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RacingNorton Newsletter No.28 : Spring 2018

Business As Usual. . .

Hi,everyone Paul here - and as Spring 2018 approaches and the Winter snow in the UK is now receding . . . errr - coming - receding - coming etc etc, I thought it worth putting out a new Newsletter to show some of the new product we have been working on and most recent re-stocks

If you are a regular visitor to the online catalog, you will know that I put an update on the Homepage in November 2017 to say that due to family illness it was proving a struggle to keep the Norton business running as normal and some delays were likely. I hope this did not impact you too much, but things are back to a more normal footing now and our online orders are pretty much up to date and I have been able to make movement on a number of new products.
I also reported that at the same time we were in the process of losing our RacingNorton office, which we had ran the business from for the last 5 years. This did happen and although a major disruption we are now setup in a much smaller office, which may be temporary - but is working well at the moment.

Steph and Paul in Office
Steph and the Old Man in the new - smaller, temporary office. Steph is sporting her new blue hairstyle, our cat Ringo looking for escape route

Steph and Paul in Office
However - more than once the moggy has proven a bad influence on the workforce - as this throwback to British Leyland 1970's days show - fast asleep when supposed to be on the job!
Steph got away with writiten warning, but no option but to dismiss the cat . . .

Since this time last year when my daughter Steph had only recently taken over from Steve, who previously manned the office part time - my daughter is now much more familiar with things and has stayed on in the role, which I am really pleased about. And since Xmas she has also started to take on some of the supplier tasks as well, which is helping me a lot. Not entirely sure how this will go long term - but hopefully you are getting the chance to say hello to Steph when you place your online orders and I know she is showing real pride in trying to offer you the best service she can - even if her role is only part time.
Photo on the right shows us in the setup, although Steph does not like me getting under her feet . . . so not allowed in there for long! The photo also shows that she is in charge of office dress code - as she is sporting her new 'Blue' hairstyle!

Paypal Invoicing

I think the only other main change to let you know about of late is that we have now introduced Paypal invoicing - which Steph is able to manage directly, rather than relying on me to inform her when paypal payments have been received by customers.
I have never been happy with our payment mechanism's - I know they are very clunky for our customers, but unfortunately my E-shop website provider does not have any means for offering an automated 'delayed payment' order - which is necessary for our type of small business - where we do not want to take payment up front , as we cannot guarantee all parts available and calculate postage at the time you place the order.
However, we have now setup the Paypal address - and this allows Steph to send you a Paypal invoice when she has picked/packed and calculated final postage for your order - making it much easer for you to pay by this method, as 90% of our customers do.
And as a final point - although I have not tried it myself yet, I gather this method also allows customers to pay through a debit card into our Paypal account - in case you do not have your own Paypal account.. It is always constructive to have feedback, so please email us on you are an existing customer and have paid through the new Paypal account, is it working better for you?

What's new since last Newsletter?

I hope you will see from the Newsletter that follows - since our last update we have added quite a lot of new parts, many of them specific to Norton single models. I am particularly pleased we have finally got round to manufacturing nice quality Oldham Couplings - in multiple sizes. We have also just had in a new batch of Omega forged International pistons, and this time have also included a methanol/alchohol version. And finally - as you will see below, we have now started manufacturing some valve gear parts for Norton OHV - ES2 and Model 18 models . . . as we are being increasingly asked by customers if we can help with these models.
Lots of new parts and restocks due over the coming months as well - valves are running low on stock so that is the next new batch due for remanufacture.

So thats about it for now, for those in the Northern Hemisphere happy riding now Spring approaches and speak again soon!

Paul and Steph Norman


New Products - Since Our Last Newsletter


Click on any photo to take you directly to the item listing on our Online Catalog:

Oldham Couplings - At last!

0683 Oldham coupligs 0683 A11/684: SOHC Oldham Couplings - £25 Each
This is the standard thickness (3/16") fitted to the lower vertical bevel assembly and often fitted to the top vertical bevel assembly.

Click on the photos to go to the Norton catalog listings - I have included more detailed instructions on each coupling type and how to measure which size required

0684 Various Size Oldham 0684 A11/684-X: SOHC Various Thickness Oldham Couplings
As well as the 'standard' 0683 item, we are also able to offer various other thickness couplngs, to fit various compression ration engines and configureations. These are available from the multiple item listing - 0684
0683 Oldham coupligs 0684_1: 0.125" Thickness SOHC Oldham Coupling
This is the slimmest coupling available - 0.125", for High Comp engines. . .
0684 Various Size Oldham0684_5: 0.220" Thickness SOHC Oldham Coupling
. . .compared to this - the thickest coupling available at 0.220" This would be used for lower compression ratio - or if building an engine using non standard parts that require that raise the cambox higher than it would normally sit in relaton to vertical shaft

Omega Forged SOHC Pistons - Back In Stock (and new Methanol version)

Norton International Piston
0396/0397/0398: A11(M)/160 : Omega Forged Norton Inter/M30 Pistons - £235 Each
Back in stock this month are our very popular Norton International/M30 Omega forged slipper pistons. Dependent on your engine config, expect them to give approx 9.5:1 comp ratio. As before, available for Inter conrod and M30 (SOHC Manx) conrod model variations.

Both in 79.6mm bore, but Inter version also available as an oversize to that - i.e. 79.6mm + 0.020"
Click photo to go to Head/Barrel section of our catalog - where more details available

Omega to original Hepolite

A11(M)/160: Piston Profile
As a reminder - these pistons have been directly modelled on a pre-war Norton International high compression Hepolite piston. This picture shows our Omega forged version next to Hepolite version for comparison.

Click photo to go to Head/Barrel section of our catalog - where all three types we offer are listed

0683 Oldham coupligs
NEW: 0686 A11M/160A: Alchohol/Methanol Version Omega Piston
£235 each
And new this time is an extra high compression alchohol/methanol version of our Omega slipper pistons - based on same blank.
This dome profile was taken from an alchohol fuel Longstroke Manx piston I had, designed to fit in the standard Hemispherical Norton International/M30 cylinder head. I am selfish enough to admit I have been after one of these pistons myself for our latest M30 engine (using our crankcases) - so had a batch of them made at the same time.
Please read listing for this item carefully - as these are big lumpy pistons, you should check clearances carefully when fitting.
Clisck on photo to go to catalog listing

Alchohol Omega Piston
NEW: 0686 A11M/160A: Piston Profile

As you can see from photo - Omega pistons are beautifully made, forged (not cast) pistons - then CNC machined. You can see here the pronounced Valve cutaways - but should still trial fit and measure valve clearances before use - as I always do with any methanol running engine.
I have not fitted and measured compression ratio myself yet, but would be looking to setup our M30 engine employing this piston for an approx 12:1 compression ratio

Competition Saddles

Dunlop Rubber Sakkle replica
0679: Replica of Dunlop Rubber Competition Saddle - £145 Kit
I am really pleased to say that we are now able to offer these rubber competition saddle kits, a very good copy of the original Dunlop rubber saddles as fitted to racing Norton Internationals in the 1930's and 1940's.
The kit is UK manufactured, well made and relatively simple to assemble and fit to your bike

Bottom of Rubber Saddle Kit

0679: Rubber Saddle Kit - for your Norton International
Here you can see the simple framework (identical to the original version) that assembles and rivets to the rubber cover. Note that we include a pair of our own lasercut front saddle to frame mounting brackets with each kit

0683 Oldham coupligs
NEW: 0680: 'Small' version of Terry type Saddle - £54 each
We have been supplying 'Terry' style saddles for some time already, but thought it might be useful to also offer this smaller version. They are of the type originally fitted to BSA Bantam and other smaller road bikes, but are also more suited to competition motorcycles or trials bikes (and obviously much cheaper than the replica Dunlop type)

RacingVincent Manx Norton gallery
Competition Rubber Saddle - What they look like

Click on the photo of my Big Plunger Manx Norton here and it will tak you to our RacingVincent photo gallery where you can see more pictures of my 1938 Big Plunger, which is fitted with a very similar replica Dunolop type rubbers saddle

Norton Engine Bolts (and Nuts)

Engine Bolts In progress

After many requests in the past, I am sltaring to work my way through the complete set of SOHC engine bolts - both for Magnesium crancase raing engines and roadgoing aluminium crankcase International engines. I am doing the M30 engine bolts first (selfishly - because I need a set for the M30 engine we are building!) but if you have a particular bolt you need then let me know and I will see if I can prrioritise it sooner or later. Normal email please

top M30 Engine Bolts
0668:SOHC 13294 M30/M40 Top Bolt Kit- £18 with nut
This is the special 13294 (part no listed in 1948 Spare Parts catalog) front engine plate top bolt that is fitted to M30/M40 (pre-Featherbed Manx) magnesium engines.  It has the correct 'reduced' head 0.600" AF hex head, with distinctive Norton curved head finish.  This set comes complete with correct matching E3224 nut and two washers, all in stainless steel.  It is 3/8" shaft diameter  with a 3/8" x 26tpi thread

Top Bolt Kite

0670: SOHC 10410 M30/M40 Top Bolt Kit- £19 with nut
This is the special 10410 front engine plate lower bolt that is fitted to M30/M40 (pre-Featherbed Manx) magnesium engines.  It has the correct 'reduced' head 0.600" AF hex head, with distinctive Norton curved head finish.  This set comes complete with correct matching E3238 nut and two washers, all in stainless steel.  It is 7/16" diameter shaft and has a 7/16 x 20 tpi thread, as per original bolts.

Front Middle Engine Bolts
0692: M30/M40 'Wasted' Head front middle crankcase Bolt Set -
£16.00 Set
This is the special SOHC 13293 M30/M40 7/16" front/middle engine bolt - machined with the correct racing Norton type 'wasted' head, as fitted to M30/Manx Nortons.  It has the correct 'reduced' head 0.600" AF hex head, and the set comes complete with correct matching E3238 nut and two washers, all in stainless steel.  It is 7/16" diameter shaft 

Engine Bolt Nuts
0692: M30/M40 'Wasted' Head front middle crankcase Bolt Set - soon to be available for other bolts

Here you can see item 0692 'wasted head' type bolt fitted. Over the years I have been asked many times if I could supply these distinctive bolts with heads lightened for racing. I will shortly be reproducting them for other bolts. Please email on sales email if you wish to order a set for Norton Inter engines - if I get enough interest I will make complete sets with a similar head, as oppose to just those originally made for Manx Norton models

Engine Bolts to M30 Engine
M30 (SOHC Manx Type) Engine - Wtih Engine Bolts Fitted
Here you can see that I am using our own M30 engine as a test for fitting each new engine bolt as I fit it. Once the M30 bolts are complete I will produce similar sets to fit road going International 500 engines 

Engine Bolt Nuts
0667 and 0669 - 3/8" x 26 tpi and 7/16" x 20 tpi
Reduced Hex Engine Bolt Nuts

To go with the Norton Inter and M30 engine bolts - I can now offer these 'reduced hex/deep type' nuts for both 3/8" x 26tpi and 7/16 x 20 tpinuts in Stainless Steel. These were as originally fitted to Norton engine bolts and are CNC machined to a high quality. They are of 0.600 Across Flats (AF) hex stainless steel - not the larger hex nuts that are more commonly available - and specific to Norton engine bolts.
Click on Photo to go to fastenings section. Note - the bolt sets come with these supplied, but they can also be purchased here seperately

Other CNC Manufactured Norton Bolts and Fastenings

Gearbox Endplate Nuts
0099: Norton Upright Gearbox Endplate Nuts - £2.80 each
Not a new part - this is one of our most popular and best selling parts, but has been out of stock for a few months - a new stock of these now arrived. As always, in stainless steel and identical to originals (dont forget the spring washers that fit underneath them!)

Blanking Plug

0650: Hex/Slotted Bevel Platform Blanking Plug - Stainless Steel
Distinctive small hex blanking plug/bolt that locates on the left side on the crankcase lower bevel platfom.  CNC maufactured in stainless steel.

This item is an identical copy of the original Norton blanking plug used on Cammy International and M30/Manx variants

Handlebar screws
NEW: 0250: Cheesehead Handlebar Screws - Bar turned
I dont know about you - but one of the most difficult parts to track in any resoration of an old British bike is finding good quality handlebar screws that look comparable to the cheesehead type found on most original Amal/Bowden/Doherty lever sets. These CNC bar turned screws in stainless steel are copied from an original, are nice quality and wont rust! These type are 1 BA - fitted to most British control levers. Sold as pack of 4

Electrical Screws
New 0335: Cheesehead 2 BA screws (electrical)

Identical to item 0250, except they use a smaller 2 BA thread, I think this type were most commonly fitted to electircal items, although there may be some levers that used this size. Go to the individual listings and I give thread dimensions for both so you can check for yourself before ordering

Norton - Additional Breathers/Breather Pipes and Oil Pipe Parts

Crankcase Breather
0681: Crankcase Breather Pipe - SOHC and OHV Engines - £8.00 Each
The breather and oil pipes we started to manufacture last year have proved really popular - we have added a couple of new ones, including this crankcase breather pipe - with a sharp bend to avoid fouling magneto and outer chain cover

Oil tank breather pipe

0682: Norton Inter Oil Tank Breather Pipe - £9.00
Norton International oil tank top breather pipe.  This pipe was original fitment on the top of half wrapround International oil tanks, feeding the breather pipe over the frame saddle tube. Includes lockwire for fitting black oil pipe (if required).

Cambox Oil Pipe Assembly
0629: Cambox Oil Feed Assembly - back in stock - £25 Assembly
This cambox oil pipe assembly has been one of our best sellers and the last batch quickly ran out - but now back in stock. Assembly can be adjusted for height of your engine and a spare length of stainless lockwire included in case you need to shorten or adjust the pipe

Oil/Fuel Pipe Section
All Other Breather Pipes Back in Stock

All other breather pipes and oil/ethanol resistent black rubber pipes are now back in stock - click on this photo to go to the Fuel/oil pipe section of the catalog

Oil Pipe
0246: Crankcase Oil Pipe Unions - £9.00 Each
New batch of crankcase main oil pipe unions, with correct 'imperial' size hex (not the AF size that are the only type commercially available now)
Main oil feed unions

One Way Valve

0248: SOHC/OHV One Way Valves for Crankcase - £18.00 (above) and
0248b: Cambox/Crankcase Straight Thru Breather - £8.00 (below)
New batch of all union types back in stock - all CNC made in-house based on original Norton patterns.
Breather Union

New Lubricant and Fuel Treatment Products

Driven Petrol Booster
0685: Driven Valve Seat Protector and Octane Booster - £14.50
We are now offering a new fuel treatment, that is added to unleaded fuel if you have not fitted 'unleaded' valve seats to your classic motorcycle. This particular additive also boosts the Octane rating of the fuel - I shall be using it myself on my Vincent Comet in the coming months to see how it compares with the other similar product I sell (from Castrol - which has been out of supply in the UK for many months). Supplied by well known US performance brand - Driven

Driven Fuel Additive Details

0685: Driven - Background
In case you have not heard of the 'Driven' trade name before, it is an American performance lubricant supplier - well known for supplying performance lubricants to the American motor racing industry - the item listing gives more details

Norton OHV, Douglas and Other Parts Now In Stock or Expected Soon


Click on any photo to take you directly to the item listing on our Online Catalog:

Norton OHV Parts - Now Being Manufactured

Norton ES2 Valves 0678: Norton OHV (ES2/Model 18) G&S Valves - £32 Each
Top quality G&S made valves for all 1930's-1950's OHV Norton single engines. Fits both inlet and exhaust valves

Norton OHV Guides and cotters available soon
We will shortly be able to offer all main OHV valve gear parts - including vavle guides, lower and upper valve springs cups and valve cotters. Email for expected delivery dates

Norton OHV and CS1 Coil Valve Springs 0677 : Norton OHV and SOHC pre-hairpin Valve Springs - £39.00 Pair
High quality UK manufactured coil valve springs for all Norton single cylinder OHV and pre-hairpin SOHC models. Made by the same manufacturer that has been making our hairpin valve springs for many years - copied from a 'new old stock' set of Terry ES2 valve springs.
Pre-war and postwar valve spring cups and collets exepected to be in stock very shortly. Click on photo to take you to catalog listing

Mainshaft bearing spacer rings 0663/0664 - SOHC International Engine - Mainshaft Bearing Inner and Outer Bearing Spacers
In the last Newsletter in 2017 we had just received a batch of magnesium crankcase inner/outer mainshaft bearing spacers manufactured.
We now have the corresponding International (aluminium crankcase) mainshaft bearing spacers in stock. Thsi photo shows the outer spacer (very pretty!) but click on the photo and it will take you to the section where you can buy both items.

Slightly different width to the M30/SOHC Manx versions - this type are intended for roadgoing aluminium crankcase version Mod30/40 CS1/CSJ

Reduced OD Washers

Reduced Outer Diameter Plain/Srping Washers for Engine Bolts

To go with the engine bolts we are manufacturing, we are also able to offer 'reduced outer diamter' stainless steel washers, which look much better with the Norton type 'reduced head' engine bolts. These are available in a variety of types and sizes, as well as other stainless steel fasteners from our Fasteners catalog section - click on photo to go to this section

TT/RN Conical Springs 0144 - TT/RN Conical Thrttle Springs - £5.00 Each
After a long time out of stock I have had a new batch of these distinctive conical springs made - of the type fitted to all competition Amal carburettors - i.e. TT, RN and GP carbs. I am also having some of the other harder to get springs made

TT Pilot spring 0156 : TT Pilot Adjuster Spring
Although only recently having gone out of stock - we have also had a new batch of this popular adjuster spring manufactured. Worth noting if you have a TT/RN/GP carb fitted, there should be this small spring fitted in the adjuster

Bonhams Catalog Listings New Bohnam Catalogs
These Bonham catalogs are really an excellent read and give some indication of the marketplace. Not only that, but the quality of the pictures and production of the catalogs is second to none. We have added numerous new catalogs to this section in the last 3 months - with most motoring auctions going back to 2008 available. We also try to give a bit of detail of what vehicles were offered in that particular auction in the description

Stop/Go Bore Gauges Stop/Go Bore Gauges and Measuring Equipment
Another example of branching out! - We have recently added another new section to our catalog to offer engineering measuring equipment - particularly as per this photograph - to offer pre-used Stop/Go gauges. This was as a result of about a year ago, while buying a Stop/Go gauge myself for a Norton part I was manufacturing - I had the opportunity to purchase the contents of an aeronautical engineering companies measuring shop when it went into liquidation. We now have many hundreds of good quality (many unused) Stop/Go bore and thread gauges. We also have a selection of second hand digital micrometers, although we have not listed these yet. We will be advertising in model engineering magazines soon - but click on the photo if you do your own engineering and need any gauges. Email us if a particular size you are looking for :
Digital Micrometers Pre-Used Digital Micrometers
As part of purchasing a large quantity of measuring gauges, we also obtained a quantity of older digital mocrometers. Some of these were non functioning, but those that were had their batteries changed and were cleaned and bagged. They are offered in this listing - comes with 12 month guarantee
Digital Micrometers
Many sizes of digital micrometers available - this is a larger 3"-4" inch version
Stop/Go Thread Gauges Stop/Go Thread Gauges - Enquire For Details
We also have literally hundreds of other thread gauges still to sort through over the coming months - if you are looking for a particular gauge then email us on normal sales email : and it may help Steve or Steph to prioritise sorting through these in preference to other work!
Stop/Go Gauges Lots of Faulty or not tested Digital Micrometers - Going Cheap!
Steve went through these some months ago and picked out the ones which were clearly complete and working - they are the micrometers liisted seperately. We also have a large collection of various size micrometers that looked either incomplete or needing more investigation to confirm if working. All either Mitayamo or Baty make. Email us for more detail or buy the lot of us for a giveaway price + postage!! . . . we need the space:

Douglas 2 3/4 hp - Select Parts Now being Made

Douglas Project Build
Douglas Project Bike - New Product Line
My latest 'project build' is a Douglas 2 3/4hp Edwardian belt drive 2 speed model, being loosely modelled on the 1912 Junior TT Works Douglas that also raced and won sucessfully in the same year. I am building this bike for road use around the backroads of Leicestershre - but as always with one of my project builds I am having to reproduce many of the fastenings and fittings to replace the gnawled originals. So with that in mind - where I am having to make parts for my own bike (and the basis of a second 1917 bike I have also acquired) - I may start reproducing parts for this model to offer to other Douglas enthusiasts

Douglas Brake Rod Bolt
0687: Douglas 2 3/4hp Early Square Brake Rod Bolt/Nut- £6.00 set
This is what I hope is the start of a new line - to fit one of my more recent love's - Douglas 2 3/4h models, of which I am building one at the moment.
This is a 1/4 BSC (26tpi) shouldered bolt of 1.00" shaft length, with the distinctive shouldered square head, of the type used on brake assemblies of early Douglas 2 3/4hp models.  It is intended to feed through the brake rod square clevis - and then screw into the original Douglas brake pedal, then a locknut is used on the opposite side to retain it.

Brake Pedal 2 3/4hp assembly

Douglas bolts fitted to original brake pedal assembly
If you click on the photo above it will take you to one of the Douglas section listings we have recently added and you can see the footrest assembly I have recently built for my own Douglas 2 3/4hp TT Rep model - empoloying an original early Douglas 2 3/4hp brake pedal and adjusting ring (this is the clamp ring showing just outboard of the actual brake pedal in the photo above. The two square head bolts we have reproduced are shown in this photo fitted to the barke pedal and locking ring as the originals were.

Lock Ring Bolt
NEW: 0689: Douglas 2 3/4hp Lock Ring Bolt - £5.50 each
This is a shouldered bolt of 0.710" shaft length, with the distinctive shouldered square head, of the type used on brake assemblies of early Douglas 2 3/4hp models.  It is intended to feed through the circular locking ring used on early Douglas 2 3/4hp brake pedal assemblies, which is used to adjust the position of the brake pedal on its shaft. This bolt has a  Douglas 0.257" x 25tpi thread, as per the original bolt used as a pattern.  Please measure your original brake pedal lock ring thread/bolt to ensure you know the correct thread before ordering.  It is CNC manufactured in stainless steel

Douglas Brake Pedal
New 0691 - Early Duoglas 2 3/4hp Brake Rod Assembly

Again - copied on an original item, this is a complete brake rod assembly CNC machined in stainless steel with square head bolt. Brake rod clevis shape replicates the distinctive Douglas shape and is cross bored as per original and fitted with square head bolt that screws into the brake pedal


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