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RacingNorton Newsletter - Family Update February 2024

I hope you wont mind if I publish a short Newsletter update here, with just a few photos of mainly non-motorcycling nature - this being the birth of a baby girl to our younger daughter Steph, and her partner Brad - their first child - a beautiful baby girl called Nova, who was born on 9th February 2024 - and also our first grandchild.


Taken when just two days old - Nova is Steph and Brads first child

and luckily does not look to have inherited any of her grandfathers looks!



Steph has been running the Racing Norton office (we rent an office for the mail order side of the business) for the last 6 years and normally processes all the onlne orders - you may have spoken to her in the past through our sales@racingnorton.co.uk email address - but due to a number of quite serious diabetes related issues starting back in September 2023 (which resulted in her spending a long period of time in hospital) - she has not been able to work for the last 5 months.

However, despite some worrying times through the pregnancy - all was worthwhile last week when Steph gave birth to a healthy 6.5lb baby girl - whom they have called Nova, and a beautiful litte thing she is too!

So at the moment Steph and Brad are back home, and learning all the normal stuff about sleepless nights and changing nappies - and I havent tried to talk 'work' with her for a number of weeks.

And frankly . . . much as it would be good to have another pair of hands helping me again - I hope you wont mind if I say - I am very pleased to leave it that way for the moment!

Family Illness

The proud parents - Steph and Brad, wihen their daughter Nova was just a few hours old - in Leicester Royal Infirmary maternity unit - whom we would like thank for all their help (both before and after the birth)



Steph with Vincent Comet

Steph did take her CBT Part 1 Bike Licence herself a few years ago -

but I am pleased to say - decided it might be better to just stick to occasional pillion rides with mysefl - this photo being with the family Vincent Comet taken at Mallory Park

RacingNorton office

This photo was taken in the early part of 2023 - and shows Steph in our RacingNorton office - where she managed all of our orders going out to

customrs - unfortunately, for the moment we have let the office go


Steph is now on a period of maternity leave - before we make a decision if she will come back to the business - so in that time, I will continue to work on on my own - but will try and give some indication of 'order lead times' when customers are placing orders

Also, although I am not able to spend as much time as before on my own manufacturing - I am still going through a list of my own CNC 're-stocks' as I get time - and will continue to update in forthcoming Newsletters.


Steph with her previous 'office assistant' - Milo the Dog

In the background is one of the Norton projects

Sandy with Steph and Nova

. . .. and final picture is of Steph and Nova at the hospital - with her proud grandmother (and my wife Sandy) - who has been taking meals and support to the two new parents in the last few days

Best wishes

Paul Norman

February 14th 2024


And finally, Steph would like to thank all those customers who have wished her well over the last few months - she is very grateful for your concern and kind wishes.