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G45 (or possibly G50)

Chassis and Other Parts

  Wanted:       Last Updated : 26/03/10  

I have a close friend who is searching for chassis parts to complete his Matchless G45 project.

If you can help he is looking for the following parts:
- Fronts forks (G45 or G50
- Rear AMC conical hub
- Correct Burman\AMC racing magnesium gearbox as fitted to G45 Matchless (see photo below)

He would also be interested to hear if you have any other genuine G45 parts for sale or swap. I think he would prfer to purchase, but he may have some Norton parts to swap for the right bits.

If you have something you think may tempt, then me please contact me on the following and I will pass on your details:

Mobile : 0778 - 8978063 (evenings preferable)
E-Mail: paul.norman@racingvincent.co.uk


Here are a few examples of G45 Matchless, to show other examples of the bike he is looking to build:


G45 Drive Side

A beautifully restored and very original looking G45 Matchless twin - Drive Side

G45 Timing Side

Same bike - Timing side, showing the distinctive G45 twin engine, looking very similar to its road going cousin, but with more larger finned barrels and head


G45 Gearbox

This is the special Burman racing box that my friend is searching for - let me know if you think you can help


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