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RacingNorton Newsletter No.39 : Winter 2022 (and now Jan 2023)

Progress since last Newsletter - and this one is late - as always!

When I finally published the last Newsletter in early Spring 2022 - I mentioned that there were lots of other parts recently come in or manufactured, but I would put them out in another Newsletter soon to follow. Frankly, I dont know why I bother saying things like that, because this one is just as late as the last one!

Anyway, the good news is - that as well as those items I did not get time to list in the last Newsletter, there are also quite a few nice little trinkets to add on top of those - as both myself and a few of my favourite manufacturers have been busy. So, hopefully there are at least a few trinkets of interest for you below.

Actually, if anything - this particular Newsletter has more of a 'carburettor' theme about it than anything else, and some of the new parts (particularly those to fit the the relatively rare Amal RN competition carb) I am particularly pleased to offer, as I had been working on them in the background for some considerable time.

Anyway, there are still some carb parts I have to offer in the coming months (again see below for more on these) - but at least I feel now I am getting through some of the backlog of parts to make I have, and am hoping in the coming weeks I can get on with new batch's of some of our most popular 'In-House' manufactured items that are currently showing out of stock.

Other Recent Happenings - and Family Berievement

Well first of all, like so many families in current times, we have had our share of family illness in recent months - but the most serious of these was my mother - who being in her mid 80's, had been in a slowly deteriating state of health for many months and finally succumbed and passed away in October 2022, with my sisters and myself with her.
Since that time, as the only son (and my sisters helping), I had been helping with all the usual arrangements for funeral and the other legal and family stuff that needs to be done. The funeral itself I am pleased to say was a very upbeat service and I hope my mother would have enjoyed it as well - it was well attended by old friends, family and neighbours my sisters and I grew up with, and was a fitting service for a fine lady who bore ill health in later years with a sense of quiet resolve and dignity.

Mum and Grankids

Jean Norman : 02/02/1937 - 20/10/2022

A picture of my mother taken about 14 years ago with two of her 6 grandchildren - the girl on the left being my daughter Steph who now runs our office (she looks a bit older than that now), and my niece Alicia. The bike is our family Vncent Comet, which my father bought in 1959 - and was my mother and fathers main form of transport for the early years of their marriage - sometimes solo, later with a Blacknell Bullet


But I am sure you will understand - because of the inevitable time it has taken to sort out all things that need doing, it has meant, (quite rightly) that some of the current new manufacturing jobs, and re-stocks have not moved on as well as I was planning in the last Newsletter.

However, I am hoping in the New Year that I can move at a better pace.and get to grips with some of the things that have been most in demand and we have now ran out of - Ihave an ever growing tower of empty ice cream tubs (parts storage) next to the CNC machine to remind me!

Top Bevels
. . . .Mum was no stranger to a house full of bikes . .

This photo goes back to the early-mid 1980's, and at this point I was still living with my parents in Oadby, near Leicester - I couldent afford to race bkes and feed myself - as I found out a couple of years later when I moved into my first rented flat! and had the race bike in the kitchen!.

My mother is looking down ruefully, at the race Norton (an OHV Gardengate in those early days) sitting on a trailer, blocking her driveway! Myself (in the grey shirt - and a lot slimmer than the fat git I am today), with my best mate then - Mak, getting ready for a race meeting - and notice also the little early 1970's Honda 125 - a fantastic little ride to work bike, much abused !,

Although not the biggest bike fan herself - she was tolerant and supportive of both my fathers and my own interest . . .. and even kept the VMCC Bike Calender on the wall of her bedroom to the end - as a reminder


CNC Machinery - Developments and Issues
at EOY

As I try and finalise this Newsletter in mid-January 2023, I have to report that the last 3 weeks since the Xmas break week have been particularly difficult from a manufacturing perspective - the key reason for this - my main CNC lathe/mill developed a serious issue on the 27th December, and has been down since - with no parts being made - ughhh..
As well as all the time it has taken to investigate the issue (access to this machine's guts is not easy!), the problem has proven pretty serious - particularly as it is now an older (but high quality) Austrian machine, and parts are not cheap - and some parts are now hard to find new at all - always a worry..

CNC Issues with Inverter
3 Phase Spindle Inverter for CNC Lathe/Mill - Current Issues

As you can clearly see in this photo - which is looking at the bottom of the large Lenze 3-phase inverter fitted to my my main CNC Lahe/mill - the one on the right is looking decidely unwell. It blew up in a big way over the Xmas period. The one on the left is a good 2nd hand replacement unit from the CNC manufacturers (Emco - an Austrian company) . . .which I am in the process of fitting at the moment. Although definitely burnt and some of the internals are blown - some of the discolouration is (I believe) a treacly residue - which I suspect is many years of trace coolant/oil mist that has seeped into the electrical cabinet over time - a not unheard of problem


In this case, I am now in the process of replacing the main internal 3-phase spindle inverter (definitely not a cheap part - the price quoted for a new one would possibly buy a reasonable nick 1950's ES2!). .. but not out of the woods yet, and until I have gone as far as I can - it is a nerve wracking time, particularly as like so many small business's, we are already in a tough climate, hey ho.

New CNC Mill
Setting Tool Offsets on my new (2nd hand!) CNC Mill

And here is the latest addition to my small collection of machines - a small CNC vertical mill - which I am hoping to use for some small castings and alloy parts. The workshop tt sits in received a makeover before it went in - hence why it looks so clean! . . . unfortunately the Delapena Honing machine that previously used this space had to go - this was the only space I had available.
In the photo above I am setting up some of the mlling tool offsets - in the spindle is a Haimer 3D Probe - which is a lovely piece of kit, and very useful for 'touching off' to a workpiece . . . still a bit scary, as the process is different to my CNC lathe and carbide tools are not cheap!t

R8 Collet Tool Setup

On a slightly more positive note, from a CNC front; a few months ago I was finally able to finally find a small CNC vertical mill, which I have been finding space for (i.e. moving stuff around again in my tiny workshops!) and prepping to receive.

I have been looking for a small CNC mill for some time - for occasional small jobs and castings, but there are not many available - most industrial machines have a large footprint and even larger price tags!

This one is a few years old - but has had almost no use, as it was bought in as a demo machine, and has not been used for a few years. It is a semi-hobby/2nd op type machine, but I have a few jobs I think it will be useful for - and is now pretty much setup . . . I am just trying to get my head round some of the quite different G-Code programming that is required for milling, rather than Turn/Milling - hence it is currently a weekend only pastime - and therefore progressing even slower than my normal rate!

On the right is a photo of it though - now setup and ready for some light use, but first I am in the process of setting up a selection of milling tools - and configuring the initial offsets for them . . . . at least it makes a change from watching old Xmas movies - even if this workshop is even colder than my other one!

Top Bevels
1939 Manx Norton - Engine Build Almost Done

Before Xmas I had been slowly working through the rebiuild of the original pre-War Manx cambox for my 39 Manx, as well as dealing with the normal issues of incocrrect valve lengths and correct vertical shaft clearances.

Recent CNC issues had stopped play - but am hoping to get back to it soon.


Restoration Projects and Builds - Progress Update:

With every thing else going on (see above), I have not really had much chance to work on my own projects of late.

The 1919 Douglas is still wating for its original EIC magneto to come back from a re-wind (which I gather had not gone as well as expected), but through Autumn I had been trying to do some work on my 1939 Gardengate Manx Norton.

Having completed the rebuild of the original pre-war cambox (which will eventaully be covered in a series of short Youtube videos - when I get round to editing them)

I had been struggling with valve lengths - made worse because I had some work done on this head some years ago, which altered the inlet valve seat height - and that of course affects the valve stem height at the other end!

Eventually I decided it easiest to fit a new 'blank stem' inlet valve, and cut and groove that one to the correct length, so the head and cambox are now pretty much complete (the head is a bi-metal 'round head' type, wiht much previous porting done - and modified to Twin Plug - to fit an ex-Works BTH KH1 twin spark magneto).

Just before Xmas I was working on setting the correct vertical shaft and coupling length, when the CNC lathe issues stopped me, so I am hoping I can get back to finishing those tasks, check valve timing and a few other final engine tasks, before getting carb and magneto fitted and getting the whole unit installed in the frame. More of ths in future Newsletters I hope.

So, thats about it from me for now, I hope you find something of interest to you in the parts shown below, and a belated Happy New Year to you all.

Best wishes

Paul (and Steph) Norman

Late January 2023

Carburettor Update - Parts to fit Original Amal Remote Needle (RN), TT, GP and

Amal 76/276 and 89/289 Carbs

Early Type TT/RN Pilot Needle
Item 1115 - 'Early Type' Pilot Adjuster' Needle to fit Original Amal TT and RN Competition Carrbs - Pre War and 1940's Type
I am very pleased to be able to add this original style Pilot Jet to our competition carb part catalog - as far as I am aware it is the first time this style have been available since Amal last made them in the early 1950's - and normally if you are lucky enough to find an original one still fitted a TT or RN carb . . . they are usually knarled, and the pilot taper is worn.

These are CNC manufactured in braas to the oriiginal design, with the tapered needle then pressed in after the knurled part has been Satin nickel plated. All other Pilot jet parts also available
Early Type TT/RN Pilot Needle

Later TT and RN Pilot Needle
Item 0154 - Later Type' Pilot Adjuster' Needle to fit Original Amal TT and RN Competition Carrbs - 1950's Onward Type

This is not a new part - but has been out of stock for some time - this is the later design of Pilot Needle to fit TT and RN carbs..

As you can see the later design has a long straight knurl and a screwdriver slot for adjustment. it was undoubtedly more practical than the early design, but maybe not as charismatic. This type was fitted from approximately 1950 onwards (possibly a bit later).

This type manufatured at the same time as the other type - and now back in stock. We also sell the similar GP type, which has the same design but a longer needle

Later Type TT and RN Pilot Needle

RN Pilot Jets - all sizes ---- Amal RN Needle Jet

Pilot Jets to Fit Original Amal RN (Remote Needle) Carburettors


The Amal RN (Remote Needle) carburettor design followed the more commonly known Amal TT carb in the mid 1930's, and continued until it was replaced by the Amal GP in the early 1950's. The Amal RN was designed as a pure competition, high perfrormance carburettor - and was more normally fitted to genuine GP and competition bikes, which were often used on longer race circuits - like the Isle of Man TT or Spa and siimilar.

It was manufactured in parallel to the Amal TT carb, so some parts are shared, but while the TT carb was often fitted to both sports and competition bikes, the Amal RN only tended to be fitted to GP type bikes - therefore is less common to find these days, and parts that are different are far more difficult to source (as an aside, I remember in the mid 80's, when Vintage short circuit racing - these carbs were not considered particularly popular, as, they were not considered to have as good as pickup for short circuit racing as a good TT carb. I have often wondered how many original RN carbs got dumped and replaced with a TT carb because of this!)


We have been trying for some time to offer many of the parts that were specific to the RN models (both old stock original, and re-manufactured parts) - and in this Newsletter there are a few we are pleaed to offer - not least these RN Pilot Jets - whcih as you can guess, are slightly differnt in design to the TT Type. Those shown here are CNC manufactured and available in all 4 sizes originally offered - 107, 109, 113 and even 120 (normally reserved for methanol or alchohol fuels). - and as with many of our parts - dimensions were copied from original 'New Old Stock' jets still in their original packing . . . so we are confident ours are correct, chamfers and all!

Amal RN Pilot Jet___ Amal RN Pilot Jet

RN Throttle Needle
Item 0169 - Throttle Needle to fit Original Amal RN Carbsl
These have been out of stock for some time - and due to the current climate, we are now unable to get needles made in small quantites (manufacturing of needles is quite specialised). Luckily, at the same time we were already having a larger batch of (similar) TT Type needles - and were able to have a subset of these modified to RN specification - so these are now back available again

RN Throttle Needle

RN Throttle Needle Clip
Item 01138 - The special circular Throttle Needle Clip, as fitted on Amal Remote Needle Carburettors

This is one of those small items that look insignificant - but actually we are really pleased to be able to offer - they are a UK manufactured reporoduction of the orgiinal circular spring clip fitted to Amal RN carbs, and are actually a very difficult spring to find on original carbs . . . I only have a couple of genuine ones in my collection, many of my original RN carbs had them replaced by incorrect subtistutes when I acujquired them.

We have had the press toooling made to reproduce these springs as per the original design - so I hope ou won't be too suprised to find the price is correspondingly much more expensive than the more common TT/Monobloc type! ( as shown below)

All Gaskets Listing

RN Pilot Jets - all sizes ---- Amal RN Needle Jet

New Batch's of Throttle Needles To Fit Various Original Amal Carburettors


As well as the Amal RN (Remote Needle) throttle needles shown above, we have also had new batch's of many other needles for various other original Amal carb models. Most of our needles are UK manufactured to the original specification, but many of the Amal GP needle types shown here are part of a batch of original 'New Old Stock' needles I was recently able to acquire

Amal GP Throttle Needles___ Amal GP6 Throttle Needles

Amal 5GP Throttle Needles___ Amal 5GP6 Throttle Needles

Amal 3GP Throttle Needles___ Amal 3GP6 Throttle Needles

Amal 76/276 Throttle Needles___ Amal 29/289 Throttle Needles

Norton Type Throttle Stop Assembly
Item 1147 - Norton Type 'Slow Running' Throttles Stop Assembly - As fitted to Most OHV/SV/CS1 Singles - 1930's-50's
We can now offer the complete 'Thtorttle Stop' assembly, as was most commonly fitted to the Amal 276 type carbs on Norton single cyclinder OHV/SV/CS1 models from the 1930's - mid 1950's.
These clever and distinctive to Norton assemblies are identical to original units - but are the later thread types - so check your original carb before ordering (click on photo to go to listing where we explain)
Note also the original 'Noirton Type' bellmouth and gauze, above - we may manufacture this in the next 12 months - email if interested?

Norton Type Throttle Stop Assembly

Black Fuel Pipe Sets

Item 0121 and 0122 - Black 'Rubber Style' Ethanol Fuel Pipe Sets - Two Lengths Availalble - Back In Stock

Just a reminder, as I forgot to give it in the last Newsletter - our popular Ethanol proof 'Black Rubber' style fuel pipe sets are back in stock (at least I hope they still are - as I should have done the update some time ago . . . but no worries - we make them periodically in batchs)

By the way - we make these to two 'generic' but common lengths - but can also make lengths to order if required, they may just take a little longer

Black Fuel Pipe Sets

Norton 1920's - 1950's SV, OHV and Walter Moore CS1 Parts Update

16H and Big4 Head Nuts ---- 16H and Big4 Head Nuts

1930's -Mid 1950' Norton Sidevalve (16H and Big 4) Cylinder Head Studs and Head Nuts - Stainless Steel


As well as SOHC Norton parts, we also try to manufacture both OHV and SV Norton parts when we can - and just like we do with our SOHC engine and chassis fastenings - we try and copy these directly from original Norton patterns, and CNC manufacture them to the original profiles - mostly in durable and pretty stainless steel when we can (which is becoming more difficult - as we always use the original 'Whitworth' Hex spanner sizes)


The fastenings in this section are no exception - the main item is the distinctively shaped Head Nut that was fitted to most Side Valve (SV) single cylinder Norton engines through the 1930's to the 1950's. Ours are copied exactly from a 'New Old Stock' Norton head nut - and if I say so myself, totally transform the look of a side valve engine cylinder head when fitted - particularly important on a side valve model, as this is a more prominent visual area. We also offer two lengths of studs - those to fit 1930's engines, and those to fit the fit the later 1948 onwards type engines

1930's SV Head Stud___ 1940's SV Head Stud


These Studs and Nuts are copied from original 16H/Big4 'New Old Stock' head nuts and studs - but they transform the look of

your Side Valve cylinder head when a full set are fitted - as ours are manufactured in stainless steel

Side Valve Norton Parts___ Side Valve Norton Head Parts

1920's - 1950's OHV (early) and SV Barrel Nuts and Studs


As well as the Side Valve head nuts and studs - we have also had batch's of the Barrel Base Nut that was fitted to most OHV and sidevalve engines from the late 1920's onwards. For the OHV engines, these barrel base nuts were shortly replaced by 'Through studs' and head bolts (from 1935 onwards) but contnued to be fitted to Side Valve engines going forward into the 1950's.

We have also manufactured the fine thread studs that were fitted to the barrels of of pre-1935 OHV models (i.e. pre-'Through Stud' type.

As will other fastenings we make, these studs and nuts are all copied from original Norton items - the barrel base nuts in particular are distinctive with their shouldered/curved head finish - and very pretty in CNC manufactured stainless steel

By the way - the recent cost increases in stainless steel and electricity (meaning CNC costs have risen sharply) have meant I have put numerous other OHV and Sidevalve (and CS1) engine stufs and head bolts that were originally in the pipeline, on hold - but if I get enough interest, I will consider further batch's . . .. i.e OHV 1930's head bolts, through studs, etc - email on the email address above

Cylinder Base Nuts___ Head Studs

Barrel Nuts___ Barrel Nuts

New Range of CS1 Walter Moore and early OHV: - Rocker Adjusters and Pushrod Assembies (and other hardened parts) - 1925 - 1947


In the last Newsletter I reported that we had been working for some time on a range of rocker adjusters, pushords and pushrod fittings to fit the Walter Moore CS1 engine, as well as OHV valve models from the late 1920's to the 1940's.
Well I am pleased to say that those parts are now completed and available on our website - and they are shown here in their different variations

All parts for the Norton OHV and Walter Moore CS1 Rocker adjusters and pushrods have been faithfully reproduced -.using originals from my own collection - as well as those lent to me by good friends and customers.

In the case of pushrods though - I will be the first to admit, there are lots of variations and lengths out there - so although I will keep the most common lengths in stock - for some listings - we ask the customer to confirm the length they require - and we will make that length to order.
Also, I am aware the non-adjustable type first fitted in the mid 1920's-late 1920's had a few iterations with a lip of some type on the bottom pushrod part - to allow for a conical return spring. I have not found a genuine example of those bottom fittings yet - so if you have one you would like to take dimensions from - or even to sell or lend us, we would be pleased to hear from you, thx.
- and please email uson sales@racingvincent.co.uk if you require more information before ordering

CS1 and Early OHV Rocker Adjusters___ Longer Type CS1 Rocker Adjuster


CS1 and OHV Rocker Adjusters and Locknuts - 3 Types Available (as well as the later 1938-47 Rocker Ball)

It has been an interesting experience finding out more about the tappet adjustment mechanism's of earlier Norton singles - and as always when looking at these things in more detail . . . I have found that there were far more variatioins made than I was originally aware of!! . . . I have found that is true of Norton singles all the way through their long production run . . . it is only when you look really closely, you find something you took for granted for many years, turns out to be different on close inspection!

In the case of early OHV and the first CS1 (i.e. Walter Moore 'Cricket Bat' models) there were some fundamental design changes from the first OHV models in 23-24 (Works OHV models were first tried in 1922) through the 1930's, until the well known 1948 OHV was introduced - wiich with it bought the first aluminium pushrods acting on hardened cam followers. These parts span those pre-1948 models:

- 1920's OHV models: These were identifable by having the tappet adjustment at the front of the rockers, and the Rocker adjuster having a 'Ball' at the end, these adjusters having a milled square at the end and a locknut. We offer these below. We may also be able to help with pushrods for these early engines, but I know early types have provision for retaining a pushrod return spring, which I would need to see first

- 1927 Onwards WM CS1 and OHV (to 37): - These models normally had their tappet adjustment by flat pad adjusters fitted to the rear of the rocker arms, i.e. directly over the valves. It is difficult to be categorical (as I have seen some variations), but we offer this 'flat pad' type in two lengths. For the OHV models, we can also offer complete (non-adjustable) pushrods in various lengths

- 1938-47 OHV Models: In 1938 the OHV design changed to an enclosed rocker box and long adjustable steel pushrods, with the adjusters built into the pushrods. We can offer these complete pushrod assemblies in various lengths, as well as the ball type front rocker pads

1926-29 OHV Rocker Adjuster___ Early Rocker - Locknut


1938 - 47 Rocker Pins___ 4 Types of Rocker Adjuster Pads

OHV Pushrods - Late 20's to 37 (non adjustable type) and 1938 - 47 (adjustable) Steel Pushrods
These pushrods are available in two types and various lengths. The earlier type are non-adjustable . . . as they would normally be used in conjunction with the adjustable rocker pads above. The adjustable type are as per those fitted from 1938-47 OHV engines.
Both these pushrod types are manufactured to the original design, and original pushrods were used as patterns - all components are just as per the original items, with the end pieces case hardened and then pressed onto cold drawn seamless tubing with the original interference fits..
Original pushrods of both types are now extremely difficult to find - and sometimes the hardened tips are corroded and breaking through the case hardening - and for the later 1938-47 type, it is common to find the adjuster thread stripped, so we hope these will be useful to those unable to find replacements in the past

Early OHV Non Adjustable Pushrod___ Early OHV Non Adjustable Pushrod


Above are non-adjustable type, below are the later 38-47 type. Please note - the first 1920's OHV type were very similar to above, but had an additional lip to hold a pushrod return spring - if you require this type and have a pattern - we will consider making that type as well.
Finally - for those requiring pushrods for later 1948-58 pushrods - we are intending to make a batch in the future - email us to reserve a set and give us an indication of interest. Likewise we intend to be making pushrod tubes and nuts from stainless steel in the future

1938-47 OHV Adjustable Pushrod___ 1938-47 OHV Adjustable Pushrod

Hardened Valve Caps - For Those That Want Them!!


You may notice I have worded the heading to this section strangely - almost as if I am selling them grudgingly! . . . Well no, not really - I dont mind offering them, as I have been asked about them for SOHC engines many times over the years . . . but I think it is worth pointing out to those SOHC owners that are consdering fitting them - to my knowledge, they were never listed in the mainstream SOHC Spare Parts Lists, and I have never bothered to fit them to my own engines - although I can certainly see why some owners do fit them.

But because I have been asked . . . and because I do actually have a small box of genuine (New Old Stock) 'Terry's Valve Caps' in 4 common valve stem sies - I decided to make a small batch

Currently - we are able to offer the two most common Norton single cylinder valve stem diameters - 11/32" (i.e SOHC inlet valves) and 3/8" (SOHC exhaust valves and early OHV engines) - and both these types are available in two thicknesses.


I am supposing that most people that want to fit valve caps are doing so because they have excess clearance between the valve tops and the Rockers (or cambox). This is one of the most common problems encountered with building SOHC engines . . . particularly if assembled from non-matching parts, and I gather it also not unusual with earlier OHV engines, with exposed rockers.

For my own part - I will normally try and find the correct length valve (or buy a 'blank stem' valve and cut to the required length) - but if you prefer to fit a valve cap from your own personal choice - then these are now available (currently in small quantities - but if popular we will make more).

These follow the design of original Terry's Valve Caps exactly, and are hardened after CNC manufacture. I would definitely not advise fitting them to engines with enclosed valvegear . .. unless you know they were original fitment - so you can keep an eye on them!!

Original Terrys Valve Caps___ Our Valve Caps

3/8" Diameter Valve Caps___ 11/32" Valve Caps


Other New Parts for Norton Single Cylinder Models

Early OHV and CS1 Valve Springs
1135: OHV Valve Spring Sets - for the Earliest OHV (and WM CS1) Models - 1924 to circa 1929
These springs are to fit the earliest OHV models - that were fitted with distinctive 'conical' top valve caps, with radial holes. They were also fitted to the very first Walter Moore CS1 models, but Norton's must have realised they were borderline for the more powerful CS1 - because sometime around 1928-29 they were replaced with the visually similar next generation coil valve springs - which although still using a similar style conical top cup - were of longer and larger diameter design.
Talking to those most knowledgable - I gather it was not unusual to find earlier CS1 models fitted with the later spring (whcih we also offer - Item 0966), so please check before ordering .. . . but if you are looking for the correct (and now pretty rare!) earliest springs - these are them!
We were very lucky to be lent a set of genuine Terrys 'New Old Stock' springs as a pattern for our specialist UK spring manufacturer to replicate . . . and the packaging is very different to any of the later packaging I have seen - therefore it is nice to be able to produce them again

OHV/SV Oil Tank Crushable Washer

1118 - Crushable Copper Washer to fit OHV/SV/CS1 Oil Tank Unions

Not very exiticing this one - but as I have been asked numerious times about them . . . we can now offer the crushable copper washer that was fitted to the main oil tank Union/filter as fitted to most roadgoing OHV/CS1 and SV oil tanks from the early 30's to 1950's (I think these also fit the unions fitted to later Featherbed and Swinging Arm tanks - just email to check if wanting one for this type first htough.

1931-32 Norton Catalog
1136 Norton 1931-32 Spare Parts List
Another addition to our collection of Facsimile Norton Spare Parts List - but rep-produced in large 'A4' format - is this very rarre 1931-32 Edition.

As you can see - if you look closely above - inset from our facsimile A4 copes, is an original (red for this year) Norton Spare Parts List from which ours have been faithfully copied - but not before we spend some considerable time 'cleaning and repairing' any faults before re-produce it.

This version is a particularly rare year - and apart from anything else - it shows pictures of the very first in arnation of hte Arthur Carroll SOHC engine (including the earlier cambox). As with all these 1930's versions - because Norton's had not at this time introduced 'Exploded Diagrams', and every small part was shown - reproducing them in high quality A4 format makes them a much more readable format - and as well as useful to the restorer, they make an interesting 'read' in there own right.


FYI - I am currently working onreproducing the earliest Norton Spare Parts List in my collection - this being the 1925 version, with multiple flat tankers - really interesting! . . . watch out for it in the next Newsletter

Facsimile Catalogs

Used Paets

Coming Soon - Selection of Used But Usable Condition : SOHC and Other 2nd Hand Norton Single Parts
I am being constantly asked by customers if I have 'XYZ' part available??? - for some of the rarer or hard to find parts - which are not shwoing in the catalog.
Well, although in the past I have not been keen to sell my own used parts - I do sometimes by Used bach's of parts for re-sale, as well as having multiple swops of some hard to find parts I realise it may be worth letting go of now (particularly as I need to start thinning down part of my own collection).

So providing I get time, in the next 3 months I will be adding a new Category to our Online Catalog to cover some of these 'Good/Used' Parts.

I may also be interested in purchasing smaller Norton single or SOHC parts collections - but bear in mind that I will only be able to offer 'Trade' prices, and normally I have to account for only a small percentage of any batch being re-sellable.

Watch this space for further updates
(the photo above shows one of numerous good condition 500 Inter Big End roller cages that came in a recent batch of parts)


Other New or Restocked Products This Month
(i.e. some were previously showing Out of Stock on our Catalog)

Gearbox Cambox Plunger and Spring
1010: Norton Gearbox Positive Stop Plunger and Spring
Back In Stock

The first batch of thse we manufactured last year sold out very quickly - so we have now manufactured a new batch - now back available again

Girder Fork Main Springs


0878: Norton Girder Fork Main Springs - Black Enamelled
Back In Stock

Likewise, our Norton Grider Fork Main Springs are always popular - and are now back in stcck again.

Just a reminder - in our Forks section we also sell the 'Parallell' Type adjustable Girder Fork Return Spring Sets,with both Sstainless Steel and Dull Nickel adjusters

Domed Nuts

0125 Norton Bolt-Thru Petrol Tank (and oil tank bracket - Domed Nuts - Back in Stock
And another popular part - as well as having the correct domed shape, these 5/16" cycle domed nuts are in stainless steel and we poish the heads so they look pretty

1/4" BSP Copper Washers

0091B - 1/4"BSP Copper Washers
In the previous Newsletter I talked about Oil Sump Plugs and updating our Washer stocks - well good quality 1/4" BSP copper washers are more difficult to obtain than you might think - but we have them back in stock again here

Camshaft Shims
0328 and 0329 - Camshaft Shims and Spacer Rings -Back in Stock
Camshaft shim sets (0328B) and 0329 camshaft spacer rings (above) are now both in stock again

Girder Fork Mudguard Bracket

0270: Norton Girder Fork - Front Mudguard Brackets

. . . .And Finally in the Re-stocked parts - not an item I enjoy fabricating - but again, another one of our poppular items we have just made another batch of.- so back available again

The Classic Racer Magazine

New Catalog Section - Bundles of Okd Classic Motorcycle and Other Hobby Type Books and Magazines
For anyone looking for a good read - I have created a new Catalog Section recently to offer bundles of old magazines and books - these being from my own collection - which goes back to the earliest days of Classic Bike and The Classic Motor Cycle.
Most magazines are in excellent condition and are sold in bundles of 6 - and will be posted seperately to any other items ordered, by the cheapest available post - to keep cost down

I used to be an avid reader, and these still provide a really good 'read' - but I have now just ran out of room, so some have to go, with more to follow as I get time to sort them!

The Classic Motor Cycle Magazine

Bonhams Catalogs

Bonhams Catalogs - More Added

Similar to the magazines - I have also added more catalogs to our 'old Bonhams catalogs' section. These catalogs have excellent quality photographs and provide an interesting read in their own right . . . but I am assuming they are also purchased by new owners who knew their bike had previously sold in one of these auctions - we have them going back to the early 2000's and have many still unlisted if you have one you are particularly looking for

Bonhams Catalogs



. . . And Finally - Stuff Coming Up or on the 'To Do' List . . .

Competition Levers

Norton International and Manx 'Competition Type' Clutch and Brake Lever Sets - Some May Still Be Available (Item 0330 and 0331)
I mentioned in the last Newsletter we were just assembling the next bacth of competition levers - but the majority of these were already reserved - and I was not sure if any would still be available, once those had gone out?

Well - we are just finishing off sending the 'Reserved' sets and it looks like there may still be a couple of sets left over. If so - you can find them in the 'Controls Section' (the Stock Available' indicator will be updated to GREEN once we know - or you can email us on sales@racingvincent.co.uk


We will be making another batch of these in the future - but they are not likely to be available for another 12 months once the current batch have all sold


Norton International/Manx Oil Tank Oilers - Item 0570 and 0571

And just FYI - All being well, I will be moving on to final assembly of the next batch of our 'Competition Oilers' shortly, they should be available sometime in the Spring. Many are already reserved, but you can still order them if you wish to reserve a set (click photo below to see them)

Front and Rear Oilers

Douglas Engine Bolts
Early Douglas Stuff (and my own Project Bike)

For those Dougas Flat Tank Owners who have mentioned in the last few months that many parts in our Douglas Catalog Section are now showing 'Out of Stock' - yes, I am aware and am hoping I can make new batch's of some of these parts in the Spring.
If you have read the first part of this Newsletter - you will know I have had many recent issues with our CNC machine - and particularly - I still need to find a resolution to the Milling issue I have on that machine . . . particularly as many of the Douglas parts require that functionality to be operational.


And as a final aside - for my own Douglas project (which I have not mentioned much in the last few months) . . . progress on gettng that on the road stopped in late Summer 2022, when I came to the conclusion a magneto rewind was required, and other pressing issues took priority.
However, as I complete this update in late January 2023 - the magneto has now come back from its rewind, and I am hoping to get time to resume fettling and finally get it started - if so, it will no doubt be covered as a future Youtube video and maybe an article or two . . . I hope so anyway!

We have also included numerous setup tips and articles written in period for setting up TT and RN carbs on Norton SOHC models.

Most of these sheets were from original Amal sheets or books I have collected over the years and took quite a while to bring them all together into a single facsimile. Invaluable if you are setting up one of these finicky carbs for the first time . . . or just need reminding on the order to do it . . . which I have to do every time I come back to one!

Douglas 2 3/4hp TT Rep
Click on photo above for Screen Saver version

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