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RacingNorton Newsletter No.38 : Summer/Autumn 2022

What's Been Going On Since Last Newsletter?

Hi everyone, I hope you are all well. Well for the last 5 months since April, Steph and I have been in an intense period of 'catchup', following prolonged bouts of illness through Winter 2021/22 and culminatting in the whole family coming down with Covid in April.

However, wWhile all that was going on, we also had a number of manufacturing jobs and re-stoicks coming through - and much of my time since then has been spent checking and listing those items and updaing the website, as well as keeping my own CNC running as much as possible. `

Therefore, although there might not be a large number of new products listed in this Newsletter - I hope you will see that many of our most popular items are now backi in stock, with many more due to come through in the coming months (touchwood!).

Has The World Gone Crazy??

Unless you happen to have been living in a cave in somewhere like Outer Mongolia (or the Hebrides?), you could hardly fail to notice the happenings going on in the world in the last 18 months - and the effect this has had on the financial markets across the world.

First of all - I would like to offer our heartfelt sympathy and solidarity with all those in the Ukraine, the last 6 months have been terrible for them - and they have fought and reacted with great courage and fortitude.

But it seemss that the economic impact of that, added to the continuing supply issues as a result of the Covid epidemic have resulted in prices rising in all areas, demand outstripping supply for many materials - and ultimately, most manufacturing areas I am aware of having to face severe financial decisions.

I am afraid engineering (in the UK anyway) seems to be high up in that list of impacted areas - and as well as the cost of running machines, lighting, heating etc rising.. . the non-ferrous metal market (i.e. stainless steel, bronze and brass) has seen costs go through the roof - with myself and some of the engineering companies I talk with having to pay up to four times what we were paying 18 months ago.

When getting quotes from my material suppliers these days - it has been akin to the Gold market, while historically a quote for bar stock (most being supplied in 3m lenghts) was normally good for up to 4 weeks (and maybe a bit of negotiation was possible for extending quantities) - these days a quote is normally only valid for 1 day, and some materials are not actually available off the shelf at the moment.

With the UK having lost most of its own historic metal manufacturing industry - we are now heavily reliant on metal bought in from other countries, and I am told part of this shortage is due to the loss of nickel trade with Russia, and supply chain issues with China. Not entirely sure on this - but what I am getting to, is that for those of us that like to manufacture parts in small batch's from stainless and brass - the cost of manufature has risen by a substantial amount in recent months.

Douglas Trinkets

Douglas 2 3/4hp Restoration Progress - Fettling and Mag Woes

Progress on my Douggie 2 3/4hp project has been sporadic in 2022 - but earlier in the year the bike was almost complete (although still fitted with an original 'Std' exhaust system at this stage - while bending up a TT type stainless pair of seperate pipes. However, I had got to that post restoration 'Fettling' stage, where I was pretty much at first startup stage. However, after realising the original EIC magneto seemed to be 'blowing out' its spark - I have now sent that off to be rewound - so will re-commence work on it once the magneto comes back - more on that later in the year.

The photos show a very pretty and period - 'Trench Style' pocket watch, being trial fitted - the sort of trinket that might have been worn at the time. Incidentally it is made by a then very well known Swiss/UK watch manufacturer called Buren - the movement is shown below and looks exquisite. Buren later on were one of the renowned 'Dirty Dozen' manufacturers chosen to supply watches to the British military forces in WW2. This example is (I think) of the same aproximate date as the Douglas - but would probably benefit from professional cleaning, as it tends to stop after a short time of running


Douglas Trench Watch

I am sure you can guess where this is leading - and you will no doubt think I am sounding like a worn out record , having heard it from every business you speak to - but although we have tried to eat up some of the manufacturing costs ourselves, as new batch's are filtering through - so are prices of many products having to be increased to cover the uplift. All I can tell you is that - like so many other small business's at the moment, we are only just keeping our head above water . . . and in some cases, some of my suppliers are already making the decision not to make the parts we previously supplied any more. This is a real shame - and for some products I am looking actively7 for new manufacturers . . . but I fear we may not see an upturn in the economy or our own position for some considerable time yet. Hey ho.

Work In Progress - and Parts Still To Re-Stock (including Doulgas Update)

Over the next few months (i.e. latter part of 2022 into 2023) we have a lot of new parts coming on stream for earlier OHV and CS1 models, some of these are mentioned below. Added to this - I am aware we are constantly running low or running out of many of our more popular Norton CNC'd parts - and I have a constant backlog I work through in a strictly prioritised order.

Some of the parts that will be coming back on stream in the next 4 months should be - Our competition type lever sets (although most of the batch currently being manufactured are already reserved), SOHC wrapround chain oiling taps, our alloy racing type SOHC gearlevers - and many other smaller parts.

Steph and I have also noticed that we have had a lot of Douglas 2 3/4hp parts sales in the last 8 months - meaning some Douglas items are also now out of stock . .. I will be looking to have a period of concentrating on new batch's of those most popular items shortly - glad to know this 100 year old model is still attracting interest.
As far as my own 1919/20 TT Rep Douglas project is concerned - well I was at a point 3 months ago of the bike being pretty much complete and ready for first fettling and startup - but having resolved many of the normal post restoration niggles - I realised I was not getting a strong spark from the original EIC magneto - so decided to drop the engine to take the magneto off - and it is now away for a rewind. Once back, I hope to resume fettling, hopefully get it running - and finish making the TT type exhaust system. If all goes well, I hope to do a couple more articles on this bike. The photos on the right show the cockpit area of the Douglas back in May-June, when I had just trial fitted a nice little cosmetic trinket - an original Burlen 'Trench' type pocket watch. Trench watch's were named because they started to be worn by soldiers in WW1 on the wrist - replacing pocket watch's previously used by most men (I gather only women tended to wear wristwatch's before this time). I thought this little period piece mounted on a period leather strap, mounted to the Andre damper might make a nice perod additon.

. It is also worth saying again, that we are continuing to add to our range of parts for the earlier Norton Single models - i.e for the 1920's and early '30's models - not just Walter Moore CS1, but earlier OHV and SV models as well. This will be a 'slow burn' process, so dont expect new parts every Newsletter - but if any engine parts you are particularly looking for, for these earlier models - then email as normal on our sales@racingvincent.co.uk email

Top Bevels
Possible Parts to Make - But Gauging Interest First . . .

There are a large number of parts I am constantly being asked about - either will I be re-making some of the long term 'Out of Stocks', or some of the hard to find Norton parts.

The truth is - with the current economic situation - with every single cost seemingly to be rising . . . we too are having to be extremely careful what we put our small amount of funds into.

Certainly, with any of the larger investment parts - we will only be considering going ahead if we know we have customers waiting and we can secure deposits . . . that is just the way it is.

If we do go ahead with anything - and for whatevver reason the parts cannot be completed - then deposits will be returned.

Some items on this 'Possible Lists' are:

- SOHC (Arthur Carroll) Top bevels

- SOHC Walter Moore Bevels

- Braced Girder Norton Handlebars - racing and touring type (we have had quotes for these . . . still very expensive - email if seriously interested)

- New batchs of SOHC engine bolts (again very expensive - and ttime consuming)

- 1948 Onwards OHV Pushrod and tappet parts

- Earlier Norton (SV, OHV, Walter Moore CS1) and Sturmey Archer parts (see early clutch arms below) - you can ask, as we are adding all the time, but it helps greatly if you know of friends also needing parts to make having batch's made viable


Please email us on.sales@racingvincent.co.uk and happy to hear and consider . . . but please remember everyhing you see on this website is funded by myself alone! . . . I have no banking investors!!


Sturmey Archer Arms


Douglas Trinkets

Lots of Manufacturing In Progress - Just not enough time to list all the new or restocked parts yet!

We have numerious batch's of hard to find parts that are 'Work In Progress'. But because I am a 'one man band' as far as manufacturing goes . . . I have to take them in order - and even when some are complete, it can take a while before these new stocks are listed..

I am still using many of the same trusted manufacturers I have been using for the last 15 years - and many of these are like family now, but the same issue still prevails - everyone is facing higher costs, with many materials or stock not available.


For the moment . . . in the coming months expect to still be seeing some nice items filtering through to the website . .. . but my main message to everone that comes to the site is firstly - check our RacingNorton Homepage - www.RacingNorton.co.uk because I always try and update that first



Further YoutTube Videos and Content - - In Next Few Months

For those of you that are interested and have been following - I am intnending to post some further RacingVincent Youtube videos in the next few months, detailing the build of my current project bike - a 1939 Gardengate Manx Norton , and the next video will start to cover the 'Round Fin Manx/M30 spec engine for this bike - which uses our own magnesium M30 crankcases.
I have much video footage and photos from the final (slow) assembly of this engine in the last 12 months . . . but now just need to edit that into video's and add a voiceover for the next episode or two.

This may need to wait a while longer (as we have some broader family health and bereavement issues as I write this in October) - but will get to it as soon as I can. For the moment, here is a link to the last video I published on Youtube:

1939 M30 Restoration - Part 5

So, thats about it from me for now, I hope you find something of interest to you in the parts shown below, and thanks as always for your custom and interest,

Best wishes

Paul (and Steph) Norman

September/October 2022

Norton Sump Plugs - Engine, Gearbox and Oil Tank - All Types 1930 ('ish) to 1961
- Including Most 1/4" BSP, 1/8" BSP and Some Unusual Ones - Nickel Plated and Brass

All Sump Plugs ---- 1101_5 Sump Plug

Item 1101 : Norton Engine and Gearbox Sump Plugs - Various Types -Pre and Post War Types, Engine and Gearbox, and some Racing/Reduced Types to fit most SOHC, OHV and SV models from late 1920's - late 1950's


In the last Newsletter I let customers know about a large batch of Norton sump plugs I had been working on - all based on original Norton type sumpl plugs in 1/4" BSP (manufactured in brass) and later Post 48 Engine type 1/8" BSP in stainless steel - as well as Racing/lockwired versions and some useful odments


Since then I am pleased to report that the majority of the Brass 1/4" BSP types have now come back from Satin Nickel Plating - and if I say so myself look superb - I use a well established UK industrial plating company for our Satin Nickel plating, and they always do a wonderful job.


So - I have now updated this 1101 'Variable Listing' to show all types and varieties we can offer - along with as much information I can provide about the differnt types of Sump Plugs that Norton fitted - based on my own experiences over many years of collecting and stripping Nortons, as well as information provided by other friends and professionals


For the Brass manufactured sump plugs - as well as having the majority Satin Nickel Plated (the most common Norton finish on sump plugs), I have held back just a few of each in unplated Brass . . . as this was also an occasional original finish - particularly in times of austerity, and some people prefer that finish.


These may not be the cheapest items out there - but I can tell you a lot of time has gone into producting them and making sure they are correct - not to mention the price of brass has risen 4 x fold since I firrst started writing the CNC programs 18 months ago!


Final note - if nothing else, have a read of the listing, I provide what I hope might be useful information for those people requiring sump plugs for Post 1948 models and struggling with what plugs should be fitted

Deep type sump plug___ Shallow Racing Sump Plug

Racing Type Sump Plugs___ 1948 Onwards Sump Plug

Sump Plug Washers
Sump Plug and Breather Washer Re-Stock - Copper, Red Fibre and

Dowty Types
As it happens, in parallel to making sump plugs - one of our internal 'Spring Clean' tasks was to go through all the various Red Fibre, Copper and Dowty (Dowty being a more modern nitrille rubber lined washer) washers and ensure they are all re-stocked and photos updated. A couple are shown here - and actually are included in the 'Drop Down' list for the Sump Plugs - but are also available from our Gaskets section

Copper Sump Plug Washers

Gearbox Gasket
Gasket Updates

As part of our Seals, Washers and Gaskets Spring Clean (well Summer actually!). . . we have also re-stocked on all of our current Norton single cylinder Gasket catalog . . . some of which had recently gone out of stock.

Shown above is our popular Upright Gearbox gasket, below is a link to our full Gasket section - where all are listed


All Gaskets Listing

Norton 1920's - 1930's OHV and Walter Moore CS1 Parts Update - Springs and Other Parts

Frame Brake Spring ---- 3 Stay Frame


Late 1920's - Early 1930's - Springs and Things


For the last 6 months or so I have been looking at Norton OHV and Walter Moore CS1 Rocker adjusters and pushrods. Using originals from my own collection - as well as good friends and customers, who have kindly loaned me originals - I have been slowly putting together the engineering drawings and CNC programs to produce most of the hardened rocker adjuster parts for OHV/CS1 models from the introduction of the OHV Model 18 Model (in approximaely 1924), all the way through to the Model 18 OHV model in 1947.

I also have patterns of the purshrods and rocker pads for the OHV engine design manufactured between 1948-58, but have not got to these yet - so if you require pushrod or rocker parts for these models - then email us at sales@racingvincent.co.uk - as this will give me an indication of demand, for when I do get to producing the later pushrod parts.


As I update this Newsletter, all variants have now been listed - but the majority of the Brass variants are off at my platers for - Satin Nickel plating. However, I have held back a few of each of these in the raw brass finish (whcih was also sometimes an original finish) - in case you want one in that unplated finish. All plated versions should be available late September.

CS Gearbox Spring___ 1920s Sturmey Archer Gearbox Springs


Sturmey Archer Kickstart Springs - Another one added!

As you can see above - we have added another early Kickstart spring to our range. This one - Item 1108 is for late type Sturmey Archer CS gearbox's, as fitted to OHV Nortons in the late 1920's early 1930;s - and shown in the photo above on the right. This type has a longer tang to the kickstart lever than the other SA CS type we offer - and thank you to one of our customers - John W, for lending me the original from his own 1930;ish gearbox so we copy it exactly. We now offer 4 different types of Sturmey Archer kickstarter springs - as well as the normal Norton gearbox spring that followed from 1934, but click on the photo of the gearbox above to see the 1920's section, where these are listed individually

As per the picture on the lower right - we have also included some dimensions on the listings to help identify which may fit your gearbox

Clack Valve Sprng___ Kickstart Spring Dimensions


On the left photo above is a picture of the unusual 'Clack Valve' breather assembly which was often found fitted at the rear of the crankcase, behind the barrel on 1920's OHV and Walter Moore CS1 models. I have bought in the Brass material for making the two main breather parts - but it will be sometime until I get to them on my long 'CNC Manufacturing' list. But in the meantime - since I have already had a batch of the springs specially made for this assembly - I thought it worth offering them seperately. Note - original assemblies should have a small disc as in the photograph - I will also make a batch of those eventually

Coming in Next 4 Weeks - A range of OHV and Walter Moore Rocker Adjusters and Pushrod Assembies - 1925 - 1947


For the last 6 months or so I have been looking at Norton OHV and Walter Moore CS1 Rocker adjusters and pushrods. Using originals from my own collection - as well as those lent to me by good friends and customers.

I have been slowly putting together the engineering drawings and CNC programs to produce most of the hardened rocker adjuster parts for OHV/CS1 models from the introduction of the OHV Model 18 Model (in approximaely 1924), all the way through to the Model 18 OHV model in 1947.

As I write this Newsletter in mid October - all parts have been completed, but due to the amount of other work in progress at the moment (and other family commitments) I have not yet had to time list them all, and take photographs. So a few taster photos below - and please email uson sales@racingvincent.co.uk if you require more information or want to reserve anything.


Finally - on the subject of Pre 1948 pushrod assemblies - to my knowledge there were four main variants - two variants in the 1920's - of which I do not have patterns for at the moment - so cannot be sure of dimensions and fittings - other than knowing that for the first 1925 type - there was something along the lower length of the purshrod to hold a Return Spring.. I am told the 1928-30 type was also different to the 1930 type that followed - but cannot confirm until I have seen one complete.

For both these types - if any customer has a photo or pattern they can share with me, I would be grateful, so I can confirm the parts needed to manufacture complete versions of both types. As it is - I believe the top cup and tube we have manufactured are correct for this type

But for the two later types: i.e. 1930-37 types, which did not have any adjustment and the 1938-47 type, which had the adjuster built in (see photo below). - We are in the process of making both types. However - various lengths were available for both types over the years. These assemblies wil not be cheap .. . but we expect to be able to make them to order, dependent on what Model or CC you have (i.e. 350cc, 500cc, 600cc). If you wisht to contact us now to confirm the length you require - we can give an idea of final cost and add your length to those we are about to make up initially .


Early Rocker Adjusters___ Pre War Pushrods


Rocker Adjusters and Pushrod Assemblies - Available at some point in late October 2022

For those rocker adjusters in the photo above on the left - all the items on the top row are now complete and I am currently in the process of photographing and listing them - checkout our 1920's or OHV section in the next two weeks to see them. I will also provide a more detailed update in the next Newsletter.

For Pushrods - top right, the same applies - but email us now if you know the length you require

Click on either photo for a larger version



Other Early OHV and CS1 Parts To Follow:

Clack Valve Sprng___ Kickstart Spring Dimensions


OHV Pushrod Tubes and Gland Nuts and 1920's Early Type Valve Springs
Realistically - it may be some time until I get to them - but to go with the pushrods we are currently making - I am also intending to manufacture pushrods tubes and gland nuts for OHV models from 1930's - 40's. We already have the special seamless tubing procured .. . but will take a while to get to writing the CNC programs and making jigs and press tools for required lips - Watch this space

We are also having a batch of the very earliest Norton coil spring type - as fitted to OHV engines from 1924-29 and the early Walter Moore CS1 models (until that model moved to the larger spring in 1929). These springs have a smaller spring diameter to those fitted from 1929 and we expect them to be available in December 2022

New and Restocked Carburettor Parts;

Pikot Needles being manufactured ---- Amal TT and RN Pilot Needles

Pilot Needle Ajusters to Fit Original Amal TT, Amal RN and Amal GP Racing Carbs - Including Original Pre-War Design


As I update this Newsletter (late October) I am just working on the final manufacturing tasks required to complete a new batch of Pilot Needle adjusters to fit original competition Amal carburettors - including an exact copy of the distinctive early (often pre-War) type, which are shown in the photograph above on the right.

Press on any of the photo's to take you to the listings - but apologies, because of other family commitments and issues just at the moment, it may be another 3 or 4 weeks before I have all types completed and listed. If you cannot order now - do not worry, you can email us to reserve one.

FYI, all our pilot needle adjusters are CNC manufactured to the original design - with the body in brass and steel shouldered needles. The photographs above show them when being machined - in raw brass, but since then, just like the sump plugs, the bodies have now come back from Satin Nickel plating, as per the original Amal finish.

Later Type TT RN Pilot Needles___ 1948 Onwards Sump Plug

Float Chamber Tickler Sets for Amal Floatchambers
0162 - Tickler Set to fit all Original Amal Float Chambers
One of the most common issues with earlier Amal carburettors - those with seperate floatchambers (i.e Amal 276/289 as well as TT and RN tyypes)

is that the tickler mechanism is badly worn or missing entirely.

We have just manufactured a new batch of these - as always, to the original diimensions and design, from brass and then satin Nickel plated.
However, most importantly - we have also manufactured the correct small collar design underneath, and the correct tension spring - both of which result in this kit restoring the original 'firm' and efficient operation of the tickler.

I know it may seem a trivial thing - but I was really suprised how nice pressing this tickler feels - when comparing it to the worn out feel which most original mechanisms have - and of course your finger on the tickler is one of the major interactions of owning an old bike!

Carb Parts

Tickler Kits for Amal 302 Floatchambers
0174 - Tickler Kit to fit oriignal Amal 302 Gloat Chambers

Related to the normal type Tickler Kits - we have also made a small batch of the much rarer tickler that was fitted to the lovely 'Large Capacity' type 302 Amal floatchambers - fitted to many RN and GP carbs in the late 1940's and 50's on competition bikes. The actual mechanism is the same as the normal tickler - but this type had a slightly longer shaft . .. and again, originals are normally quite worn or missing . .

Amal Early TT/RN Throttle Spring

Just a small item this . . . but if prefer the earlier straight spring on comp carbs, rather than the more normal Conical spring, which we also sell - this is now available .

Douglas Amac Main Jet Holder

1095 - Amac HYK Jet Holder - Nickel Plated

These were covered in our last Newsletter - but the main batch have now come back from Satin Nickel Plating and are now available in this form
We are quickly running out of a number of our early Douglas parts - I hope to be making new batch's of many in easrly 2023

Amal flange gaskets
1105/1006/1107 Flange Type Carb Gaskets

We introduced some more carburettor gaskets recently - these flange gaskets are availble in 3 sizes to fit both TT/RN carbs and original Amal 276/289 types. Click on photo to take you to our carb section

New Norton Single Cylinder Models - Lucs Type Replica Electrical Parts

7" Headlamp ---- 8" Pre-War Headlight


Item 1088 and 1089 : Lucas Type Headlight Units -

We have expanded our catalog of electrical items to fit Norton Single Cylinder Models from the 1930's - 1950's, and here you can see here we are now able to offer two 'Replica Lucas' type headlamp units - complete with Light Switch and Ammeter unitis - Item 1088 being a very good copy of the Post War 6.5inch/7 inch Lucas MU242/SSU700 unit - commonly fitted to Norton single cylinder models immediately Post-War, and especially nice copy of hte Pre-War type Lucas DU142 8 inch type - most commonly fitted to Norton girder fork models.

Both headlamp units are offered from one of our Offshore manufacturers - so the price is very reasonable, but actually - I have looked each of these units over . . . and was extremely impressed with them for their cost - frankly I dont think they look much different in quality to the original units fitted 'in-period', and I am sure would cost far more if manufactured in the UK.

As you can see both unit types come ready to fit - complete with light units already fitted with nice quality original style glass and chromed headlight rims, and the main shell and light unit already painted gloss black. If considering a 'Concours' restoration, you may decide to rub this paint down and give them another coat of 2-pack, but again, for the money I was impressed wtih the overall finish. Ammeter and Light Switch units are almost identical to the original Lucas design - and again, look pretty good quality, and these items can also be ordered seperately - see below.


However, the one thing I did notice with these units - as supplied: Both types are fitted with modern (UNF thread) plated hexagonal bolts, wihth horrible modern writing on them!! - Talk about ruining the ship for a 'hapeth of tar'!! So - as fitting modern bolts to period restorations is one of my pet hates - I decided to write a CNC program to produce a 'period' style Norton 'Curved head' type bolt in stainless steel, but with the correct modern thread to fit these headlamp units - nicely polished, with a pan stainless washer behind the bolt, . Each headlamp unit comes with a pair of these supplied, along with the original pair of bolts - you may find these headlamp units offered elsewhere - but only ourselves will supply them with these 'period correct' stainless bolts and washers included!

We can also supply those bolts/washers seperately, in the same section, for anyone that has already bought similar 'offshore manufactured' headlamp units in the past - and has found the same issue . . . unattractive mounting bolts with modern writing on them - just do a search on Item 1094, listed in the same electrical section.

Finally, for each headlamp type - go to the individual listing detail to find out more information about original fitment details


By the way - up until a few months ago, all our electrical items were listed in our 'Magneto' section. But as this was starting to get rather crowded, so I have now created a new Electrical section for all the lighting and electrical (non ignition) parts - Click here to go to that section:

3b. Electircal and Lighting System Parts

7" Headlight___ 8" Headlight

Lucas Type Regulator

1092 - Replica Lucas 6v Regulators

We are now able to offer this very nice looking replica of the Lucas type regulators fitted to most Norton road models through the 1930's to 1950's.
These regulators are made offshore - but what I would say is that (as you can see in the photo) they look really nicely made - I compared one to an original 1940's Lucas item . . . and they looked almost identical.
I have not tried one in anger yet - but they are good value for money . . . and lets face it - the original Lucas versions were never that reliable . . . particularly once they had got a few years old.

Lucas Type Regulator

Lucas Headlamp Switch Binnacle
1087 - Replica Lucas Headlamp Binnacle - Switch/Ammeter Unit

From the same supplier as the Headlamp units - we can also offer the Norton type headlamp binnacle Switch/Ammeter unit on its own - ready to fit. Handy if your orignal bakelite swithch is breaking apart or has bad connections - again, nicely made and good value for money

Replica Lucas Ammeter
1091 - Replica Lucas Type Ammeter

And finally - from the same supplier - if you just require an Ammeter, we can supply these seperately - looking just like the black faced ones fitted to Norton singles in the 30's-50's

Other New or Restocked Products - Gearbox/Magneto/Carb/Chassis Parts

Racing Number Plates
0223: Period Shape - Plastic Oval Racing Number Plates
New Stock - Various Colours - including Red

These are now back in stock - in the following colours - Black, Yelow, White, Green . .. .and after a long time unavailable: Red.

These plates are plastic, but have the correct oval shape and bevelled lip as periiod racing plates - they are very popular, and dont rip paint off if frequently changing numbers.

Note: in the same section, we also sell aluminium veresions of the same plate - which can be painted - but those are more expensive - these are Item 0227

One Inch Diameter Handlebars


1113 - 1" Diameter Pre-War Type Handlebars

We are often being asked if we intend to make another batch of our special 'Competition Profile' 1" handlebars - both braced and unbraced type

Well unfortunately - recent quotes have been prohoibitive


But in the meant ime - we have found a proprietary manufacturer of this excellent 1" (i.e. Pre-War) Touring profile handlebar. See the listing for more detail - but when the profile is reversed, they are also a possible candidate for Competition bikes

Brake Clip

0336 Norton Type U Brake Cable Clip - Inter/OHV/SV - Back in Stock
Some years ago we acquired a 'New Old Stock' batch of Ex WD 16H front brake clips - which although being shop soiled - proved very popular - because we knew the profile was genuine Norton.
So as those sold out - last year we decided to use one as a template for getting a new batch manufactured - and then Satin Nickel Plated, as the original Norton items would have been.
They are now available here:(Click on Photo for link)

Brake Lever Pins

0332 Cable Barrel for Competition Type Levers
I cannot remember if I had already covered these in a previous recent Newsletter - but as they were still in my Photo list to show . . . I will assume not and show them here! We recently had a new batch of these cable barrels - which are copied from an Uber rare original item - and were used on the special Competition Levers fitted to 1930's - 1950's competition bikes - including early Manx's. Thess are in Stainless Steel

FYI - we also sell these fitted to our Competition Lever sets - and I am currently in the process of assembling the next batch - most available sets are pre-ordered, but email if you wish to enquire, we may still have a set or two available - due in November.

Bearings Update

1076 CS1 Early Vertical ~Bearing and Other OHV Bearings
Just a small update on bearings in this Newsletter - as I am aware we are running low again on some of our popular ones -

However we do have these early type Walter Moore Vertical bevel bearing in. We have also recently had a batch of genuine RHP OHV/SV roller bearings in (but in non C3 type) . . . which are now extremely hard to find - see Item 1009 - but you may want to take a seat before looking at the price . . ..proper RHP obsolete bearings are definitely not cheap!

Pre-Threaded BSP Washer
Washers - Red Fibre and Copper Washers - All Types

Over the years, one of our most re-occurring tasks is the search for good quality washer and gasket suppliers - and those to fit Norton fasteners - which sounds simple, but actually is far from it - You would be amazed at the number of suppliers where the dimesnions of the washers vary from the stated size! . . . and for some, this is even by batch! Hence why sometimes we go to specialist but more expensive manuvacturers.
Anyway in the last 4 months we have been having a 'Spring Clean' of our Washer section and listings - particularly as some of our listed washers were running short -

An example of one of the more 'specialist' washers we now do is above - as many Norton owners will know - 1/4" BSP is a common size for many breathers and sump plugs - but a lot of the Norton fittings havea shoulder behind the thread and a 'Reduced Hex' Head - which means if using a Red Fibre Washer - the washer is either too tight to go on, or if it does go on, it wobbles loose on the shoulder and often does not give a good seal.

Alternatives are copper washers (we sell nice quality, well fitting versions - 0091B) or Dowty Washers . . . but recently made up a jig - so we can make these Item 0249 washers above - where we 'pre-Tap' a tighter washer - so that it can be 'screwed on' by hand, but is tight once it is on the shoulder


See our full gasket and washer section by clicking on photo belov - but most are also listed next to the relevent item they are used with in indvidual sections

Different Washer Types

Dynamo Shroud
0428: Lucas Magyno Cvoers
These unusaul little covers fitted to the input wires on Lucas Magdyno units on most 30's-50' Norton road models cambe back in stcck recently - we know some customers were waiting for them

Stainless Steel BS Fasteners

0496: 1/4" Nyloc BSC (and 5/16" Nuts) and ther BSC Stainless Fasttenings
Another Re-Stock exercise we undertook back in the Summer was to restock our ''Fasteners' section with many of the generic small Stainless Steel nuts and bolts we offer. We use a specialist UK fasterner manufactrurer - and we were told that, given the current economic position , as well as the huge increase in non-ferrous material cost - they are not sure how long some of these specialist UK thread items will be available in the future . . . so we stocked up now while we could - Click on photo for link to Fasteners Section


Commando Side Panels

1103 - Commando Roadster Side Panels (Pair)

No - we are not staring to list Commando Parts! . . . this was just me ordering the wrong parts from one of our Offshore manufacturers a year or two ago - and when doing a Stock Take recently in one of our stock locations . . . I realised we still had them and I had not listed them!
So here they are now - I doubt we will re-stock them once these have sold, but as an aside - I was impressed how good the pressing quality of these items are - dont know how they can make them for the price



. . . And Finally - Recent Visits and Other Stuff Happening . . .

The Rhodes Family

A Summer Visit to the Rhodes Family - Works Velocette Team!
Back in July, my Velo friend Andy and I went to see old friends Ivan and Graham Rhodes - pictured here (right and centre) with their close friend and master restorer - Bob, stood beside one of their very special KTT Velocettes. Even though Ivan is over 90 now, his enthusiasm and passion for the marque is still undiminished - and their rate of progress and industrialism always make me feel gulty at my own snail like progress!
Lovely to see them again, and share a cup of tea, while perusing lovely racing 1930's exotica.
Below is a Works Velo KTT hub, but look at the original style wrapped spoke wheel balancing - even the lead wire is sheathed - typical of the attention to detail which is the norm in the Rhodes stable

Works Velo Hub

Mallory 1000 Bike Festival
Mallory 1000 Bike - Lovely Hot Weekend . . . but I copped out on riding!

Talkng to old friend Steve Allen (Titch Allens son) earlier in the year - who is still quite involved with tthe VMCC that his father founded - VMCC,

We agreed it would be nice to meet up again at the August Mallory 1000 Bike Festival - good memories of having done this meeting many times, including with Titch and Steve in the early 2000's.

I had actually placed entires to ride two of my Nortons in the Race section on the Sunday, but as time approached . . . I realised I was not getting time to dig the two bikes out and fettle them . . . and as it happened, the weekend of the event co-incided with a 'RED weather warning' for a heatwave, which settled it .. . much better to just go on a road bike - where a number of us met up for a social catchup on both Sat and Sunday
Just like the meetings of some years ago - a very nice event, with loads to see, and here is my RE Connie parked up next to the Norton single of old mate Richard - who used to passenger for Steve in grasstrack racing, while I passenged for Titch, back in the 1980's.
Lovely to meet up with old friends again, and his awning was a godsend, with temperatures approaching the 40's fahenheit

Steph and Mutts
Normal Office Stuff and Emails

Finally, just a gentle reminder that my daughter Steph (who processes all online orders) and myself normally work in different locations and have different emails - therefore if you need an update on an order you have placed it is best to email her directly on sales@racingvincent.co.uk.

Normally she will be processing orders in our RacingNorton office most weekdays - but please bear in mind that as she has some long term health issues, she cannot always be in - when this is the case, I try and post updates on our RacingNorton homepage first - so please look there as well if not sure..
I can also be emailed for teccie help (or ask Steph to forward to me) - but I only have limited time for emails . . . so email again if no reply within 2 weeks . . . I wont be offended, but bear in mind in coming months we have some broader family health issues - and I may have to be away from the business for periods of time - sorry.

Above is Steph with her (and her boyfriends) two mutts - Milo and Bailey visiting us - a rare moment they are not tearing the place up!

Milo Mutt

Final Photo and - Next Newsletter Update
As far as pets are concerned - I am a cat person rather than a dog person.

But that said - you cannot help but smile when you see Steph's dogs Milo vaguely looking at you like this . . . at least I think he is looking at me!
I took this a few weeks ago, while babysitting the mutt for Steph- as dog's are not allowed in our rented office .. . . but was sat on our home landing at the time with the sun shining in - trying to update this Newlsetter - a fruitlass task as I always get distracted soon after I start.


I still have quite a few new products still to list - including OHV and SV stuff, but will finish this Newsletter here . . . put it out now, and follow it up with another one shortly - when I have those other parts available on our Online Catalog, I am aiming for late November- Speak soon!

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