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RacingNorton Newsletter No.34 : Spring 2021-Part 2 . . . but now Summer 2021

This is the second part of our Spring 2021 Newsletter which I started writing in December 2020, but as always - started to grow so I split it into two and published the first part back in May. I thought the follow up Part 2 would be finished a couple of weeks later . . . but as I am about to finally finish it, I notice it is mid June 2021 . . . so might as well just call it our Summer update!

Lots of re-stocking in the last 3 months (and actually much money invested . .. so for those waiting for some of the long term 'out of stocks' like Norton braced handlebars - sorry folks but they may need to wait, unfortunately only so much money is available!

But the good news is some nice trinkets have come available since last Newsletter - like SOHC Manx type alloy gearlevers are now completed and available and a few other smaller bits as well. In addition, many of our regular sellers have been re-stocked . . . and I have also been trying to update many of the online catalog sections, to give a clearer more logical structiure - and as much background information on the fitting of those parts as possible.

So have a scroll down the page - and if you have any feedback, as always, email on sales@RacingNincent.co.uk and we will try and take your comments onboard.

Oh - and just a one final thing - in response to a couple of queries I have had from our European customers:
As you know, the UK recently left the EU (Brexit), and although I updated everyone at the time - it is worth just reminding European customers of two points - firstly, just like all other non UK countries we post orders to - we now have to fill out a Customs Declaration with the exact value of the order on it (minus postage) . . . it is then up to your own country if they wish to add import tax to that order as well! . . . but I can assure you, Brexit has not been any help to us, and just caused more work, so our apologies if your orders are now costing you more, but I hope you can still stick with us..
And secondly - I have been asked by some European customers if they can be quoted an 'Excluding VAT' order cost - again, we are not VAT registered, that means the price you see on our catalog is the price everyone pays, regardless of country . . . I can only tell you that - if we were VAT Registered (and may have to be in the near future) . . . our prices are likely to be higher than they currently are. Hope this clarifies, but please read our T&C's before placing an online order to be sure..

For all customers - I am aware our payment process can be 'clunky' and difficult - this is partly because our online catalog e-site web provider do not provide an easy way for allowing customers to make payment online - once we have reviewed and picked their order and calculated postage cost. So many of our current orders get sent abroad, we cannot calculate the correct (and most economical) total postage cost without picking the order first - so taking payment up front is just not practical and would dissapoint more than it would help.

With all that said and done - I am looking at how we can make the order and payment process easier in comng months - and would be happy to receive back any (constructive!) feedback on how we could improve the process, thanks in advance

Best wishes and hope you are all getting the opportunity to get out on your bikes now Covid vaccinations are getting through,

Paul (and Steph) Norman

June 2021

Connie and Triumph
Breedon Hill - RE Connie and Modern Triumph
Just before publishing this Newsletter (early June), old mate Andy Kirk and I went for first ride out together this year - to Breedon Hill on Leics/Notts border - which like Beacon Hill a few miles down the road are two of the highest spots in this area - and just like Beacon Hill . . . Breedon still has a 'Beacon' at the top - pre-telegraph and mobile phone era!
We are parked under a tree at Breedon Church (click thumb for better picture of church) with my oily RE Connie in the foreground and Andy's new Triumph next to it. Triumph looked very nice . . . and has the great advantage of an electric start, while RE kickstart is my main form of exercise and sweat loss!

Beacon at Breedon Hill

1938 SOHC Manx Engine

1938 Manx Engine - Work Recommences
Having been sat on my engine stand for the last couple of years, our 1938 SOHC Manx engine (with our crankcases and crank) is finally getting worked on again. Having had to stirr the memory to remember where I left it - you see here me measuring the crank to mains clearance and lower bevel gear fit. Lower photograph shows engineers blue being applied - which has confirmed the bevel chamber Mains counterbore needs deepening by about 30 thou on the next set . . . as bevel gear just touching.
All part and parcel of the prototype set up of any new casting
1938 SOHC Manx Measuring crank fit

More In Progress

Since the last newsletter in November we have introduced a large selection of new gaskets - particularly those to fit Norton OHV and Side Valve models. We have also restocked on some of those SOHC, gearbox and carb gaskets we have previously listed but were running low on. We did this as part of conversations with one of well established, specialist gasket manufacturers - who we have had a relationship with for many years - and I think the quality of their products is excellent.
And as part of the process of selecting the correct gaskets for Norton OHV and Side Valve models - I dug out from one of my stoage sheds many original engines, gearboxs and castings I still have for these models - some of them pretty much untouched since having been bought by my father (or myself!) in the 1960's/70's. Although I do not have a built up complete OHV or SV machine myself any more, I have owned and raced quite a few over the years - and knew keeping hold of some of my old spares would always be useful for testing any new parts we make in the future.

I still have a few gaskets I would like to add to the range - notably the rubber pushrod seal that fitted in the rockerbox of the 39-47 OHV engine, but if you have any that you cannot find available and have a rough original you want to share with me - then let us know on sales"racingvincent.co.uk

As a final point on gaskets - I have tried to clean up and organise the Gaskets section on our Online Catalog - which is now arranged in some kind of order by sub-type, but I will be cleaning out all the additional ''fastenings' that currently also sit in that section, and give them their own category - just need to find the time!

TT Carb Cone Filter

TT Carb with Filter

In an earlier newsletter, I had recently made a new batch of bellmouths to fit TT and RN carbs. I mentioned at the time that if interest - I would make some with cone filters as shown here. Well I did end up making a small batch - click on the photo above to take you to the listing

BTH KD1 Cover

BTH End Cover Castings
Another recent item was introducing the raw casting for the distinctive BTH KD1 3 screw magneto points end cover.
We can sell these ready to machine - and also include a drawing with dimensions (above is 3D model in Autocad Inventor) - but if enough interest I may write the programs to CNC machine a batch

Alloy 'Works' Type Gearlevers to fit Upright Norton Gearbox (i.e. SOHC Inters and M30/M40)

SOHC Manx Gearlever
0999: Racing Style Alloy Gearlever - as fitted to pre-war and Pre-Featherbed Manx Nortons and Racing Inter's
We have just finished the first batch of a long term item - which we are very pleased to be able to offer - Cast alloy gearlevers to fit M30/M40 and pre-Featherbed Manx Norton models - and they have been faithfully reproduced from an original Manx Norton example (see below)
They come fully machinined and polished and are fitted with a special 'deeper, reduced head' type gearlever bolt and locknut in stainless steel - which is drilled to accept lockwire - to avoid it coming loose and losing it.

Finally we also supply the correct style rubber as fitted to period Manx Norton models, and even that is lockwired as many racing originals were

SOHC Manx Gearlever
Wasted Gearlever Bolt For lockwire in Stainless Steel

Here is a close up of the gearlever bolt. Road Norton gearlevers most often screwed in from the bottom (and had an extended head, to allow additional purchase with a spanner). These are CNC manufactured by us with the deeper head, but we have counterbored the head (as per many racing bolts were - if nothing else - then for added bling!). However the gearlever is also threaded to allow the bolt to feed into the top, so if it loosens it will not drop out. Finally, they are drilled for lockwire as well as a small locknut - so should not easily come adrift if you are using them in anger.

. . . And we include a length of lockwire with each gearlever!

Norton Single Base Gasket
Original SOHC Manx Norton gearlever - Pattern
This is the original Manx Norton Upright gearbox cover - complete with period gearlever that I was lucky enough to buy from an old friend and collector of many exotci racing Norton parts - about 15 years ago. As bought, the gearlever still had the original style rubber shown in the 1948 Spare Parts List, and the entire selector fork positive stop mechanism and gearlever looked like they had remained in-situ since last used in anger (I gather he purchased most of his collection in the early '60's)

Works Norton
Late 30's/40's Works Norton - Similar Gearlever

Although I cannot say if the original lever I patterned these from was a Works lever - I am told in this era it was more common for production Manx models to have steel casting fitted of similar design. So you can see in this picture of a genuine Works Norton (probably 47-48 period), it looks to have a gearlever of very similar type to ours - and more likely to be aluminium

Patterns for Gearlevers

Patterns, Broach's and Jigs

As most of you are aware - trying to find suitable short racing/sports gearlevers for your Norton International or Manx is very difficult - they have a larger spline diameter than the more common stubby gearlever fitted to AMC gearboxs later on, and different to roadgoing Norton Laydown boxes..
Therefore, when we embarked on making these, we invested some time and money into being able to supply future batch's - as you can see above we had proper boxed pattterns made by our very talented patternmakers, we had the broach manufactured for the correct Norton type spline, and although the machining may not look complex - there are quite a few operations, so I spent a lot of time last years making jigs - a couple of those are shown below.
As with many of the harder to find trinkets like this we manufacture - these are not as cheap as some mass produced gearlevers you will see available, but hopefully you will understand why and that the price reflects the time we put into them to replicate the original items

Machining Gearlever

Norton Manx Gearlever
0999: Alloy Gearlever Fitted

Above shows a final picture of the levers, as we are assembling them for packing (they each come in a sealable bag with a length of lockwire enclosed) and below shows one of the levers as supplied - fitted to one of my own Gardengat Manx Norton project bikes (I will be keeping back at least a couple for my own projects - as well as building the original lever onto my 600cc Gardengate Sidecar Manx

Click on picture above to visit the catalog listing
Norton OHV Pushrod Seal Sets

Norton Parts - Other New or Restocked Parts

As well as those parts we listed in Part 1 of the Spring 2021 Newsletter - we have also been very busy re-stocking, fabricating, and making other new parts
See below - but for anyone already waiting for any of the re-stocked parts below, Steph should be emailing you - but drop us an email if you think she may have missed you on sales@racingvincent.co.uk

fork Top Grease Nipple Bolts
1008 : Girder Fork Top Bolts/Greasing Points
A new item for Norton Girder Forks - these are the special 5/16" BSC Bolts that were fitted into the top lug of Norton Girder fork blades, to hold the speedometer bracket (or racing number plate bracke on a race bike), but then had a vertical grease nipple screwed into them, to allow easy greasing of the top fork spindles. I am not sure, but think they may also have been used on the rear top fork spindle (top clamp) for those girders that had the top clamp supporting rubber mounted handlebars.
These are CNC made in stainless steel, with correct imperial hex and to the original Norotn pattern - an original item is shown with new above
fork Top Grease Nipple Bolts

Gearbox Positive Stop Plunger
0110: Norton Upright Gearbox (and racing laydown) Positive Stop

Plunger, spring (and maybe plunger holder!)
As at the time of writing this newsletter (April 21) I am halfeway through manufacturing a small batch of these positive stop plungers on the CNC. These were fitted at the back of all Norton Upright Gearbox Positive Stop mechanisms, and are another high wear item - with most original ones showing some wear - and often the tip completely 'smeared' smooth, which lessens the effectiveness of the gearchange.
As well as a small batch of these (machined to original dimensionis, including the correct anti-hydraulic locking hole, in EN19T), we have also had a batch of the strong springs manufacutred, again to the original pattern. I am also considering a small batch of the brass plunger holders - but not sure if thre is the same demand for these - email us on Email on sales@racingvincent.co.uk if you require one, to allow me to gauge interest

Positive Stop Spring

Cast Iron Sleeve Washers
1015 and 1015 : New Items - SOHC Sleeve Nut Washers -
For Cast Iron Heads (above) and Alloy Heads (below)s

Not sure why we have never made these before - but we can now offer the important sleeve nut washers (spacers actually - much thicker than a washer!) that are fitted into the cylinder heads of most Norton SOHC heads and on which the Sleeve Bolts tightend down onto.
Above are the type normally fitted to cast iron cylinder heads (and I am going to be truthful here and say that until recently I had never looked at iron heads that closely, and had not realised iron heads had them fitted - they are not normally listed in pre-war catalogs as a seperate item).
And below are the thicker type, as normally fitted to alloy and bronze racing heads. Both are CNC made in stainless steel, so are harder than the original steel type (that often get chewed), and do not rust.
Most importantly - they are machined to a very tight tolerance, and sold as a pack of 4, as these support the sleeve bolts and cambox legs - so very important they are a matched set

Alloy Head Sleeve Bolts

Oil Pump Drive Plates

0074: Norton SOHC Oil Pump Drive Plates - Back In Stock
These have been out of stock for over a year now (one of the items I had been struggling with in Covid times) - but now back in stock, and Steph should be contacting those already waiting for them

SOHC Dished Washer

0007: Norton SOHC/DOHC Lower Bevel Dished Washer
Similar to above, these have been out of stock for approximatley a year (compounded by Covid) - but pleased to say we have just had a new batch manufactured - so they are now back in stock
These special dished washers are designed to fit under the lower bevel twin ball bearing races - and capture any errant balls before they drop into the bevel chest and remove your bevel gear teeth!

fork Top Grease Nipple Bolts

1013 : Gardengate Plunger Spindle - Lower Thick Washers

As time permits I am trying to imake more of the special chassis bolts fitted to both rigid and plunger single cylinder chassis.
One of the items still to make is the heavyweight bolt (shown above) that held the plunger spindle captive on Gardengate plungers - which should be coming soon - but in the meantime we have just had a batch of the extra thick washers that Norton fitted under this bolt - to ensure they were strong enough to not distort when tightening the spindle into the taper in the frame casting. Copied from an original Norton item, but in lasercut and then linished stainless steel plate.

G&S ES2 Valves
0678: Norton ES2 Valves - Back in Stock

Another recently re-stocked items are these lovely quality OHV valves - as fitted to all OHV models from early 1930's to late 1950's - from top manufacturer G&S valves
FYI - I am also talking to them about a small batch of 1920's Model 18 and Walter Moore CS1 'Tulip' head valves. Email us for more details

Norton Gearbox Sprocket

0341: Norton 19T Gearbox Sprockets (all upight gearbox types)
Having been out of stock for at least a year, we have managed to obtain a new batch of these 19T gearbox sprockets, ot the type fitted to nearly all 'Upright' type gearboxs. The later laydown gearbox can also use this type, but dependent on what type of sleeve gear fitted, sometimes have less of a rear shoulder (in which case it is possible to make these fit by grinding/turning the rear shoulder of this type. Once this current batch gone - not sure how quickly more will be available

Tank Strap Clips
0127 + 0990: Norton - Racing Petrol Tanks Chinpads and Chinpad Tabs
As customers reading this newsletter will see, many of the lasercut and fabricated parts (that we been running out of stcck for the last year through Covid) have been replenished in the last two months.
These include our popular tank clips (used on original pre-featherbed racing tanks, fitted with hooks for a chinpad, and these copied from one) - in stainless steel.
We also recently made new batchs of the two types of dense black sorbo chinpads we offer for those tanks - as well as two new different size pads - one being a longer version, shown below. Click on the photo below to take you to our petrol tank section, where all are listed

Tank Top Chinpads

Girder Fork Clevis Pins
0345 : Girder Fork - Original Norton Type Clevis Pins
I am not going to fib - these are not a new item and have not recently been re-stocked either. . . but I did realise they were not being listed clearly in our catalog and were very easy to miss. These are the distinctive 'Norton pattern' clevis pins, used to hold the return spring to the forks (both barrel shaped and parallel type return springs). The Norton pattern had this distinct head shape and a great little greasing hole that allowed for a greasegun to be used. Strange then that I have never stripped an original set of girder forks down, without finding these original pins worn out!
Ours are CNC'd in stainless steel (slightly harder) . . . and if I say so myself - are too pretty to hide away - perhaps a couple for your coffee table!

Norton SOHC and OHV Pistons

Norton SOHC and OHV Piston update

In the last newsletter I updated that we have found a possible (Hepolite) alternative for SOHC Model 40 pistons - by special order.
In this Newsletter I just wanted to remind OHV (i.e ES2 and Model 18) owners that, as well as offering Australian made (cast) JP pistons for OHV engines, with standard compression ratio domes - our own Omega SOHC forged racing pistons do have all the correct vital dimensions to fit OHV models, other than giving a higher compression ratio - probably about 9.5:1 in a standard ES2 engine, or slightly less if compression plates are used.
However, we are currently running low on Omega pistons, and have placed another order for the near future, but some sizes are still available.
I am also enquiring about having a modified piston blank made for a lower compression ratio to the one shown above on the right (particularly for ES2 owners who want the highest quality forged type piston - but with lower compression ratio.

It is worth noting as well that if you own a Side Valve (SV) 16H model, that piston also had similar dimensions - and although manufactured in a couple of different variations - the vital dimensions were also similar - but with a slightly raised dome (with no cutaways). Again, with a compression plate under the barrel, it may be possible to use our Omega pistions in that engine type also - but a compression ration check may be prudent when fitting

Norton Model 50 Pistons
0965 : OHV 350cc Model 50 Pistons from JP - More Sizes Available
In our last newsletter I updated that we can now offer JP pistons for Model 50 350cc OHV models - but only in +20 bore sizes.
We have now expanded the bore sizes available for this piston (although still only in limited numbers). click on photo above to see revised listing

Wheel Bearing Cups

0311 and 0312 : Wheel Bearings Cups and Felts

A very popular item that had ran out some months ago are these pressed steel cups, which were used on various Norton models through the years to retain the wheel bearing felts. They were held in place by four punch marks around the housing, so originals are normally chewed.
As part of the large gasket re-stocking I updated on in Part 1 of this Newsletter, we also re-stocked on all our wheel and other felts - see our Gasket section

Wheel Bearing Felts

Headrace Bearing Sets
Headrace Bearing Sets, Balls, Rollers and Grease nipples

Last year we offered two new products - full Headrace Sets (i.e. four sets of races for frame/forks + balls) for both girder and tele forked Norton models.
These have proved popular and although we still have both types in stock, we have already added another batch to our manufacturing list.
At the same time, we have also re-stocked on our headrace ball sets (which we sell with the headraces, but also seperately, in case you just want to replace those, without the hassle of removing races from frame) - all types can be found in Forks section (above).

At the same time - we have had new stocks of clutch/gearbox roller sets (see our Gearbox section) and also new stocks of both types of grease nipples we sell for Norton singles (angled type shown below). Nothing to special about the grease nipples - other than we buy these specially from a UK manufacturer who is still able to supply them in the original silver ' cadmium' finish, as was originally used on these Norton models. Most other commercially available grease nipples come with a modern 'goldish' finish - Yekkk on any period restoration!
Unfortunately the price of these has risen considerably post-covid, but we now sell them complete with our cheesehead fibre washer now included.
See Fork or Chassis section for both types of these nipples and details of where they were originally fitted

Norton Type Grease Nipples


Further Bearing Update - Other Original RHP Bearings Now Re-Stocked

(Since our Newsletter 33 - Part 1 Update in March)

In Part 1 of this Newsletter 4 weeks ago, I had given an update on the difficult position of original Norton Single fitment bearings from top UK manufacturer RHP, and the only good news I could give was that I had managed to obtain a batch of the genuine RHP SOHC Roller main bearing (one of the most difficult to obtain), albeit in the normal STD (not-C3) fitment - Item 0019b. Like many customers, I would much prefer to fit RHP (as were originally fitted - albeit in their old guise of Hoffman), than any lesser offshore alternative brand.
Well since then, we have also managed to acquire small batch's of other SOHC and OHV/SV bearings (see below). . . and although the price increase has been substantial - these are the genuine RHP brand bearings - in the case of most, having come from those specialist bearing companies that are now holding the remaining obsolete stcok. We will keep continuing to find these original RHP bearings wherever we can . . . but if you prefer, for many of these fitments, we can also supply cheaper alternatives from other brands (NSK etc).

My final point is - I know the prices are horrendous compared to 10 years ago .. . but there is little likelyhood RHP will manufacture these bearings again (we have spoken to them . . . minimum batch quantities are prohibitive), so once current stocks have gone . . . we may not get them again.from this reputable brand.

Final footnote: When buying bearngs from us . . . please double check you have the correct bearing for your needs before opening the plastic seal (when originally supplied with them). We will do everything we can to help customers ensure they have the correct bearing - and we will refund, providing the bearing has not been removed from sealed packaging - but once opened, we cannot take it back . . . hopefully you would understand why.

Norton Main Bearings

SOHC Roller Main Bearing (Drive Side) - 0019 and 0019B
Since our last Newsletter 3 months ago, all SOHC engine bearings are now back in stock - but some only in the original C3 (loose tolerance) fitment by special order. For many owners this is no issue at all, and most (myself included) would happily use a 'Standard' fitment RHP bearing, rahter than a cheaper brand.
However, if you do have a rebuild in the near future - please plan ahead, some of these bearings are only in limited numbers and not sure if I will be able to get them again.

Inevitably, for some of these bearings I expect only to be able to offer lesser quality brands in the future (i.e. NSK)

Norton Main Bearings

Norton OHV and SV Main Bearings

- OHV/SV Main Bearings

Again, since our last Newsletter I have now been able to obtain new stocks of RHP brand main bearings to fit OHV and SV Norton single cylinder models.
However, for the roller bearing - only in the non-C3 (standard) fit, see my note on the left. However, we will shortly be offering the C3 fit from NSK brand (they may be in by the time this Newsletter is published) . . . and may also be able to obtain RHP C3 version as special order, but take a seat before you ask the price!
FYI, I do say in our Bearing section - but for some reason Norton originally fitted roller bearings on both drive (alongside the ball) and Timing side for OHVSV models. Not sure why (SOHC engines used a ball on timing side and twin ball on Manx models) . Some owners prefer to fit a (cheaper) ball on the timing side too, and I have stripped many original engines down that have a ball on the timing side. I will leave that choice with you!

Norton OHV/SV Main Bearings


Magneto, Carburettor, Speedometer/Rev Clock Parts - Update

As well as engine and chassis parts we have also had recent re-stocks of carb, magneto and speedo parts.
We still have some parts in the pipeline - i.e a new batch of slides to fit original Amal TT, RN and GP carbs (impacted by Covid) but hope these will be available by Summer period

Magneto Catalog for Points
BTH Magneto Parts - and Points
Re have recently re-stocked our BTH KD1 magneto section, which included a new batch of points. As well as being able to offer good quality Tungsten points (i.e. normal grade), we have a limited quantity of the competition type Platinium points - as were fitted to original TT and Dirt Track type KD1 magnetos, Definitely not cheap - but good when trying to start a big Norton single in the paddock on a cold morning when your oil is like treacle!

Lucas MagDyno Points

1012 - Lucas MagDyno Points

Recently added to our range - nice quality points to fit the Lucas magdyno 'Face Cam' type magneto, which was popular on Norton singles through the 1930s-late 1950's

BTH KD1 Points Cover Casting
0983 - 3-Screw BTH KD1 Points Cover - castings
We can now offer these castings, which are a nice copy of the original 3-screw cover used on BTH competition magnetos. At the moment, they are available as unmachined castings (but they have a nice mounting lug cast onto them - if you have access to a small lathe, and we will be including an engineering drawing which gives the correct dimensions - taken from an original cover, to help. Later on if I get the opportunity, I may offer these covers fully machined

BTH KD1 Fittings

BTH KD1 Original Type Fittings

For the moment anyway, most parts to fit BTH KD1 magnetos are back in stock - like these pickup screws in stainless, which are modelled on an original BTH head pattern

Lucas MagDyno Cover Screws
1025: Lucas MagDyno Front Cover Screws
Another smaller item in the magneto section this month - set of 4 Lucas MagDyno magneto front covers screws - with correct slight domed profile

Lucas Points Cover Arm

1026: Lucas MagDyno Magneto Points Cover - Pillar Arm

And to go wtih the screws on the left - we have added the Spring Pillar Arm that held the chrome pressed steel points cover in place, on Lucas MagDyno magnetos (and some other Lucas magnetos - see detail listing for more info.
We also have the Norton OHV/SV magneto platform countersunk screws back in stock this month - Item listing link for that item is:

0712: Magneto Platform Screws

RN Throttle Needle Holder
0962_1: RN Slide & Needle Holder - Confirm Slide No and Reserve Now
Just a reminder that for anyone requiring RN (Remote Needle) slides - we are currently machining new TT slides from high quality gun brass - but have also reserved a number of them to have the additional components added to them to turn them into RN Slides.

If you know you will need an RN slide in the near future, please email us to confirm which slide number you require and reserve one - this will help us determine the mix of slide cutaways we go with - sales@racingvincent.co.uk
Customers may notice we did mention these in the last Newsletter - but these were delayed through Covid.

We do however have the special RN throttle needle available seperately - if you have an existing TT slide you wish to convert to RN type yourself, copied from the original dimensions - click on photo above

Cone Filter to fit TT and RN Carbs

Cone Filter Bellmouth for Amal TT and RN Carbs

In the Newsletter I showed a one-off cone filter bellmouth I had made, when making the last batch of bellmouths to fit Amal TT/RN carbs. I did have some interest and therefore have made a small batch of these (in 2 bore sizes).

Useful if you have an Inter (or Manx) on the road and are concernd about dirt and ingress beng ingested into the engine

Washer kits for Amal 276 carbs
Gasket Sets For Various Carb Models
As part of our recent expansion of gaskets for various Norton single models - we have also expanded our range of gasket sets to fit Amal carbs -
We already sell gasket sets to fit Amal TT/RN carbs, but we have now added new sets to fit Amal 276,289, 376 and 389 carbs, as well as some
smaller parts for these range of road going carbs
Gasket sets to fit Amal carbs

Alloy TT Spacers

Carb Spacers to fit Norton engines using TT/RN carbs

Most SOHC owners know that original fitment on Inter and Manx engins were the 'Long Neck' variety of TT or RN carburettor, but these are far more difficult to find than the short nek type - their being approximately an inch difference. The alternative (and an item I have been asked for in the past) is to fit an alloy spacer - which I have done myself in the past. We can now offer these commercially made alloy spacers (above), which are nicely CNC made with fins. We also offer slimmer Tufnell spacers in a variety of thicknesses (as below)
Tufnol Carb Spacer

Main Jet Removal Tool

0946 Main Jet Removal Tool - Amal jet type
A useful little tool for removing the main jet from all Amal type carburettors - this little hex spanner is worth keeping in your carb toolbox.
And just a reminder - if you are looking for larger jets for Amal TT and RN carbs - last year we obtained a large selection of original 'full hex' type racing mainjets, including alchohol jets - availabe in the same section

Norton Amal 276/289 Parts

0947 -Top Screw Ring . . . and future parts: Norton Choke Assembly

The distiinctive spring clip that stops the top screw ring coming loose in an example of one of the smaller parts we now offer to fit original Amal carbs fitted to roadgoing Norton single models, see our carb section for these, and we may be adding others in future.
However, this photo of an original Norton fitment 276 carburettor is to show customers the distinctive 'Auto Choke' assembly fitted to Norton models post-war. It had a clever little milled piece attached to the cylindrical body that could be adjusted and set - and by so doing, giving a half turn to the adjuster until it hit the stop would allow for a higher slow running when cold. I am considering making a bach in stainless steel - but would like to gauge interest before doing so - email at: sales@racingvincent.co.uk if interested

Chronometric Rev Clock Case - no light
Back In Stock - 80mm Smiths Chronometric type Rev Closk Cases (Racing Type)
We have re-stocked on all our RevClock/Speedo parts - and these nicely made rev clock cases are now available again - these are of the proper competition type (as fitted to original Manx Nortons), as they do not have provision for a light. Steph will be contacting any customers wiaiting for speedorev clock parts in the next two weeks

Chronometric Rev Clock Case - light provision

New Item - 80mm Smiths Chronometric type Rev Closk Cases
(Road Type- provision for light unit)

We have also added some new parts to our range - this is the similar 80mm rev clock case to Item 0638 - but this one is the roadgoing type - with a threaded brass insert - provision for light unit

Chronometric Speedo Case - Bottom hole for trip reset
New Item - 80mm Smiths Chronometric type Speedo Cases
(Bottom Hole For Trip Reset Type)

To go along with the Chronometric rev clock cases, we can now offer similar speedo cases. This type has a hole for the Trip Reset cable coming out of the bottom of the case - which was the standard fitment for Norton single models postwar, using the pressed steel tele fork binnacle

Chronometric Speedo Case - Side  hole for trip reset

New Item - 80mm Smiths (or Jaeger) Chronometric type Speedo Cases
(Side Hole For Trip Reset Type)

And finally, to add to our Chronometric case options - this is the Chronometric (80mm) case for speedometers, but with the Trip Reset adjuster exiting from the side of the case (see hole in photo).
I am not sure of the exact dates these were offered from,, but believe this type of speedometer was more common on the pre-war models, fitted with girder forks. They were also the more common fitting on the earlier Jaeger faced speedometers (i.e. early - mid 1930's, before being called Smiths).
If you visit our Controls Section you will see we are now have sub-sections, and in the Speedo/Rev Clock sub section you will see we can also offer the small rod and Reset dial button that were fitted to this type of Speedo, along wiith pictures of original Speedos and rev clocks for reference

Chronometric Brass Peardrop Needle
Back In Stock - Early (Peardrop Type) Chronometric Needle

This is the needle fitted to most rev clocks and speedos on earlier models (I am not entirely sure, but I think until late 1940's/early 1950's.
Nicely made in brass by UK manufacturer
We have been out of stock of this tiem for some time and Steph will shortly contact customers on the waiting list for them

Later Type Chronometric Needle

New Item - Later (Rectangular Type) Chronometric Needle


And finally - another new item added to this section - this is the later 'Rectangular' ended Chronometric needle - normally fitted to most Smiths 80mm speedometer and rev clocks from the early/mid 1950's onwards

All Speedo/Rev Clock Parts - See New Sub Section::

As mentioned above - all other speedo and rev clock parts have also been restocked, and that sub-section of our catalog updated to list them in a more logical order - click on picture above to take you to the relevent area of our onlone catalog.
By the way, speedometer on the left is a rare and genuine pre-war 120 mph Jaeger/Smiths speedo, as originally fitted to Pre-War Norton Inters. This one is reserved for my 37 Inter - but unfortunately will need some work to the original dial. Speedo on left is earlier 80mph Jaeger type
Work In Progress: I am also working on providing pre-war rev clock and speedo cables, with rubber outer sheathing. Email if wishing for more information


Douglas 2 3/4hp (and possibly 4hp) Model Parts (and other Miscellaneous parts)

Only a couple of additional new Douglas parts added since our last Newsletter - and if truthful, as my own Douglas restoration is now close to complete, I am not planning to add many more parts in the near future - other than re-stocking those parts already manufactured. However, if you have an early Douglas part you are looking for, you can at least email me to check - sales@racingvincent.co.uk

Douglas 2 3/4hp Frame Bolts
0976 - Douglas 2 3/4hp (Notched) Frame Bolts (Stainless Steel)
A very unusual and hard to find part to fit early Douglas Edwardian motorcycles - engine bolts to their own design, employing a round head form and a pressed (forged possibly) notch under the end and a Douglas specific head - 5/16" x 25 threads per Inch!
As you can see in this photograph, the notch under the head of the bolt would fit in a recess on the frame clamp casting, used to attach the 2 3/4hp engine into the frame.

In our case, as well as CNC machining them to the original head profile and correct Douglas thread (an original Douglas bolt is in the foreground), we have side bored a hole in the shaft under the head, and inserted and locked a tiny Silver Steel pin. Supplied as bolt, washer and deep Hex nut,

in stainless steel

Douglas 2 3/4hp Fork Bolts

0977 - Douglas 2 3/4hp (Notched) Fork Head Bolts (Stainless Steel)

And to go with the engine mount bolts, we have also manufactured a small batch of similar bolts - but just shorter in overall length, which were fitted to earlier Douglas front forks (pre 1918 forks shown inset in the photograph above), to clamp the girder top clamp.

FYI - as I am approaching the completion of the restoration of my own first Douglas 2 3/4hp model, I am not looking to extend the Douglas range much further in the near future. However, if there is something you specifically require for your 2 3/4hp, or other similar Veteran Douglas - you can at least email us on sales@racingvincent.co.uk and I can at least give it some thougt. I also have another future Douglas (racing bike) project for the future .. . but some Norton's to restore imbetween!


Other Parts Back in Stock (or New)


Manx 500 Engine Plates
Throttle Slides - Work In Progress
Thought you might like to see what throttle slides look like when still work in progress - hopefully they will look a bit prettier when complete!
However, the process to make these is quite drawn out - first we acquire a special type of brass (that does not split when being worked on), then the internal stop (to stop slide rotation) is pressed in - then the two seperate parts of the slide are silver soldered together - leaving them looking as shown here. Don't let the grimeyness fool you - that is best grade of silver solder used there!. Then they go back to our main CNC manufacturer where final machining and milling is performed. Finally, wiht that done - the outer diameter will be finsh ground to size before plating.
These are to fit TT and RN carbs, but we also have a batch to fit GP5 carbs

350cc Manx Engine Plates

500cc Rear Inter Engine Plates

Throttle Needle Holder to Fit Original Amal RN (Remote Needle) Slides

To go with the slides, we have also had a batch of the unusual Needle Holders that were unique to the original Amal RN carburettor (as fitted to many genuine race bikes from mid 1930's - early 1950's, including SOHC Manx Norton's.
If you already have one of these carburettors, you will know that the slides for them have not been available for many years - and actually - removing this needle holder from an original worn slide normally results in it getting damaged (they were attached in a very particular way)

We weill be offering the slides to fit RN carburettors, with this slide holder already attached - but we can also offer it seperately as shown here, it is CNC manufactured from brass billet as per original and will fit original slides
350cc Manx Rear Engine Plates

5/16" Stainless Ferrule
0979 - 5/16" Stainless Ferrules (Bar Turned)
Not sure about you - but over the years I have failed to find a supplier of nice quality pipe ferrules to fit 5/16" bore pipe (our normal fuel pipe sets use the slightly smaller 1/4" bore pipes). So, as I wanted to fit them on a recent restoration project - I ended up making them from solid bar on the CNC machine. Not cheap to make (they are made from solid bar, so a lot of machining and waste), but if like me you prefer a nice ferrule over your breather pipes - then hope you will understand why these more expensive than other commercial ferrules

Spark Plug Parts

1020 - Vincent Footrests - Pair

These are nice copies of the original style rider and pillion type footrest rubbesrs, fitted to most Series C and D moels

(the slight white look is just the mould release agent, that wipes off)

Vincent Black Lightning Hanger Plates

Vincent Black Lightning and Grey Flash Alloy Hanger Plates

Back in stock above are these original pattern footrest hanger plates, as fitted to Black Lightning racing twins - these copied from original patterns from a genuine bike many years ago.
However, we can now offer the type as fitted to the Grey Flash 500cc model - which was effectively the left Lightning hanger plate duplicated on both sides - I will be reserving a set of these for my own Grey Flash Rep.

Vincent Grey Flash Hanger Plates

Manx Type Footrest Brackets

0209,0209B and 0210 - Norton 'D' Type Footrest Brackets - SOHC Manx, Semi Race and Normal Type - pack of 4 per set

We already offer complete Norton footrest rubber assemblies for ordinary road bikes – Item 0211. But we have also had a new batch of our distinctive competition style footrest rubber end plates – which include these early Manx type above, and ‘semi’ competition type below – both designed to stop feet slipping off. 
See also our future parts section below

Inter Type Footrest Brackets

7/16" Reduced Diameter Wasehrs

Stainless 'Reduced OD' Washers and
Norton Single Cylinder Engin Bolts Update

First of all - I am constantly being reminded by Steph that we are now out of stock of many of our SOHC engine bolts, and a number of customers are waiting. So with that in mind - I am shortly going to be going through the list with Steph and prioritising on those engine bolts most required.
Steph may be emailing customers in the next 2 weeks to confirm you still require them - but also, if any OHV/SV owners have engine bolt requirements please let us know quickly - as we may decide to do some of these at the same time, thanks
And a positive update on a small but popular line - our 'Reduced OD' stainless washers (as used on Norton engine bolts), which we had been struggling to get further batch's made from our normal UK fastener manufacturer. So we have now had batch's made in house - by lasercutting and linishing. 7/16" and 1/2" sizes now avaiable again, and 3/8" available shortly
See all in Engine Bolt Section:

Engine Bolt Section

Slides to fit Amal TT Carbs

Norton OHV/SV Battery Carrier

OHV/SV Battery Carrier and Lucas Battery Box

These battery carriers are from our offshore supplier (i.e. not bad but quality not quite the same as our own In-house parts - so for these I have added better quality hinge bolts), and are to fit OHV and Side Valve models with rigid or plunger frame types.
However, photographing them was also an opportunity to ensure the Lucas Battery Boxes (reproduction of the old PU7WD rectangular type (we already sell) actually fits - which it does, so click on photo above for carrier, or link below for Battery Box:

Genuine Lucas Battery Box

By the way - I am considering having a small batch of similar carriers to fit SOHC Nortons made - but this would be in-house and substantially more expensive - but please email if interested

1950 Facsimile Tax disc

. . . And finally - new Facsimile Tax Disc (and style) - 1950

And the final new item for this newsletter - an addition to our facsimile tax disc range - this being the 1950 version.
Although initially looking similar to other 1930's and 1940's tax discs we already offer - for this year there were multiple differences - the most notable being a diagonal stripe and only the main tax disc having the watermark (on other years the full rectangle was watermarked - something many of the cheaper facsimile tax disc suppliers do not pick up on).
In following months we will continue to add other years to the range - with correct colour stripe for that year

Work In Progress and Future Work Update

For all below, if interested and wanting to go on our waiting list - email us on our normal email: sales@racingvincent.co.uk

1920s Valve Spring Caps
1920's OHV and Walter Moore CS1 (Conical Type) Valve Caps

As I publish this Newsletter (early June), I am just working on a batch of these very pretty conical type valve spring caps - of the type fitted to the first OHV engines and Walter Moore CS1 engines in the 1920's.
Each will be sold with corresponding bottom cup (both using different springs to the post 1931 spring that followed it, and we also offer), and with a 'black' rust resistent finish, as below.
These should be available early July - email to reserve a set

1920s Valve Spring Caps

1950 Facsimile Tax disc

Longer Term Parts Manufacture - Still in Progress

We have numerous longer term jobs still 'Work In Progress' . . . some of these have been delayed due to Covid knock on - which has delayed some our machiing partners, and others are just because we are a very small business and only have so much funding or time available to take them through to completion . . . sorry!
But just as a reminder here are some of the parts we hope to have available at some time in the following months:

- Throttle Slides : to fit original Amal TT/RN/GP Carbs (expected Late Summer 21)

- M30 Upright Gearbox Covers: (i.e. SOHC Manx Type): in (alloy and magnesium) - pattern for small top cover shown above

- Norton Gearbox - original style clutch cable adjusters: distinctive design, CNC brass (nickel plated)- expected Late summer 21

- Norton Oil Tank Primary Oilers (Items 0570/-571): New batch expecting to be available in Autumn 2021
- Norton Girder Fork Spindle Sets (inc SOHC Inter and Manx forks): Metal is in - but re-prioritised to allow new batch of engine bolts
- OHV Cylinder Stud Sets and headbolts. SV Headbolts: Again, in stainless, metal is already in, but need to prioritise with other CNC work
. . . .And of course, lots of others, including normal re-stocks

Gardengate Plunger Chain Adjusters
Gardengate Rear Plunger Fittings

As you can see in the picture above - we ahve recently had a batch of the distinctive Gardengate rear plunger pressed steel chain adjuster plates manufactured - the two at the top are original Norton items, while the two lower ones are made by us, but unplated at this stage.
These are now just going off now for Nickel plating, along with numerous other items. I will shortly be manufacturing the corresponding original rear adjuster bolts and nuts to go with these, and am hoping they may appear in our next Newsletter - along with some other plunger fittings
And on a similar note - also out for nickel plating are a batch of another new item - these being special double washer used on OHV/SV mag platforms
Mag Platform washers

Original Manx Footrest Hanger
M30/SOHC Manx and Inter Footrest Hanger Assemblies

here is a little project I have been meaning to look at again for some time - Footrest hanger assemblies for SOHC Norton models.
Above is a genuine pre-war Manx Norton rear moutning footrest hanger (and you can just see where the hanger plates were originally braed on)
While below is a genuine International footrest hanger casting - noticeable because it is longer than normal OHV/SV type.
In coming months I may make a small batch of both.
Email if interested, as still trying to gauge interest

International Footrest Hanger

Exhaust Ring Spanner

Other Stuff and Possible Stuff

We are always looking to add new items to our catalog - particularly the unusual and useful .. . and as much as possible, those items that closely repicate the original catalog items.
Above is a picture of a useful tool we are looking to have made in the next couple of months - it is a heavyweight spanner for tightening Norton single finned exhaust nuts. I have had one just like this in my toolbox for the last 30 years . . . but I had modified it for one of my own racing exhaust nuts I had machined with a differnt fitting. However, I was able to pickup this 'New Old Stock' spanner a few months ago ... from the same batch as the one I already have - so I am thinking it must be at leat 30 years old!
So maybe in the next Newsletter you will see a similar one to this that we can offer in our catalog

Best Wishes, Paul and Steph.

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