while taking a few photographs recently to show the new exhaust valve liter spindles I have recently had made, it got me thinking that it is probably about time I did an article
SOHC cambox's have 3 basic configurations - 1. The Manx/racing type, that has no provision for an exhaust valve lifter at all: where the cambox back plate casting is either devoid of provision for this item, or the boss (see accompanying photographor


Luckily, many years ago while rummaging through a box of old nuts and bolts at Titch Allen's house I came across a brand new old stock one - which he had no idea he had, what are the chances of that! Knowing my affliction to the Cammy engine - which he found bemusing, he let me have it . . . probably in return for promising to help strip one of his far more loved ES2's! It is nice to see a brand new one, as normally the end of these pins are badly worn and mis-shaped, where they push against the exhaust rocker arm. Seeing a brand new one allows you to see the original design more clearly and understand a bit more about them.
The most obvious point of note, is that (as the name suggests e
I dug this out last year and have now had a very nice batch of these hardened eccentric pins made, ba

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Paul Norman