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RacingNorton Newsletter No.30 : May 2020 (but started in Feb!)

Recent and Current Events Around The World:

Hi everyone. I think before talking about anything else - I should mention the broader world events that have been taking place in the last 6 months - particularly Coronavirus and extreme weather events in many countries across the globe - and pass to everyone affected our very best wishes and hope that you are in good health, from the United Kingdom - all of us have been affected to some degree or other and I very much hope that if you are reading this, you are coping with whatever hardships or discomforts have come as a result of these recent global issues.
As I write this update in mid March (no April . . . no May!!) - I do not think there is anyone in any country in the world who is not feelings the affects of these issues to some degree or other - so we hope that all our customers and anyone reading this are at least healthy, and their family and friends also.

Like most other people in the UK at this moment in time, Steph, myself and our immediate family are trying to deal with the impacts that Coronavirus are now having on the UK as a whole .. . currently we are still trading, and will continue to do so for as long as we safely can at the moment, but like everyone in the UK at the moment - there are some restrictions on movement and trade - I will offer an update on oiur RacingNorton website if this does start to affedt our ability to complete on-line order or supplies. I have also been informed that we will be losing our mail order office in the next month (an indirect impact of Coronavirus), so you may need to bear with us until a new office is found.

What's Been Happening Since Our Last Newsletter?:

Steph and Milo
Steph has a new office helper - whose name is Milo.
When we talk on WhatsAppp in the morning I see him sitting there in the office - but notice he does not look very productive.
Also a bit weird looking and he seems to fart a lot . . .he should fit in well

Anyway, all that said - we have managed to keep on with the normal process of re-stocks and a few new parts added to the catalog as well. However, because a lot of parts have been selling well - and we normally have to restock in order of funds being available - there are still some items on long term 'out of stock' . . . but most items are being churned around as fast as we can re-make or resupply. Sorry, if you are waiting on anything - but wel do keep the wheels turning, albeit sometimes slowly - so email Steph on sales@racingvincent.co.uk if you are waiting and need an update - she will pass to me if she does not know herself

See below for an update on most of the main Norton Catalog parts back in stock, newly manufactured or just a progress update - as there are a few parts that have really been a challenge, taking more time than I should really spending on them - but hey ho, these are those parts that previously have proved very popular, so I think they are worth the effort.

What have I been doing in my own Workshop?:

Well, not as much as I would like but that is always the case with most of us!
But since my last Newsltetter update in April 2019 (see Racing Norton Homepage for previous Newsletters), I have had a cross section of bikes and work projects I have been working on. From a CNC machining perspective - which has taken by far the most of my available time, I have spent the last year working on a range of new parts (or parts we previously had made, but are now making in-house). However, of these, the larger projects have been - alloy Bellmouths to fit Amal TT and RN carbs, Norton SOHC engine bolts - and most recently, Norton 'sump' type petrol taps . . . which I dont mind admitting have pretty much tested my CNC machining skills to the limit! - those taps have a lot of operations on them! More on this last item are covered in more detail below.
As far as my own projects - well mainly a mixture of Douglas and Norton. This time last year I was working on cleaning, refurbishing (where necessary) and re-painting chassis parts. I then switched to rebuilding the Douglas 2 3/4hp engine, which is now pretty much complete and put to one side. I also rebuilt both beaded edge wheels - a more difficult task than I expected, but rewarding once complete, a future article on this and the other Douglas tasks will follow
I was then able to move to that stage in a rebuild project we all really enjoy - reasembly. I have got as far as having the main frame member, subframe and rear stand on the build bench and fitting the fork headstock. I am now at a point where I cannot go further until I have made new fork spindles - but I will make a batch of these on the CNC machine. I have bought the metal but need to get the Norton petrol taps completed first, so I can free the CNC up for this.

My Own Bikes and Projects

I have also made some progress with Norton projects - but not reserved to just one bike. Because I have been looking at Gargengate Norton plunger parts recently - I have actually been working on three seperate bikes - but mainly tinkering rather than a concerted effort to rebuild.

Vincent Comet 2020
Vincent Comet - First (and last?) ride of year?
Finally got a break in the rough weather back in March, so was able to get out on the Vincent Comet for a really relaxing ride around Leicestershire.
This was just before the COVID-19 kicked off . .. not sure when will next get out again - put unless it is for food . . ;. cannot warrant it at moment


Norton with Twin Spark BTH
1938-39 M30 (first Gardengate type Manx) Norton
Currently I am back working on my 1939 Manx Norton - rubbing down chassis and girder forks, before spraying black top coat. I decorated the living room and my back room/office just after Xmas. I was able to negotiate with 'er indoors she could have whatever she wanted in living room - providing I can build a bike in my back office! Note in picture above - my favourite purchase of 2019 - Works Norton type BTH twin spark mag (fitted on some of the Works bikes in 1935-36) . . . I had to justify going into my long term savings to afford it - but have been pestering the previous owner about it for many years . . . so when he contacted me in October I could hardly say no, and when would I be offered another!
Back room with Norton M30

Douglas Drive Side
1919-20 Douglas 2 3/4 hp - TT Rep
My flat tank Douggie has been slowly coming together in the last 8 months, with lots of tasks done - including getting it back on its wheels again, making new fork spindles (see below), gearbox sprocket and loads of smaller parts.I am taking a short sabbatical to work on my '39 Norton (left) - but will be continuing as I get time later this year
Douglas Timing Side

What's new since last Newsletter?

I hope you will see from the Newsletter that follows - we have been working hard to restock our most popular items, as well as trying to introduce a number more. As always - sorry if you are waiting for items I have been promising for a time - petrol taps spring to mind, which sorry, but I have had to put on hold again for a while . . . but lots of other stuff have been replenished, and actually in the last 6 months we have made some quite big investment in the business - both in obtaining more difficult to find parts externally (bearings spring to mind) and ourselves with our own CNC manufacturing partners.

One final point worth mentioning - I know in the past some customers have felt the postage costs we charge have been high - as we use Royal Mail (and only charge at cost, other than packing). Well to help with this, we have now also setup a contract with a well known and trusted carrier service in the UK - DPD. We are still continuing to use Royal Mail as well - but Steph now checks with all orders to work out the most economic service for the package and country it is going to.

So thats about it for now, best wishes to you all in these difficult times - but we hope you and your families keep well

Paul and Steph Norman


New And Re-Stocked Products - Since Our Last Newsletter


Click on any photo to take you directly to the item listing on our Online Catalog:

Shims and Shimmy Things . . . Back In Stock

We have been out of stock of many of our SOHC shims for some time now - like pistons and valves - they are always a big investment and therefore need to take their turn as funds are available, but I am pleased to report that all types are now back in stock and available again in the 5 most popular sizes: 0.030”/0.018”/ 0.012"/0.006"/0.003”  (metric equivalent: 0.5mm/0.3mm/0.2mm/0.1mm/0.05mm).
As I remember from last time - the thinnest of these 5 sizes - the three thou size shim was very unpopular with my shim makers!, it is far more difficult to produce without 'flutter' and therefore they have a higher wastage rate . . . I doubt they will want to do them again for me (and actually, of the two types of lower bevel shim I had made this time - I was only able to get the larger 'coarse bevel' type made in this 3 thou thickness, therefore that type will be shared over both lower bevel sets).

As well as restocking all our existing shims - we have a few new ones on offer - including some very useful OHV and Norton gearbox shims, see them below:

Top Bevel Shims
SOHC Bevel Shim Sets
These large bevel shims for both top and bottom SOHC castings are one of those items is is difficult to do without - they are essential for correctly setting the backlash of the bevel gears. Both top and bottom bevel shims in all sizes now back available
Bottom Bevel Shims

Top Bolt Kite

DOHC Coarse Bevel Coarse Shims
New to this batch of shims we have introduced this lower bevel shim - similar to the normal lower bevel shim, but with a slightly larger hole, which the later DOHC lower bevel casting employed. I have also found at least one set of SOHC crankcases altered to accept this larger hole - so may have been a mod in the 50's-60's

Search for all shims

SOHC Mainshaft Shims - 3 types; and other SOHC Shims
As well as bevel shims, all our other SOHC shims are also back in stock (bevel case timing side shim set is shown in photograph - but all 3 mainshaft shims as well as camshaft shim sets are now back in stock).
Click on photo to take you to 'Shim Search' on our catalog that shows all shims available

Camshaft Shims
0328B: Camshaft Shim Sets
Camshaft shim sets now include a revised rear spacer shim as well as the camshaft bevel shims - the new version being copied from an original pre-war M30 cambox not stripped for many years 

BTH Shims
001790 BTH Shims - now in 2 sizes

We have been out of stock of BTH Housing shims for about 3 years - and unable to get them any more . . . so decided to make them ourselves!
We have had them made in 2 thicknesses - 8 thou and 4 thou.
Lucas shims are slightly different, but will look to have them made shortly as well - email if you need them

OHV/Sidevalve Engine Shims
0855: OHV and SV Engine Mainshaft Shims and Sets
Although not listed in the Spare Parts List - a number of customers have asked me about these shims and I used to use them myself when racing OHV engines to centralise the crankshaft and conrod - so we have now introduced OHV/SV shims in 5 thicknesses and sets of 5

Mainshaft Shims
0405 and 0405S - Mainshaft Shims now in 3 sizes

We have expanded the number of thicknesses of this popular gearbox shim to 3 sizes - 12 thou, 18 thou, 30 thou. Very useful for removing slight differences in gear alignment (if building a box up), or if there is slight end float/slop on mainshaft - but not enough to warrant replacing bronze thrust washer - which can help improve clutch movement/reduce drag

Selector Pawl Shim
0851 A2/415: Norton Gearbox Selector Pawl Shim
I was not aware of the importance of this shim, until a customer asked me about it. He had been told that having this shim in place in the rear of the selector fork makes a big difference to smooth gear selection.
I have found it is often missing when I strip a gearbox down!
This one was copied from an upright Manx gearbox selector mechanism not stripped for at least 50 years. You might want to check your own gearbox to find if you have one fitted - it was fitted to both upright and laydown type Norton gearbox's

Front Selector Pawl Shim
0852 : Selector Pawl Front Shim (if fitted)

This selector pawl shim, although similar to 0851 is a bit more unusual in that it is not listed in the normal Norton Spare Parts List - therefore I suspect it was not fitted from new, but I have found at least one selector mechanism with it fitted - this shim used one of those as a template.
However, the theory of it is the same as with 0851, it fits between the pawl carrier and ratchet plate and with grease on it results in very smooth operations. Useful, but check to ensure adding this and the other shim does not take up all end float on your selector mechanism

Sleevegear Shim
0853 A2/317: Sleevegear Oil Retaining Shim
This is the large oil retaining shim that is fitted between the mainshaft sleevegear and main gearbox bearing on all upright and laydown Norton gearboxs from the 1930's to late 1950's (i.e. pre-AMC) - as per original fitment. 

This shim is shown in both the pre-war (part no 9665) and postwar (part no A2/317) Norton Spare Parts Catalog, and is unusual in that the original shim outer diameter was so wide, it virtually covered the gear teeth of the sleevegear.  I believe the intention of this shim was to prevent the loss of oil through the main gearbox bearing - which was normally unshielded.

9666 Shim

This is a copy of the oil retaining shim that was shown as fitted between the main gearbox bearing and gearbox shell on pre-war Norton spare parts list - part no 9666, and just like our Item 0853 (which was designed to be fitted inside the gearbox shell between bearing and sleevegear) - was designed to reduce oil loss from the gearbox.

However, it is worth noting that this shim was never shown fitted on post-war spare parts catalogs - instead just relying on the larger diameter shim (Item 0853) fitted between the sleevegear and main bearing for oil retention.  Indeed, most people (myself included for many years!) have never stripped down a Norton gearbox with a shim fitted where this was originally intended to be fitted - between the main bearing inner race and the gearbox shell.

SOHC and Other New and Re-Stocked Parts Since Last Newsletter


Bump Stop Rubbers
0218n: Norton Girder Fork Rebound Rubbers
A few months ago we had a new batch of these distinctive rebound rubbers fitted to many girder forks pre-war (including many racing bikes and all WD16H models).

Here you can see our rubber next to an original Norton rubber on the right. On the left is the original castings for these rubber which clamp to the rear girder fork tube. We were also having these manufactured when COVID kicked off, but will update when available in the future

Plunger Spring Set
0829 - Gardengate Plunger Rear Spring Sets

Complete set of 4 springs to fit all Gardengate (1939 onnwards) plunger springs - which are often worn and tired on original machine. UK manufacturerd from an original unmolested set as patterns
(Note I will shortly be making plunger bottom bolts, alloy spindle plugs and as I finalise this update in April 2020 I am just in the process of getting a small batch of the cover sets manufactured in stainless steel

John Bull Works Style Grip
0843: 'Works' Type 7/8" John Bull Racing Left Rubbers
Only available in small numbers - this type of 'barrelled' John Bull rubber is very uncommon - but was sometimes seen fitted to Works Nortons from late '20's - late '30's. Quality is not amazing - as it was copied from a used original (from a rather famous racer!) . . . but a lovely little touch if you have a Norton competition bike

DOHC Norton Seat Cover Kit
0870: Seat Cover Kits for DOHC Nortons - from original seat pattern

I have had a small batch of these lovely quality seat kits, copied from an original DOHC Manx Norton seat from the early/mid 1950's - the original poor condition cover, being unstitched to give the correct panels.
The cover in the front has been upholstered on the original Manx Norton pan, and the kit includes cover (with correct red beading), foam, pop rivets and paper templates, should you wish to fabricate a seat pan yourself.
They are UK made by a professional automotive upholsterer - but found them very time consuming and would prefer not to make more - which is a shame as they are very well made

Alloy Mudguards
0305/0306/0307: Sports Mudguards - Alloy and Steel
We had a new batch of our popular steel sports mudguards arrive back in late 2019 - but also had a small quantity manufactured in aluminium again - which are useful if you are building a racing Vincent, or just want to reduce weight as much as possible

Steel Mudguards

Mudguard Bracket
0842 - Rear Mudguard Bracket

Along with the latest batch of mudguards - we have had a batch of rear mudguard brackets made - that fit into our rear sports/racing mudguards and allow mudguard stays of the type fitted to Plunger Nortons and similar

Bearing Felt
0831-0838 - Bearing and Oil Whicking Felt - All sizes and kit

As part of any restoration - I normally end up looking for suitable wool felt to cut into suitable bearing dust protecting seals - most often for wheel bearings or steering head or similar. Likewise wool felt is very useful for wicking up excess oil leakage - particularly for SOHC Cambox's.
So recently I have found a UK supplier of good quality wool felt in various thicknes, which can be bought seperately or as a kit in our gasket section

Hairpin valve springs
0323 and 0324: Inter (shown) and M30 Type Hairpin Valve Springs
Always popular - Inter type hairpin valve springs now back in stock in April 2020, as well as the smaller eyed type fitted to competition M30/SOHC Manx types (Item 0324).
By the way - if anyone has an early coil spring pair for a pre-35 SOHC Inter or Walter Moore CS1 I would be interested. I am trying to get these made (as believe they are different to late 1930's OHV/CS1 springs we already make) . . . but so far I have had varying dimensions given, so would like to find a known original pair to borrow as a pattern - thanks

Domed Nuts
0125: Bolt-Thu Petrol and Oil Tank Domed Nuts
This popular item has been out of stock for some time - but we have now made a new batch. Used on most bolt-thru tanks, and likewise the Bolt-thru oil tank. 5/16 BSC thread, so can be used in other cosmetic areas where that thread is used. In stainless steel

Norton Transfers

Norton Transfers - All Back in Stock
All our normal Norton transfers came back in stock in mid April 2020 (thank you to our suppliers, as Covid was impacting them at this point) - including the black side tank shown on top left, which had been out of stock for a few months. See also new earlier tank transfer below

SOHC BigEnds
SOHC Bigend Availability

Two years ago our main Bigend supply had dried up, due to the sad passing away of the company owner. The company is now under new ownership and although supply is limited, and prices have risen - we are now able to offer these high quality Bigends for most SOHC models again.
We normally keep two of each type in stock - but with current Covid issues you may need to order ahead and there be a waiting period

Vertical Bevel Bearing
0005: SOHC Vertical Bevel - Twin Row Self Centering Bearing
Back in late 2019 we ran out of this important and now obsolete bearing again. For the last 5 years it has become an increasingly difficult and expensive bearing to source - with RHP confirming they have no intention of making it again, it looked like this time we would be unable to offer it.
Well just before Covid locked down all our bearing supplies, I was able to source a small batch of this correct RHP twin row bearing - I will admit the price we had to pay will make most people wince!, but at least for the moment the correct bearing is now back in stock

M30 Main Bearing
0121: Twin Row C3 Main Bearing to fit M30/M40_ SOHC Manx Engines
Similar to the vertical bevel bearing - we had been out of stock of the high quality twin row timing side main bearing fitted to magnesium crankcase SOHC M30/M40 (and SOHC Manx) engines. Again, we have just been able to source a quantity of high quality SKF brand version of this important bearing

Headrace covers
0872: Tele Forks - Top Steering Head Bearing Shroud - Road Models
Often missing and hard to find when building a new set of Norton tele forks, we have had the distinctive Norton top steering head bearing manufactured, using an original cover as the pattern - nice quality and identical to original item

Steering head cover to fit Manx Norton
0873: Shallow Type Head Bearing Shroud to fit original Manx Nortons
If you look in the 1948 and 1950 Norton Spare Parts List you will see that a shallower top shroud was fitted to early Tele forked Manx Nortons. We have also manufactured this rare item - again an original item being used as the pattern. I think originally this was made shallower to avoid fouling the Andre Damper fitting on the frame (as shown here fitted to my 1950 Manx Gardengate frame), but may also have continued on to DOHC Featherbed frames

Brake Pin Beairngs
0738/0739 : SOHC/OHV and M30/M40 Rear Brake Pedal Bearings
To go with the stainless brake pins we introduced 2 years ago - we can now offer a replacement Phospher Bronze bearing to fit into your original Norton brake pedal - which is very often heavily worn and decreases rear brake efficiency or can cause juddering

Norton SOHC Gaskets
0085/0086: SOHC Timing Case and Bevel Cover Gasket - Back in Stock
We have recently had a new batch of our SOHC gaskets back in stock (Bevel timing case and front and rear cambox covers) - you may not have noticed as they were only out of stock for a short period - but they are among our most frequent sellers

One Way Valves
0248/0248b: Crankcase One Way Valves and Breathers
We have recently manufactured a new batch of the important crankcase One Way Valve, used on most singles. Steph should have emailed you by now if you were waiting for these - but email us if this not the case, or click on photo for link to the item on our catalog - we also have the similar straight thru breather - 0248B (on left) in same section

Norton SOHC Gaskets
Re-Stocked Items - still continuing
And final update - just to let customers know - although there is inevitably some recent impact to getting new batch's remanufactured - we are still re-stocking our most popular parts continually.
Above are 4 of the dozen parts we have had come in in the last month - these being kickstarter and gearchange selector springs, along with SOHC top and bottom bevel cups

Norton OHV and SV New and Restocked Parts

OHV/Sidevalve Main Bearings
0863 : Original Design OHV and SV Big End
I am pleased to say that as well as being able to offer Norton SOHC Big Ends again, we are also stocking the smaller OHV/SV Big Ends. This type are identical to the original design in manufacture - and come from the same well trusted and high quality UK manufacturer that supply our SOHC Big Ends - and as shown here, come complete with nuts and hot-dipped

OHV Exhaust Lifter Arms
0864 - OHV Caged High Performance Big End

Alongside the 0863 original type BigEnds opposite, we are also able to offer this caged variety - which is of the same design as the SOHC variant - in that the two rows of rollers are held in an alloy cage to help prevent rubbing. These are worth considering if you use your OHV Norton for continued high speed use or competition.
With both Big End types I will be offering the same Honing and fitting service for these BigEnds as we offer for the SOHC type - email for details:


OHV/Sidevalve Main Bearings
0242 and 0733 : OHV and SV Main Bearings (C3 and non C3)
In the last newsletter we had updated that we were now able to offer the original fitting 'C3' loose fit main bearing to fit OHV and SV engines - from top quality RHP manufacturer. We now also have a stock of slightly less expensive non - C3 fit ball bearings from the same manufacturer

OHV Exhaust Lifter Arms
0865 - OHV Exhaust Lifter Arm and Bolt

We have adapted our SOHC exhaust arm casting to offer a version that can be used on the 1930's - late 1950's OHV rockerbox - as per the two types shown here. Read the detail listing by clicking on the photo for more information. Note: as I write this we are also waitig for a new batch of SOHC arms to be completed - but COVID are delaying delivery of these

OHV/SV Rear Brake Pedal Pins
0652 : OHV/SV Brake Pedal Pin (back in stock)
and 0738: Brake Pedal Bronze Bearing (new)

We introduced CNC manufactured rear brake pins for all models two years ago - but the OHV/SV type quickly went out of stock. We have now made a new batch of these. We have also introduced a bronze bearing conversion for your original brake pedals - as the originals often get very worn - leading to ineffective or grabbing rear brakes

Norton 1920s Transfer
0869- Flat Tank (i.e. 19'teens - late 1920's) Early Style Tank Transfer

We have added this early type black tank transfer to our Transfer section. It is similar in size to our normal black Norton transfer - fitted on each side of petrol tanks - but is of the more scrolled type which were fitted to very early (Flat tank) Norton's - I believe about 1913 to approx 1927.
It may have 'just' been fitted to the very first CS1 Walter Moore models - but wiill be mainly Sidevalve and OHV early models

Carburettor (TT/RN) and BTH parts - Manufactured or Back In Stock (for now!)

As you will see, we have been busy since our last Newsletter this time last year producing many of smaller and difficult parts to find to fit original Amal TT, RN and GP competition carburettors. Most of these parts are CNC manufactured - but as with many of the fittings we make - many of ours are now available in stainless steel, rather than plated brass or steel. As well as looking nice cosmettically, they are stronger than the brass originals - which are often chewed. Importantly though - all our parts are modelled on the original period items and fitted to original carbs. Just like Norton SOHC engines - there were many varieties of Amal competition carbs over the years - so we have tried to replicate some of those variations in our smaller parts. As well as those parts shown below we have many other parts available to fit these competition carbs, and are also having some out of stock parts (like original type TT and RN slides) manufactured in the near future

Air Adjuster Kit
0149: Air Adjuster Kits to fit original Amal TT/RN/GP Carburettors
We have just completed a batch of these air adjuster kits which consists of the 6 parts needed to fit an air slide to your competition Amal TT, RN or GP carb - as they are often missing or removed. As well as the brass slide and correct spring - the hex plug and cable adjuster are all CNC manufactured in stainless steel to the original distincitive profile of the original items

Throttle Cable Adjuster
0874 - Early Type Throttle Cable Adjusters and Locknuts to fit original Amal TT and RN Carbs

Alongside the Air Adjuster kits we have also had manufactured these throttle cable adjusters which have the distinctive wide shoulder and knurl of the original items. Ours are CNC manufactured in stainless steel so look nice and are stronger than the original items which ar normally chewed or crushed

TT/RN Float Needle
0161: TT/RN Type 14 Float Needle
Back in stock we have the float needle of the type fitted to original Amal competition Type 14 float chambers - identifiable by having a larger taper area than the earlier TT and 276 floatchambers.

Early TT and 276 Flaot Needle
0613: Float Needle to fit Early TT and Type 276 Floatchambers

Similar to the later TT float needles, the type fitted to earlier (i.e. Pre-war) TT float chambers, as well as standard Type 276 float chambers - these float needles now back in stock. These are machined with 2 grooves, which allows the fitting of modern plastic floats in case your original copper float is damaged or leaking

Lock Screw to fit Amal Floatchamber Tops
0163: Lock Screw to fit Floatchamber Cover on Amal 276/TT/RN Carbs
This is the distinctively shaped bolt that was used to lock the cap on all types of Amal floatchambers from 1920's - 1950's - including Type 276 and TT floatchambers shown here. Very pretty in stainless steel

Amal TT float base screw
0846 - Floatchamber Body Base Plug Screw - to fit Amal TT Floats

This is the base plug as fitted to the bottom of (non-remote type) alloy floatchambers on Amal TT and RN carburettors.  CNC manufactured in stainless steel.  Comes with correct imperial red fibre washer  - looks very pretty, as originals often seized and mauled

Amal TT Rear Plug Screw
0158: Pilot Needle Rear Plug Screw for Amal TT/RN Carbs
These now back in stock, alongside the similar TT Throttle Adaptor Location Peg (Item 0146), both now CNC machined in stainless steel

Float Chamber Base Plug
0848 (and 0847) - Floatchamber Body Plug Screws - Early TT/Type 276

Alongside the later TT Floatchamber plug screws

we can now offer similar floatchamber plug screws for the earlier pre-war Amal TT floatchambers fitted to most Inters (shown here), or the Type 276 carb floatchamber fitted to OHV and SV models. Because these are in a prominent position, replacing them with these pretty trinkets improves appearance more than their size belies

Remote Needle Prayer Book Spring and Cap

0167 185/120+106: Amal RN (Remote Needle) Prayer Book Spring and Cap
- sold as pair
This is the distinctive Remote Needle Alloy Cap and 'Prayer Book' spring fitted to Amal RN Remote Needle carburettors - the two components listed as a matching pair.  Together, they fit over the Remote Needle part of the main body alloy casting of the main Amal RN body.  This listing is for both components - but can now also sell spring seperately

Amal TT/RN air adjuster/throttle spring
0850: Amal TT/RN Early Throttle Spring/Air Adjuster Spring

Early Amal TT and RN carbs were fitted with a parallel throttle spring - rather than the more commonly fitted conical spring which we also sell (Item 0144). We recently had a batch of these springs made - for the aid adjuster kit, but also fit correctly in the recess of those earlier throttle tops/cable adjuster and are correct width - and useful if you want to use in conjunction with conical spring if you prefer strong throttle closing

Top ring retainer spring
0139: Top Ring Retainer Ring for later Amal TT Carbs
As I publish this Newsletter (still in the Covid lockdown) we are just waiting for a new batch of these distinctive leaf springs that were used to stop the top ring of post war Amal TT carbs from loosening arriving - should be available again late May

Cable Adjusters
0145: Later TT and 276/Monoblock Throttle Cable Adjuster

Only a small item, but worth mentioning as it had been out of stock for some time - the cable adjuster and lock nut fitted to later Amal TT carb tops (which we sell) as well as Type 276 and later Monoblock carbs on road going Norton models

TT Tufnol flange
0844a0844b: Tuffnol Carb Flanges
A new addition is these tufnol flanges in two sizes 844a - 28mm abd 844b 30mm sizes, other throat diameters available

RN Carb Parts
Coming Shortly - Top Rings for Original RN Carbs

Although not manufactured yet - we hope to increase our range of the more difficult parts to fit original RN (Remote Needle) carbs - a model of carb that was fitted to a variety of Manx Norton and other competition models from the 1930's to early 1950's. Amongst those parts- we hope to be able to offer the top screw ring (bigger diameter than the TT carb), RN slides and smaller screws at the base of the body. We are also looking to produce the original style 180 degree pipe banjos just visible in this picture - which were of the type most commonly fitted to Norton competition carbs

New or Restocked Parts to fit BTH and Lucas Magnetos

BTH Locwired Housing Screws
0189: BTH KD1 Competion Lockwired Housing Screws
We have recently manufactured a new batch of these ourselves - like many other of the magneto and carburettor parts we stock - copied from an original pattern, CNC manufactured in stainless steel. These look very pretty and help finish off the restoration of your BTH KD1 and other BTH magneto housings. Click on photo to see catalog listing

Lucas Comp Housing Bolts
0860/0861 - Lucas NR1 and K2FC (etc) Competition Housing Bolts

Very similar to the equivelant BTH housing bolts - these Lucas competition bolts were slightly different - both in threads and dimensions. We can now offer the normal competition type, which were drilled for lockwire and had a screwdriver slot (the more common type fitted to all comp mags from early 50's onwards - i.e. K2FC), but also the more uncommon type that did not have the screwdriver slot and were originally fitted to the correct NR1 road racing magneto offered as an alternative to KD1 comp magnetos on early Manx Nortons (pre and post war) as shown in the photograph

BTH KD1 Pickup Screws
0182: BTH KD1 (and other BTH Mags) Pickup Screws
We have just manufactured a new batch of BTH pickup screws, with the correct original wide head profile, copied from an original BTH competition magneto as shown in the photograph - originals taken from the Works type KH2 (KD1) on the left, ours being fitted to the KD1 on the right.
Made in stainless steel and supplied with washer

BTH Alloy Cover
0868 : BTH stamped Alloy Covers - for BTH KD1 and other similar BTH Magnetos

We have just introduced these very pretty alloy covers to fit BTH KD1 (and other similar bodied BTH magnetos), which have the same dimensions as the original items - being lasercut, but also the correct 'BTH' logo in the centre - where it is very common that original covers either have this totally missing or heavily worn.

HT Lead
0732: Period Ochre/Black Waterproof Cloth HT Lead
I have finally been able to find a manufacturer of the period 1920's-40's cloth HT lead in the ochre and black flecking - that used to be often found on competition bikes. Those original cables were covered in some form of waterproof cellulose covering - which after many years would crack and dissolve - so now very difficult to find. This HT lead is also protective covered and waterproof - perfect for your older restoration

BTH Shims
0179 - BTH Bearing Housing Shims - 2 sizes

These shims are used for ensuring the magneto armature shaft is shimmed correctly wiht the bearings - to stop excessive endfloat or being too tight. We have been unable to get fthem for the last 4 years, so have now had them made ourselves in two thicknesses - 4 and 8 thou.

Note Lucas housing shims look very similar but have a fractionally larger inner circumference - I was able to lightly linish the circle of the thicker 8 thou shim to make one fit . . . if you are desperate. I will look to get the Lucas type shims made in the future

Continued Douglas 2 3/4hp Parts

 Douglas 2 3/4hp Fork Spindle Kits
0735: Douglas 2 3/4hp 1912-19 (oversize) Fork Spindle Set
Manufactured in Staiinless 316, these fork spindle sets are supplied to the same design as original fork spindles of the early Douglas forks fitted up to 1919. As original forks are light in construction and do not have facility for having bearings fitted, our spindles have been manufactured fractionally oversize allowing for a 11.5mm reamer to be used to refurbish the fork blades. They come complete with stainless castellated nuts, washers, pins, as per the original fitting

castellated nuts

0736: Douglas 2 3/4hp Castellated Fork Spindle Nuts
As well as making these to go with our Douglas Fork Spindle Sets, these can be bought seperately . . . Douglas originals were used as a pattern, but looked a lot more chewed and rusty than these!

 Douglas 2 3/4hp Valve Collar
0737: Douglas 2 3/4hp Crankcase Tappet Guides
CNC Manufactured from stainless steel, but otherwise identical to the original items, these tappet guides look nice and replace worn items

Petrol tank Screws

0849: Douglas 2 3/4hp Tank Screws - Douglas Thread
Like so many fasteners fitted to early Douglas models - Douglas employed non-standard threads on their ealy tank mounting screws - these are CNC'd in stainless steel and have the tapered head base that fit with early Douglas frames and wide head. - very pretty and fit most Douglas flat tanks up to the mid 1920's.
Douglas Tank Top

Gearbox Sprockets
0866: Douglas 2 3/4hp 5 Hole Early Gearbox Sprocket (Special Order)
I originally intended to have the entire early 5 hole type Douglas 2 3/4hp gearbox sprocket made, but could not find anyone willing to take it on at a reasonable cost. Therefore I have found a supplier of similar commercial sprockets and can now offer a service to machine these to fit your old Douglas sprocket (click photo to see details).
I am also waiting for my chain supplier to reopen (covid hit) as I have the primary chain lengths on order

 Douglas 2 3/4hp Rebuild
Douglas 2 3/4hp - More Parts To Follow
My own 1919/20 Douglas 2 3/4 hp TT Rep project is finally back on its own wheels and slowly starting to take shape. As I come to fastenings or parts I am missing and can make - I will try and produce batch's. Next on the list are the hex head valve caps - in 3 varities - 14mm sparkplug, 18mm sparkplug and plain solid type. All will be stainless steel, CNC'd. Having just acquired some of the rarer Douglas thread taps (i.e. cylinder barrel nut thread) - I hope to be making some of the other Douglas specific thread fasteners as well . . . email me if a particular part you require

Odds and Sod's!

Valve Caps
0840: Period Style Valve Caps
Nothing looks worse on a nice historic restoration than a black plastic valve cap. Last year when looking for pre-war (and WWI'ish) valve caps I came across these pretty things which also have a nylon sealing washer inside - they have already proved suprisingly popular!

Racing Number Plates

0223: Period Style Lipped Plastic Racing Number Pates
Back in stock again are these very useful period shaped racing number plates - in the colours shown here.They are cheap and cheerful compared to the aluminum version we also sell - but look the same when on the bike - and these have the bid advantage that if you are using the bike regularly for competition - ripping the numbers off at each race meeting does not take off the underlying paint - which often happened to me when using my painted aluminum type!

Work In Progress Update

For all below, if interested and wanting to go on our waiting list - email us on our normal email: sales@racingvincent.co.uk

Magnesium Covers
Magnesium Inner/Outer Timing Covers (ribbed and plain)
For those that have been waiting and emailing us - we are in the process of having a new batch of inner and outer timing covers made in magnesium - including the rare ribbed timing cover in mag - only fitted originally to a few Works bikes (and went almost immediately when we last made a small batch). No apologies for new price - there is only one viable magnesium foundry left in the UK and mag alloy prices have risen drastically since I last had them done. Expect mid July for limited availability - email now if you want to reserve one : sales@racingvincent.co.uk

Norton Gearbox Cover
Norton M30 (pre-war and early post war) Gearbox Racing End Covers
Including Magnesium
In the last Newsletter I talked about having the end covers cast for pre-war (up to 1950 on Manx's) racing gearbox's. Well we have already had the first batch cast in heat treated alloy, but I am waiting for a small batch in magnesium before we commence machining.
Did they make them in magnesium? . . . not entirely sure - although there were a few upright Works boxes that used mag. . . we will use artistic licence and say yes - I have certainly got one pair reserved for my own '39 M30, which will have our magnesium crankcase engine in. Expecting them to be complete in late Summer (the foundry has some Covid delay's, so this may change)
Norton Gearbox Cover

OHV/Sidevalve Engine Shims
Alloy M30/Racing Inter Gear Lever Pedals
In the last Newsletter I mentioned that I have had the patterns made for this rare lever - the original template being a genuine item that came with a prewar Manx gearbox I acquired many years ago.
Well, since then I have had the lever cast in heat treated alloy, had the spline broach made and made the jigs (below) for machining a batch. Other work has delayed progress - but they are Work in Progress, no firm timescales but hoping sometime around August for first batch ready - for most SOHC competion bikes, Inters if using rear footrests, and also Featherbed Inters (DOHC Manx used rearsets - but these will fit spline)
OHV/Sidevalve Engine Shims

Fork Parts
Girder Fork Parts - Coming Soon

We are now in the process of producing a number of new parts for Norton girder forks - for all 3 of the standard 1930's variants - standard type fitted to SV/OHV/CS1 models, Inter Forks (narrower on lower spindles) and M30/M40 (narrower, no side dampers).
We already have the main girder fork spring and Head Races in progress, as well as the large Steering Head top nut (in stainless of course), but have also commenced work on girder fork spindle sets and will look to produce many of the other smaller special fastenings and fittings particular to girder front forks. A reminder as well that our parallel rebound sets are back in stock, as well as the rear rebound rubbers shown in this photo - and for those that do not have the distinctive castings these rubbers were held in - we expect to be able to offer them by the end of the year as well.
We will update the RacingNorton homepage as parts become available

Oil tank breather pipe

0375: Norton Petrol Taps WIP
I include this update . . . more as an admittance of my own failure to get these finished, as anything else! . . . Very sorry, but with so many other parts and other work taking precedence I still have not got the next batch of these completed yet . . . they are about 70% done, but tempororaily on hold. We weill contact customers already waiting first, when they are ready . . . Sorry!

BTH KD1 Parts

Norton SOHC Engines: Vertical Shaft

Another item I mentioned in our last Newsletter update - but have not had time to complete. Expecting to get these done in next 3 months, email address if you want more detail of these:

Plunger Spring Covers
Gardengate Plunger Spring Covers

As I mentioned above - as well as now offering the rear plunger suspension springs, we are in the process of talking to someone to manufacture small batchs of the covers - all in stainless steel, with the 4 that were originally supplied chromed will be supplied polished (click on photo above to see sample). If all goes to plan they should be available approx June - unfortunately they will not be cheap - as not simple to manufacture - but should be nice
Plunger Spring Covers

RacingNorton Updates

Final Update - Recent Changes at RacingVincent (and Covid)

So, thats about it for this Newsletter - hopefully, you can see there is lots going on with new parts and restocks always in the pipeline.

Last thing to mention - most customers know that for many years I have ran this business part-time, while my main job was in the IT industry.
Well about 8 months ago I left the IT job to do the RacingNorton business full time. Since then my hours have still been much the same(!), but at least that is all for our own busines now - with my daughter Steph also working full time on the mail order side.
As it has for everyone - recent Coronavirus lockdown has meant some impact - including the recent loss of our commercial office and some suppliers still closed, but as you can see in this picture, being full time has given me more time on my own CNC and other manufacturing tasks!

If at all possible - we would much appreciate though if you still contact us by email I am normally out in the workshop a lot of the day, so rarely use a phone), but try and answer email queries regularly each week, thanks

I will endeavour to update the RacingNorton homepage regularly with any new parts or re-stocks - particularly where we know customers are waiting. I have also introduced a recent video page - for the occasional (amateurish) V-Log or article, so feel free to have a look and laugh

Best Wishes, Paul and Steph.


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