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RacingNorton Newsletter No.36 : Winter 2021 - January 2022

Recent Activities And Catching Up After Family Illness in November Newsletter?

Hi everyone, I actually started writing this Newsletter back in November - when a lot of new parts had just come in, but then as many of you know - family illness then befell us, with my yourgest daughter Steph coming down very poorly - and that eventually putting her into hospital with Diabetes issues. (Steph is shown lower right - with 'Milo' the Office Manager, this photo taken last summer) - which put the kabosh on this Newsletter - and also most of the manufacturing tasks I was doing at the time..
Our biggest concern of course was for Steph's health - and for a few days we were extremely worried, and even getting updates from the hospital - with the current Covid issues, being very difficult. But I am pleased to say that Steph is much better now, and was able to return to work a couple of days before Xmas.

But for myself, as well as the worry of Steph, the last week of November and first two weeks of December was very difficult - as I tried to process customer orders myself - for the first time in approximately 10 years! This was made worse because Steph was not well enough to to talk to about anything work related, and normally works in her office about 14 miles away from myself - so with the help of Steph's boyfriend we pulled back as many WIP orders and stock from her office . . . and I tried to muddle by as best I could!

Therefore to all customers who sent emails wishing Steph a speedy recovery and bearing with us through this period - thank you, and I hope you have now got your orders without too much of a delay!

1938 Racing Inter
Family Illness - Steph Now Back At Work

As many customers would have seen from our catalog, Steph came down with illness in late November, which led to seriuos diabetes issues and time in hospital.

I would like to thank all the customers that have wished her well while she was off, and report that as at just before Xmas, Steph is now back at work.

This photo was taken last summer - with her 'Office Manager' Milo - who always seems to be asleep under the office desk when I call them!

What Is In This Quarterly Newsletter?

I am pleased to say that through October, November and early December a lot of the bigger investment manufacturing orders came through - which was pleasing (athough I was certainly aware at the time that my personal 'Savings Pot' was being badly dimished by the cost of them all - particularly when Steph got ill and our orders were behind!) . . . but I have finally now got them all sorted and listed on our catalog - so I am hoping there will be something of interest for most customers or Norton single enthusiasts.

A couple I am most pleased about are - the introduction of throttle slides for original Amal RN (Remote Needle) carbs . .. something we had been working on for many months, and also a rather obscure part - that gave me some personal satisfaction - the manufacture of a batch of top pushrod rubbers seals for the 1938-47 type Model 18 engine, using a 'New Old Stock' rubber as a pattern I had been holding back since I used to race that type of engine in the mid 1980's!

So, have a read below - click on any photo to take you to that area, and hopefully 2022 will bring many more similar new parts and re-stocks, all being well

Covid After Affects - Manufacturing And Other Costs

I am sure this will be no suprise to anyone at the moment - but as well as the terrible loss of life and mental well being - one of the other very visible impacts of Covid in the last 18 months has been the rise in costs of materials and running a manufacturing business.
No suprise I am sure to tell you - we have also been badly impacted by this, and the cost of bringing in some materials - notably non-Ferrous metals like Brass, Phospher Bronze and stainless steel . . . frankly these have gone through the roof - and for the first time I can remember - quotes for Phospher Bronze have become like the Silver or Gold Market . . . they are only good for a day or two before they are likely to go up again!

So much as we have tried to keep our own costs tight in the last 18 months - we are having to reflect these price and cost increases ourselves . . . for some items, we do this as we manufacture a new batch (to reflect new material and machining costs) . .. but like many businesses - we have no option but to shortly apply a revised price uplift to our catalog.

This should not be more than most businesses would normally apply on an Annual basis anyway - the good news that goes with this is - we are hoping to introduce improved Invoicing and payment methods for all our customers - which will hopefully simplify the current payment process, and offer more flexibility.

Expect these changes sometime between February - March..

It is also worth saying again, that we are continuing to add to our range of parts for the earlier Norton Single models - i.e for the 1920's and early '30's models - not just Walter Moore CS1, but earlier OHV and SV models as well. This will be a 'slow burn' process, so dont expect new parts every Newsletter - but if any engine parts you are particularly looking for, for these earlier models - then email as normal on our sales@racingvincent.co.uk email

New Articles - Still Trying . . ..

I said in the last Newsletter it had It occurred to me, that I had not written any new articles in a while -and was going to try and make progress on more. Well, that was just before November and December got much busier . . . so not much has happened since then, but I have made a bit of progress and will try and get the at least one out in the next 4 weeks.

OHV and CS1 Forged Piston
1938 30M Engine Build
Whenever I get a moment for my own projects (and can be bothered!) - I go out and work on this engine, which is to go in one of my own current restoration builds - a 38/39 Manx with early Gardengate chassis.
. Because it uses our first set of magneisum crankcases - the most important task is to ensure all dimensions are correct - as being our first machined set (albeit finished about 5 years ago!), I am realistic enough to expect we may not have got all perfect first time round!.
So far, only a couple of minor amendments to drawings have been required . .. and at least it is getting closer to final assembly now!.


Particularly, I will try and do a few more detailing the inner gubbins and variances of different Norton Single models, with some photos from my own parts stock - as those seem to be the ones that people ask for most - but if you have any particular requests - let me know.

For example - on the left is a picture of the build of the 1938 30M (Manx) engine going in my 1938-39 Gardengate Manx project - which I am back doing a bit of work on again, I am hoping to use this as a platform for some future 'How To' articles

Pre-War Manx Gearbox
Pre-War Manx Gearbox - A Nice Suprise . . .Maybe It Is Genuine!

When making gearbox positive stop bushes on the CNC back in November, I was in need of an original unmolested gearbox to check something in the positive stop area – and looking round I came up with this box, which had been sat in a corner of my workshop since buying it at auction about 5 years ago.
The reason I had not looked at it previously – I knew when I bought it, it was a bit of risk – it was hidden away in with a crate of other early gearbox parts at a Bonhams auction - and I knew it was a risk when I bought it, as I could not see inside it. Once home and I had checked the ratios on the shell, I had convinced myself it was actually a ‘Road’ gearbox, and even the end cover may have started life as a kickstart model, but been welded up - hence, I figured I might have been unlucky this time - and bought a pup..
So while watching the CNC chudding away, I decided to take the plunge and finally remove the end cover. Imagine my pleasant surprise – to find what you see here . . . what looks like to all intents like a genuine M30 (pre-War Manx cluster), and genuine Manx end cover (although with some interesting casting details that differ from the later Manx upright end cover).
So . . . maybe it was just the shell that had been replaced at some point with a road version . . . and I did get lucky at that auction after all!

So, thats about it from me for now, I hope you find something of interest to you in the parts shown below, and thanks as always for your custom and interest,

Best wishes

Paul (and Steph) Norman

January 2022

Omega Piston Update - New Batch Now In - and OHV ES2/CS1 Type Now Available

OHV and CS1 Forged Piston
1061 and 1062: Forged Omega for OHV and CS1 Models

- 2 bore sizes available
We are pleased to be able to offer a new addition to our forged 'slipper' type Omega piston range - that being a version to fit OHV and CS1 models.

As can be seen from the pictures below - its vital dimensions and weight are based on an original OHV (mid 1950s ES2) Heplex Ref 572 piston - with the original ES2 piston on the left in this photo

These pistons are slightly higher compression ratio than original ES2 pistons - but given modern fuels vs 1940's Pool petrol most would see this as a benefit. See detail listing for more information

Due to the restrictions of our 'forging pattern' we can only offer this piston in two bore sizes 79mm +24 thou and 79mm +44 thou.

But most importantly - these are a viable forged OHV (and SV) 500cc piston from top quality piston manufacturer Omega!
Norton forged CS1 piston

Omega SOHC Pistons
New Batch of Inter and SOHC Manx 500cc Pistons - see listings for details - 2 bores available

In addition - we now have all our existing range of forged Slipper type pistons for SOHC Intera and Manx models back in stock again.
As can be seen from the photo below - these pistons are to the same specification as a pre-War Norton International Hepolite 5288 piston - which was a high compression SOHC petrol piston - and has been extremely popular since we first introduced it about 9 years ago.

See the listings for individual listing details - but these pistons are available in 3 variations to fit both Inter and SOHC Manx variations

Omega vs Original Norton SOHC Piston

SOHC Alchohol Piston

0686 - SOHC Alcohol/High Comp Racing Piston

The final piston from our Omega range back in stock is this high compression (alcohol piston) - whcih as can be seen from the photo below has a much meatier dome than the normal High Comp Road Inter piston.

This piston is suitable for running on Methanol, or high octane petrol - and is suitable for a bike being used in Historic Racing.

We also sell SOHC barrel compression plates in our SOHC Head/Barrel section, which would allow the compression ratio to be lowered to whatever comp ratio is required

Head and Barrel Section

Piston Comparison
Piston Comparision and Reminder on 350 Pistons

Norton 500cc pistons were offered in a variety of compression ratios and types from the late 1920's through to the late 1950's - and actually trying to copy an original compression ratio of skirt type are not normally the most impportant factors - it is far more important to be able to fit a high quality piston of similar weight to an original piston - and to have the correct Gudgeon Pin to Base of Piston Crown height.

In addition - with Norton single cylinder pistons - it is also important to consider the width of the Con Rod/Little End - below is an original SOHC Manx rod, which has a narrower Little End than Inter or OHV rods - we can offer both.

If you require more information or assistance on suitabilitty for SOHC/OHV/SV models, you can email us on sales@racingvincent.co.uk


Just a reminder of an update I posted on 350 SOHC pistons last year - sorry but we are not looking to have Omega 350 pistons any time soon - the setup costs are just too high. However, we do have the option of a Hepolite cast piston alternative. For OHV 350cc (Model 50) we can offer an Australian JR piston. Email us as above for more details

Little End Types

Throttle Slides and Other Parts to fit Original Amal TT, RN (Remote Needle) and GP Carbs

Throttle Slides for Amal TT carbs
0143: Throttle Slide to fit Original Amal TT Carbs
We now hae a new batch of our throttle slides to fit Amal TT back in stock - and in a variety of all the most popular cutaways - including of course those most frequently fitted to SOHC Norton 500cc and 350cc models.

These slides are CNC manufactured from the best quality naval brass and are also final finish ground before (flash) nickel plating - to ensure accuracy, and have been made this way for many years

Throttle Slides for Amal TT Carbs

Amal RN Throttle Slides
RN (Remote Needle) Throttle Slides - Now Available!.

We are now able to offer throttle slides to fit original Amal RN carburettors - which as you can see in the photographs - were fitted with a distinctive brass milled throttle needle holder at the side of the main slide.
We have produced these using the same method as the original Amal versions (which were probably last made like this in the mid 1950's!) - the needle holder is CNC milled from solid brass billet - but is then attached to the slide by a combination of threaded flush fitting brass screw, riveting and soldering - as originals were.
We have made them in the two most popular sizes fitted to 30M/40M and Manx Norton models that were fitted with RN carbs originally - these being No5 and No6 cutaways - see listing for more information.

As original slides are now extremely rarer to find now in good condition - and not easy to make - we have been asked about these by many customers , so are pleased we can now offer them
Throttle Slide to fit Amal RN carb

GP5 Throttle Slides

0171 - Throttle slides to fit Amal GP5 Carbs - Now Back In Stock

And the other throttle slide we have just had a new batch made for are those to fit original Amal GP5 carbs - as fitted to most DOHC Featherbed Manx Nortons from approx 1953 onwards, as well as many ofhter comp and sports bikes of that era.

Available in 3 cutaway sizes - including the most common size for 500cc Doubleknockers. Photo below shows two new slides on left with the slide from my own 1955 500cc Doubleknocker on the right
GP Carb Section

RN Top Ring
Another New Part for Original Amal RN carbs - Top Rings
(and new batch for TT carbs - below)

We are now able to offer the main body top rings for original Amal RN carbs (shown above) as well as a new stock of the type fitted to Amal TT carbs below. Although similar in appearance, the Amal RN type are of a wider diameter than the TT type - and consequently very difficult to find original rings in good condition.

Both our types are CNC manufactured in brass - then UK polished and chromed - so look very pretty as well

TT Carb Top Ring

Jig for RN Throttle slides

Manufactuiring Notes For RN Slides - and other earlier carb parts

I thought you might like to see the jig we made for holding the RN type throttle slides while we carry out the fixing process for the throttle needle holder. For anyone that ha looked closely at an original RN slide from the 30's-50's (or indeed tried to sltrip down an original worn slide - to reclaim the special arm) - they will know that the arm is not just held to the slide by the tbrass screw - but the screw is also riveted/flattened slightly underneath, to stop it unscrewing completely if it comes loose - and then as a final safety facor - the arm was soldered to the slide.
We follow the same process - but to hold the slide securely we made up this simple jig - which has a hardened pin inserted at the base, to allow the riveting process to be carried out without damaging the slide. It is also useful for other tasks as part of the process. FYI - The slide is held in 1 thou paper while doing this - to avoid scratching the slide wall


Early Amac/Amal pre-34 TT Bellmouths - Those of you owning early SOHC models will know that pre 34(ish) TT carbs had a different bellmouth design to later TT carbs - being of press steel design with an internal thread.
Many years ago we had a small batch of these available - but we are unable to get any more made to that original 'spun'/pressed style - so on our list for 2022 is to have a small batch CNC manufactured from solid alloy billet - but hopefully will look just the same.
Email as normal on sales@racingvincent.co.uk if wishing to reserve one

RN Slide manufacturing

RN Prayer Book Spring and Plug
Other parts WIP for original Amal Racing Carbs

We are constantly adding or re-stocking some of the more unusual carb parts. As reported on in the last Newsletter - we recently had a new batch of the unusual RN type ' Prayer Book' spring and plug that fits over the throttle needle block on RN carbs

Next on our list is a small batch of the mixing chamber tops to fit Amal RN carbs - that will fit into the new batch of chromed rings shown above. We already offer the TT type (below) - but again the RN type are specific for that model. We will also make the type to take the original early type cable adjuster - which is a bigger diameter than the later TT/RN type cable adjuster (which is the hole type shown below)

We also hope to have a small batch of the quite rare to find GP10 throttle slides in stock shortly - these were the type fitted to Longstroke Featherbed DOHC Manx Nortons when the GP1 was first introduced in @1951. Quantities of these will be limited - so email to reserve one now if you think you will want one - sales@racingvincent.co.uk

TT Carb Top Cap

SOHC Vertical Bevel Gear and Vertical Shaft Update - New In Stock

Lower vertical bevel gear
0421: Lower Verticasl Bevel Gears - Back In Stock
Another popular item we had back in stock just before Xmas, are the SOHC Lower Bevel gears - which are identical to the original Norton items, and made by the same specialist UK gear manufacturer as the last batch - we have been out of stock of these for some months.
For those already on the waiting list for these - dont worry, Steph will be emailing you after Xmas, but feel free to email us if you have not received an update from us by mid January

Norton forged CS1 piston

International Mainshaft Gear
0422 and 0423 Lower Bevel - International and M30/M40 (SOHC Manx)

Mainshaft Bevel Gear

. . . .And to go with the lower vertical bevel gear - we have also had new batch's of the corresponding Mainshaft gear made, and back in stock.

For those trying to identify the difference between the two gear types (above and below) - the M30/M40 type gear below has a shallower shoulder - as this is intended for the magnesium racing type crankcases, which have a wider twin row Timing side main bearing
M30/M40 Mainshaft Gear

Vertical 500cc Shaft

1055 - SOHC 500cc Vertical Shaft - Initial Batch: Special Offer

Recently we had an initial batch of 500cc Vertical Shafts made . . . and I have to say they look really nice - I have nabbed one myself for rmy current M30 engine build

However - the eagle eyed among you may spot one slight error from the original pattern if you look closely - although mainly costmetic - in that the 'Flat' on the lipped end of the shaft has been machined in parallel with the Oldham Coupling slot - rahter than at 90 degrees to it, as original Norton shafts were.

I have talked to a few knowledgable Norton people about this, and the consensus seems to be that this 'flat' was probably just to ease centralisation of the coupling when fitting - and maybe aid oil draining, neither of whch should have any adverse affect here . . . but because of this change from original spec - we are selling this initial batch at a special discounted price. Also, I know with the recent increases in material and machining costs - we will not be able to make them at this cost again!

A number have already gone to friends and cutomers - but we still have a few left, just read the listing first . . . and be quick!
SOHC Vertical Shaft


Top Bevel Gears


SOHC Top Bevel Gears and Oil Pump Drive Gears - Reservations been taken for new batch in 2022
As part of having a new batch of Lower Bevel Gears made, I was also talking to my gear makers about making a batch of the SOHC Top Bevel gears made in 2022 - and we agreed that I would provide them original gears as a pattern - and get drawings done, as I did for the lower gears some years ago. However, this time the task will be slightly easier - as we already know the tooth form and vertical shaft dimensions.

However the investment will be substantial - so I would like to get an idea of interest up front. If you are interested - then please email us on sales@racingvincent.co.uk - if we do go ahead, we may ask for a deposit up front. FYI - we will probably get more of the small top vertical gear made than the larger camshaft gear - as historically this seems to be gear most saught after - being of less teeth, they tend to chip or break more.

And finally - if all goes well, we will also look to have the oil pump mainshaft drive gear and large drive gear made as well, as per the picture below- although we may have to stagger the batch's until funds allow!


Oil Pump Drive Gears

Rubber/Nitrile Components - New Items and Back In Stock

I know the items below may not seem particularly glamourous – but actually this is one of the updates I am most happy to report – because this is the continuation of a long established relationship with my Nitrile rubber manufacturer – who produces lovely high quality oil resistant products – but due to the economic issues resulting from Covid, were looking like they would no longer be able to produce the parts I have made with them in the past – which would have been a crying shame. 
As it was, we have already ran out of some of our most popular petrol tank rubbers – and frankly, I was getting worried I would not be able to easily get them again (and would have to make all the re-investment for new moulds - which are not cheap)
However, after some months of difficult times – I am pleased to say, that not only have they produced new batch’s of some of our most popular (and nice quality) rubber parts – but we have also added a couple of new parts – and I am now considering other new stuff for the future. 
As always, manufacturing costs have increased for this batch – but actually not by as much as I was fearing, so as I said at the beginning – although seemingly not significant this is an update I am very pleased to give!

38-47 Top Pushrod Rubber
1072 :Top Pushrod Rubber for 1938-1947 Type OHV Engines
As mentioned above - a new item I am really pleased to add to our catalog is this distinctive 'double' tube type - Top Pushrod Rubber, which is of a design only fitted for a relatively short time - on the 1938-1947 OHV models.
These rubbers are manufactured from high quality oil resistent Nitrile rubber, using an original 'New Old Stock' rubber as a pattern (that I have been holding for circa 40 years!).

These rubbers are now extremely difficult to find - and most original rubbers eventually soften or perish
Pushrod top rubber

Clutch Rubber Set

0257 - Norton Clutch Rubber Set


Another rubber item that is back in stock this month are our Norton 'Cush Hub' type clutch rubber sets.

Again, these are manufactured specially for us from a high quality dense oil resistent Nitrile rubber. These may be slightly more expensive than some you might find on Ebay, but we think the quality of these are excellent

Clutch Rubber Set

Lipped Petrol Tank Rubber

1055 - SOHC 500cc Vertical Shaft - Initial Batch: Special Offer

Recently we had an initial batch of 500cc Vertical Shafts made . . . and I have to say they look really nice - I have nabbed one myself for rmy current M30 engine build

Bottom Petrol and Oil Tank Rubber


Top Top Hat Tank Rubber

SOHC Top Bevel Gears and Oil Pump Drive Gears - Reservations been taken for new batch in 2022
As part of having a new batch of Lower Bevel Gears made, I was also talking to my gear makers about making a batch of the SOHC Top Bevel gears made in 2022 - and we agreed that I would provide them original

Top Hat Lower Tank Rubber

Gearbox - Kickstart Springs/Covers for Norton and Sturmey Archer Norton Types

Since last year, I have been looking at differnt Sturmey Archer gearbox's fitted to 1920's and Pre-1935 models (when Norton introduced their own gearbox design). For the moment I can only see us introducing a limited range of parts - but we have started this by introducing 3 types of Sturmey Archer gearbox Kickstarter springs, and may shortly be manufacturing the steel covers for some of these types:

Kickstart Springs

Kickstart Springs For Norton Gearbox's
This photo shows an interestng comparison between the different types of Sturmey Archer kickstart springs (1920's-early 1930's), before they finalisd on the Norton own design gearbox in late 1934-early 1935 (spring on the right). We have now reproduced these springs.
If you think there are others we have missed - and have an original pattern, I would be happy to consider having further batchs made

1932-34 4 speed Sturmey kickstart spring

1066 - Kickstart Spring for 1932-34 Sturmey Archer 4 Speed Gearbox

This spring is of the type fitted to the 4 speed Sturmey gearbox that immedietiately preceeded Norton's own gearbox (i.e. the type that often had a 'thatched roof' tin cover over the positive stop mechanism.
Click on photo to take you to the listing with more information

Sturmey 3 Speed CRS Gearbox kickstart spring

1055 - Kickstart spring for 1920's-32 3-Speed Gearbox (i.e. Walter Moore CS1 and ES2)

This is the distinctive spring with a long tang that protruded out from the spring coer and looped around the kickstart lever of the 3-speed gearbox fitted to Walter Moore CS1 models, as well as the first Arthur Carroll SOHC models and ES2 - it might also hae been fitted to other makes and models?


Sturmey CS type gearbox spring

1064 - Kickstarter Spring for CS Type Sturmey Gearboxs
And finally here is the spring I believe was fitted to most variants of Sturmey CS gearboxs - i.e. to OHV and SV models in the 1920s . I am not an expert on this era or type of gearbox, so if any customers believe there were other types of springs also fitted, I would be glad to hear from you..

A final note on these springs - a customer with an early 1930's OHV Norton with a similar looking CS gearbox has informed me his spring is a slightly different pattern - so please check before ordering (there were many variants of this geearbox type) - however, we will also be manufacturing that early 1930's CS type in the next two months

Sturmey 4 Speed Selector Bushes

1053 - Selector Plate Bush set for Sturmey 4 Speed Type Gearbox

. . . .And although I did report on these in the last Newsletter, as these are for Sturmey Archer 4 speed gearbox's, it seemed appropriate to mention them here again. These bushes are slightly shorter than the Norton type that followed them in late 1934-35 (which we also manufacture - Item 1051)


4 Speed Norton Pos Stop Bushes

1059 - 1934-51 Norton Type Upright Gearbox - Positive Stop Bushes
The bushes fitted the Norton upright type gearbox positive stop mechanisms often get worn - resulting in a sloppy gearlever. These bronze bushes are a relatively simple task to replace the originals and should improve sloppiness - click on photos to take you to the listing with more details

Note we also sell the Pos Stop return spring for this same mechanicsm -
click the photo belowi

Pos Stop Bushes Expoloded Picture

Norton Gearbox - Kickstart Spring Cover

1053 - Norton Upright and Laydown Gearbox - Kickstart Spring Cover

If I say so myself - these kickstart spring covers are really nice - a good quality 'New Old Stock' item having been used for the pattern.
Originals often get dented and look shabby - these look very pretty.

Press tooling costs were prohibitive for making the cover like originally it woud have been made - so we machined it from solid bar - but to the same profile and thickness as originals
And of course - we already offer the kickstart spring for the Norton type gearbox - a popular item - click picture below
Norton Gearbox - Kickstart Spring


Kickstart Spring Covers

Work In Progress - Further Sturmey Parts To Come

And finally - we are also looking to offer kickstart spring covers for the 3 Sturmey type springs shown above shortly
I am still tryping to confirm internal dimensions of the 4 Speed Sturmey extended type shown on the right - if anyone has a 'loose' one they could help take dimensions from, I would like to hear from you, thx:


SOHC Valves - Interim (i.e. Smallish!) Batch Update - Some Popular Sizes Back In Stock

This is not a major re-stock - but we did recently have an interim update of our SOHC Valves with some of the more popular sizes that had gone out of stock.

Rather than duplicating what the actual listing will say about the valves - below we have just shown those valve types that have been re-stocked, if you click on the photograph - it will just take you to the listing.

Sorry - but I know we are already running short again of some of the most popular sizes - but if you were waiting for any of the sizes we recently go back in - Steph shold be contacting you by email in the next 3 weeks

Inlet Valves

SOHC 11/32" Inlet Valves - Various Valve Lengths and Head Sizes

(Click photo to go to section with all valves listed - some variable items have multiple valve types listed)

Exhaust Valves

SOHC 3/8" Exhaust Valves - Various Valve Lengths and Head Sizes

(Click photo to go to section with all valves listed - some variable items have multiple valve types listed)

5/16" Valves

SOHC and Longstroke DOHC 5/16" Stem Valves (Inlet and Exhaust)

(Click photo to go to section with all valves listed - some variable items have multiple valve types listed)

5/16" Valves


Other New or Re-stocked Items

Black wheel rim

Wheel Parts 1052 :New 19" Front Black Rim Added

And 0360: Conical Rear Hub Spokes
We already stock a number of black enamelled steel wheel rims – for those people wanting to give their restoration an authentic pre-war look, but most are for SOHC models (with 21” front rim).  Well we have now added a 19” front wheel version – for those wanting to fit a 19” black front rim, but with the 7” type single sided hub.  (Note: we only keep a couple of each rim type in stock – so dependent on demand, these may be special order with a 4 week’ish turnaround)
Also – we recently re-stocked our 19” rim to Conical Manx rear hub types – these have the correct angled spokes for the original conical hub – and are in stainless steel

Conical Hub rear spoke set

Battery Carrier

1027 Battery Carriinshaft Bevel Gear

Battery carriers to fit rigid and plunger OHV and SV models are back in stock - and we also sell the rectangular shaped Lucas original shape battery plastic box (to fit a modern battery inside), which would have been fitted with this carrier type - Item 0577

By the way - the SOHC models used a battery carrier that looked very similar but had a different backplate - I am trying to find someone prepared to manufacture a small batch of these - no joy so far!


1928 Tax Disc

Facsimile Tax Discs - 1920's New Additions
We continue to add to our range of historic peonsalisable tax discs - with the latest additions being 1925 and 1928, to go with the other twenties tax disc (1924) we offered in the last Newsletter.

I am still considering a batch of brass tax disc holders, but recent family illness has put this back a few months - only so many hours in a day!

. . . And Finally

A few footnote items - planned tasks for 2022, or just other stuff going on . . . :

OHV Pushrods and Pushrod Tubes

Stainless Steel Norton OHV Pushrod Tubes and (eventually) Pushrods, Pushrod Adjusters and Rocker Adjusters (CS1 and early Mod 18)

We recently went out of stock ofr our 500cc SOHC Bevel tubes - which are manufactured from a very pretty (and expensive!) seamless stainless steel tube. So, as part of bringing in a new batch of SOHC tubing, I have also taken the opportunity to bring in tubing for the 3 pushrod tube types shown above. Knowing the amount of work to produce press tooling for the SOHC bevel tubes - it may be some time until all 3 types above are available - but eventually I am hoping all 3 types will be available.
Late last year I also started drawings (and CNC programs) for 1920's Walter Moore and Model 18 rocker adjusters (and bought in material to make them) - and will also be looking to make the hardened pushrod fittings for all types shown in the photo above.

However, only so many hours in the day - and aware there are other things to complete before I get to these . . . so please email us to reserve now if you require any of the above - sales@racingvincent.co.uk - this will also help me to gauge interest and batch size to work toawards

Classic Deltic Loco
Winter Train Spotting - Back to My 'Nurdish' Childhood!

For those customers who might have had similar childhood hobbies to myself - and still has a soft spot for them - here are a couple of photographs that may stir memories from the 1960's or 1970's!

Yes - as a teenager in the 1970's I was one of those sad kids that would occasionally be found at the end of train platforms (but more commonly in dodgier back lanes close to Diesel sheds!) . . . and both these loco's were high up on my spotting 'Wish List' back then.
The above photo was taken at the Leicester terminal of the Loughborough Great Central Railway in early Jan 2022 - and is a rare visit from an immortal 'Deltic' (Class 55) locomotive - seen as many, myself included, as possibly the best and most powerful pre-HST diesel ever. Being an East Main Line exclusive loco, I only ever got to see 3 of them in their heyday - so great to see this one . . . and a few mins before this photo was taken it warmed up its engines directly under the bridge we were watching from - very eco-unfriendly these days . . . but magic just the same!
And below on the same day - as it passes under Cossington bridge on the current BR Midland Mainline line - is another survivor from the 1960's-70's era - Class 37 freight locomotive pulling some form of 'Departmental' train on a Sunday morning. Amazingly - numerous examples of this ubitiiquous diesel are still doing sterling paid service on UK mainline rail network

Both pictures courtesy of my (similar aged) mate and ex IT colleague - Paul Taylor (and not for reproduction please).

A nice way to spend a Sunday morning in these Covid days - as we travelled seperately, and had the bridges mostly to ourselves!

Class 37 - Still Working

Broken SOHC Crankcase

A Most Unfortunate Issue - Can you help a very remorseful customer with a spare set of Inter Crankcases?!

This is a horrible example of what can happen to any of us when fitting an oil pump into a set of Inter SOHC crankcases - and one of the oil pump gears accidentally slips out of the pump, while it is being pressed in.


This photograph was sent to me by a very good customer a couple of weeks ago (who I will keep anonomous at this stage - as I hope you will understand) . . . and as you can imagine, at the time he was distraught at what had happened.


I can wholly sympathise why he was so upset - so said I would not mind putting a photo in this next Newsltetter - and ask the questoin to any customer out there who thinks they may be able to help by offering for sale either a complete set of 500cc (late 30's/40's type ideally) - or even possibly just a timing side crankcase.


If you think you might be able to help - just drop us a line and we can put you in touch with the customer directly - our normal email is:


Norton Little Ends
SOHC and OHV/SV Little End Manufacture - Work In Progress

As I publish this Newsletter in late January 2022 - I am jusst in the process of completing setup for a batch of Phospher Bronze Little End bushes on our CNC. As you can see here - on the left is a 'standard' Norton SOHC International Conrod, and on the right an OHV/SV type conrod - both are fitted with similar Little Ends. I will also look to manufacture the SOHC 30M/Manx type Little End (not shown here), which has a narrower width and different oiling hole pattern. At the top is an original Norton Little End, with below it, a 'first draft' Little End . . . which due to the Norton 'Diamond' pattern oil holes, internal scrolling and very tight tolerances - has taken longer than you would expect to setup for, than one might expect for such a simple looking bush.
Added to that . . . the price of the (high quality PB1) phospher bronze bar bought in for this job in November had virtually doubled since last quoted 2 years ago!!. Without jumping ahead of myself . . . I am hoping these should be available sometime in February (and will be available both with or without the oil holes pre-drilled)

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