :
Aluminium (no breather hole): £260.00 Each
Aluminium With Breather Hole: £265.00 Each

Magnesium: £275.00 Each


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A11/13 - Big End Jet Holder (and racing camshaft jet holder)

Back in stock this month is the Big End Jet holder that is fitted to inner timing covers, and also used on the top feed cambox bevel cover. We also supply the Hexagon nut that fits on the threaded portion (in stainless steel), and the bronze plunger/spring.
CNC machined and nice close tolerence on fit, including the milled portion on the flange that allows fits the corresponding casting and stops them rotating.

Price : £11.00 Each

Big End Holder
A11/13: Big End Jet Holder

Forged Inter Piston
3094: Norton International Forged Piston
Underside of Piston
This is the underside of the piston - in this case the Manx version. The International version is machined to fit the wider conrod little end width (note the conrod has parrallel oilway holes - rather than the diamond pattern of an International conrod - the Manx giveaway!)

3094 - 500cc Norton International - Forged Slipper Piston (Approx 9.5:1 CR)

Earlier this year I was able to offer 79mm pistons (as fitted to Norton 500 longstrokes) for the first time - these being flat top JR pistons, of the type fitted to CS1 and ES2 engines. I also mentioned then I was looking to have made the now unobtainable original 'slipper' type Norton International piston.

Well, I am pleased to tell you that I did proceed with having a batch of these pistons made, which have now arrived and I hope you will agree with me from the photographs that they look the business!
Manufactured by top performance piston manufacturer - Omega Pistons, they are high quality forged 'slipper' type pistons, which have been made identical in all vital dimensions to the pre-war type Hepolite Ref 5288 piston form, one of these being supplied to Omega as a pattern. This piston form was the standard higher compression piston suitable for petrol (rather than a 'dope' piston), as fitted to Norton International engines and although I cannot be precise - the last time I fitted one of these original Hepolite pistons to an International engine it gave a compression ratio of approximately 9.5:1.
I am able to supply these pistons in two types; Standard Norton International type, which means the piston is designed to take the International conrod which has a Little End width of 1.200", and I have also had a few of the SOHC Manx type made, which have a slimmer Little End width of 1.000".

As you can see from the photos alongside, the profile of the crown, and its position in relation to the gudgeon pin centre line is identical to the original - and as far as I am aware, this is the first time this pre-war type piston has been available for many years, so you can be confident it should be as per originally fitted.
However, please check compatability with your own engine - later Manx's and some late Internationals had a shallower top barrel spigot and these pistons may sit too high in the barrel for those engines without some form of spacer - email me if you require more details.

The International type piston is available in two sizes (the 'Standard' size being based on the standard 'Manx' piston size of 79.62mm, rather than the International size of 79mm) :
STD Manx - (79.62mm), which equates to International 79mm STD + 0.025"
STD +.020" Manx - (80.13mm), which equates to International 79mm STD + 0.045"
The Manx Type piston is available in STD (79.62mm) size only

Price : £215.00 Each

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Online Catalog


Piston Comparison with Hepolite
This picture shows the comparison with an original (New Old Stock) Hepolite piston - as you can the overall profile is identical - except Omega piston is far higher quality than original!
Comparing crown profile
This photo shows clearly the same crown profile of ours to the original, and that this profile is exactly in line with the gudgeon pin centre line


3187PS - Racing International Girder Fork: Parallel Spring Set

Last year I introduced parrallel fork springs, as used on Racing International's pre war. These have proven very popular, but I have had numerous requests to supply the remaining linkage required to fit these springs - which has proven a task easier said than done, due to the relative complexity of the clevis assemblies.
You see, for the adjustment of these to be effective (without removing one end of the spring from the forks), the clevis assemblies have to be 'sided', i.e. one end employs a Right Hand thread and the other end uses a Left Hand thread. This has required us to have made Left Hand BSCycle CNC tooling for this job. Added to this, the very coarse 'worm' profile required to 'screw' into the spring was not a particularly easy item to make.
Anyway, we have now completed them and are very pleased with the results. The clevis assemblies are 'sided' left hand and right hand, so the spring assemblies can be adjusted for tension on the bike (unlike some other versions of these I have seen), and the clevis pins and nuts themselves are manufactured in Stainless Steel, so will not rust..

The order for assembling the items is: First screw in the spring 'worms' (you might need to fit the clevis's and locknuts to do this - using a Tommy bar through the clevis pin holes), then degrease and prime/topcoat the springs and spring worms together - I use an etch primer, then gloss black. Then finally assemble the washers and LH/RH clevis assemblies.
Then fit springs to the bike, loosen locknuts so the springs can be turned until you get the desired tension, and finally tighten the locknuts. Then step back and see how good they look!
My normal disclaimer - not cheap, due to the setup costs for this job, but a nice quality set

3187 Kit : Complete Parallel Spring Kit (i.e 2 springs and all parts) -
: £135.00 Set

3187LH_RH: LH/RH Clevis Assembly Set only - Price : £110.00 Set (12 items)

Go to the this item in the online Catalog:
Online Catalog

Parallel Spring Set
3187PS: Parallel Spring Set Complete (Including washers)
Magneto Sprockets
3187 LH and RH: It might not be easy to see in the photograph, but this pair of Clevis and Worm assemblies are 'sided' - one set having a left hand thread. This is for one spring, the kit consists two sets

Note: As a final addition to this set, I am having made the correct Norton type Clevis Pins with the distinctive head shape and drilled to provide a greasing point, as per original but in stainless steel. Expected in 8 weeks
Works Norton
Original 36 Works Norton using Parallel Spring setup
My 38 Norton
Similar arrangement on one of my own Nortons


New Gaskets and Seals

I have quite a few gaskets, seals and smaller items for sale this month - many of which are now very hard to get hold of, therefore I have had them made to my original patterns or drawings:.

A2/303 Norton Upgright Gearbox Gasket

This is the main gasket that fits between the gearbox shell and gearbox covers on upright Norton gearbox's. It fits all 4 speed upright types from early 1930's, through to the last one fitted in 1950.
I get so many requests for this gasket that I have had the patterns for this gasket made specially for RacingVincent.

Price : £2.85 Each

Norton Gearbox Gasket
A2/303: Norton Upright Gearbox Gasket

Tank Kneepads
CompP/01: Lasercut SOHC 1mm Compression Plates

500cc Norton International/SOHC Manx Compression Plate

Not really correct to call this a gasket I suppose, but it is close!

However, this really useful item will save you an awful lot of time with a fretsaw and file. It is not uncommon to have to make these up when fitting new pistons and trying to get the engine to a particular compression ratio.

These plates are laser cut from stainless steel (they do not deform or damage as easily as aluminium) and are 1mm thick (0.039 thou), which for a STD bore 79mm barrel equates to a reduction in compression ratio of 1.2:1 per compression ring fitted

: £3.50 Each

Note: Do not forget that when fitting or removing compression plates, it is necessary to check the clearances on the vertical shaft assembly, and if necessary fit a different width top Oldham Coupling. I have a batch of these couplings in the pipeline in various thicknesses. However, the same theory can also make these compression rings extremely useful - if you are building a new engine for your latest restoration and only have one pair of Oldham couplings, then adding these plates may help get the length correct - which is more important than compression ratio!.

Chaincase Felt
A2/494: Norton Chaincase Felt (fit in recess that fits over footrest peg)
Price : £2.20 each
1/4" Nuts
ES2 Tappet Adjuster Cover: Fits late (55-58) Norton ES2/Mod 50 tappet cover
(I am only doing these because I found a supplier who already stocks them!)

Price : £1,70 each

3775 and 3775S - Conical Pressed Steel Wheel Bearing Covers for 'Cotton Reel' Style Hubs

Another item I introduced last year was the very distinctive Norton 'flat' style wheel bearing covers - the type fitted to pre-war International (single sided) and Manx (conical) front hubs, as well as the later post war single sided front hubs.
These have proven extremely popular (not suprising - as originals are invariably missing a couple of the serrated tabs if found at autojumbles!), so it seemed worthwhile producing the other type of serrated wheel bearing cover commonly used - this one being the 'conical' variety fitted to 'cotton reel' type hubs - i.e. pre plunger rear hubs and those front hubs that had the bolt on brake drum. These were used on most Norton model's in the 30's/40's.
As with the other type I produce, these are identical in shape and size to an original (as always - a NOS original was used as a pattern), except that rather than being in dull nickel plated steel, these are manufactured in stainless steel, then lightly blasted to give them the original satin finish. However, if you like them in the natural semi-polished stainless steel finish, these are available too.

Chaincase Felt
3775: Norton tapered wheel bearing cover - as fitted to 'Cotton Reel' style hubs pre and post war
Price : £9.00 each
1/4" Nuts
3775S: Same item in 'shiny' finish Stainless Steel - in case you prefer the polished look!
Price : £8.00 each
Go to the this item in the online Catalog:
Online Catalog

Valve Lifter Spindle
A11/64: New Eccentric valve lifter pin- trial fitting to my Racing Inter cambox

OHC Exhaust Valve Lifter Assembly - Almost There - Part 2!
A few of my regualar customers have been asking about the exhaust valve assembly fitted to the OHC engine . . . and when you think about it . . . how many times have you ever seen the hardened eccentric pin used for this purpose appear at an autojumble - from my own experiences: Never!

Well I have now had a batch of these made, using a New Old Stock (NOS) original as a pattern, and they have come out very nice - see accompanying photograph. These items are spot on copies of the original (including the bored out shaft to save weight and the overhanging lip of the eccentric pin - to ensure they cannot come out of the bearing that supports them - a simple design point - but not obvious until you think about it!
Not a particularly nice item to make, as they require a much wider diameter of bar to start with than the finished job indicates.

These eccentric pins are available for sale now, but just to let you know - I am also having the little cast arms made at the moment as well. These fit over the shaft on the other end, and allow the cable to operate the exhaust lifter. The same arms are also used on the gearbox clutch worm. The patterns for the arm have been made, the arms cast and they are now with my machinists - so should be available in the next 6 weeks.
Therefore, if you are not in rush, along with the special Volute spring for this assembly I also sell, I will soon be offering the complete assembly as a set.

Price : £14.00 Each - Hardened eccentric pin only
(check in Cambox section)

By the way, while starting to write this update, it reminded me I was going to finish off an article on different variations in Cambox's I started some time ago. Hopefully by the time you read this it should be available - but if not I will publish a 'placeholder' to remind me - then you can drop me an email to remind me how bloody slow I am!
Here is the Link: Norton Cambox Article

  Other New Items This Month:

350cc Barrel Studs
A10/2: 350cc Barrel Studs
Price : £39.00 Set of 4
600cc Barrel Studs
A15/2: 600cc Barrel Studs
Price : £42.00 Set of 4
Barrel Studs - 350cc and 600cc Length in Stainless Steel
500cc Barrel Stud sets are one of our most popular sellers, so while having a new batch of 500cc studs made, I have also had smaller batch's of 350cc length and 600cc length studs made as well. They are the same as the 500cc studs in all respects other than length.
I have to confess, I am often confused by 350cc engines, as sometimes these looks to be fitted with 500cc length studs - so there must have been some variation over the years - probably between stud and head bolt length, but these are the shorter length I have measured from a 350cc engine I have.
For the 600cc studs, original post-war SOHC Manx studs were used as the pattern for their manufacture. These studs should also fit pre-war 596 engines as well, but email Martin or I if you need to confirm length when ordering. Note also, that the reference number for these studs starts 'A15/' . . . you will not see that often - the Norton designate for 600cc capacity!
1:1 rev clock gearbox
2:1 Ratio None Reversing Rev Clock Gearbox - Pre-War Type

Price : £135.00 Each

Post-War Type Rev Clock Gearbox
I already sell the 1:1 ratio rev clock gearbox ot the same make, but incase you have a rev clock accepting a 2:1 gearbox, then I am now able to supply this ratio as well. I am told that this ratio was originally used post-war, while the 1:1 ratio was used pre war. Both types will fit the Outer Timing Cover that I list seperately
20" Spoke  Set
0312FNSS: Rear Wheel Spoke Set - 20" Rim"
Price : £55.00 Set

20" Rear Rim - Galvanised Spoke Set
Norton International's and early Manx's were originally fitted with 20" WM2 rims. This rim type has been obsolete for many years, but recently I was able to obtain a small batch of 20" chrome rims from my supplier. To go with these rims I can now also supply the correct length spokes to fit a Norton 'Cotton Reel' type hub (i.e. either Rigid or Plunger original fitment) to a 20" rim. These spokes are good quality English made, galvanised finish.
Also of note - the Vintage Tyre Company are now able to offer 20" Avon SM rear tyres, so there is now no reason why you should not fit a 20" rear wheel to your latest Norton International restoration!

Tank Bridge
A11M/844S: Manx Type Front Tank Bracket For International Tank
Price : £85.00 Each
Every now and again I like to throw in a 'Ringer' item just for fun - and this item could be described as that - a Norton item that Norton's never made!
It is in fact a front tank bridge, to fit the Racing International/Manx type frame, but in this case it is shorter than standard - the width being that of a standard roadgoing Norton International tank, rather than the wider Manx type. I had a few of these made when recently having a new batch of Manx tank brackets made, as last year I was contacted by a customer who had this predicament - he was rebuilding a Manx chassis, but only had an International tank to fit on it. I am currently rebuilding a pre-war roadgoing Inter around a Racing Inter frame, so have the same problem - so will use one of these shorter bridges. All other dimensions are identical to the Manx style bracket normally fitted to the Rigid/Plunger Manx frame
Castrol R40
Cast02: Castrol R40 4 Litre Racing Oil
Price : £44.00 for 4 Litres
Although not something I usually advertise, I have actually been selling Rock Oil Castor Oil for about 5 years (Rock Oil Castor is the normal choice for our Speedway brotheren - it is extremely high quality), but normally only sell it when I am at race meetings. Well recently I have also started stocking Castrol 'R' as well - simply because it has a slightly more distinctive smell than Rock Oil. Anyway, whichever your choice - from now on I will be offering castor oil direct from the website. Note: postage and packaging is charged seperately on this item, as it is posted on its own.
This is still considered to be the best oil to run Cammy Nortons on - I use Castor oil in all my Norton engines, and believe Stu Rogers does likewise

Lucas MT110 Light Unit
LUC003: Replica Lucas MT110 Rear Light Unit with Brake Light
Price : £22.00 Each
Lucas 477/1 Light Unit
LUC004: Replica Lucas 477/1 Rear Light Unit with Brake Light
Price : £25.00 Each
Electrical - Luca Rear Light Units for Pre-War and Immediately Post-War Norton's
These replica Lucas light units are both of a type commonly fitted to 1930's-1940's motorcyles, and both look very pretty in their own right. The Lucas MT110 was standard fitment on the Norton International through the 1930's, but the 477 has a slightly bigger lense - and I am sure was also a common fitment as well. Each are fitted with a twin filament Rear Light/Stop Light bulb as well - which on modern roads I think is essential. Although made by a proprietary supplier (and probably made in China), I have to say I was really impressed by the quality of both of them, they look very nice. I am now trying to source a supplier of rectangular rear number plates of a similar era, of the type fitted to Norton singles.
Black NGK Spark Plug Cap
LB05F: NGK Waterproofed Spark Plug Cap - Black
Price : £3.50 Each
Black NGK Spark Plug Cap
LB05F-R: NGK Waterproofed Spark Plug Cap - Red
Price : £3.50 Each
  NGK Spark Plug Caps:
Not really in keeping with some of the other parts I stock, but if you are more interested in reliability for your roadbike than out and out originality - then you cannot go wrong with these. I have been fitting these to my road bikes for about 20 years and they are without doubt the most reliable and best value for money spark plug cap you can get - which is why I have started stocking them!

Other News


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I started to add a progress report here of some of the new parts currently in progress, but then realised this was supposed to be a newsletter - and was getting too big!
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Latest Update August 2012

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