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KTM 640 LC4 or KTM 525 EXC


  Wanted:           Last Updated : 26/03/10  

I am looking for a new ride-to-work and around town fun bike, so am on the look out for a suitable SuperMoto bike, preferbably a KTM 640 LC4 (standard model) in full road legal trim of approx 2002 - 2005 year model.
I would also be interested in the KTM 525 EXC (although preferbably with Supermoto wheels and road tyres, although I may consider knobblies), of similar age. Again, with this model it has to be fully road legal, with working lights.

I may also consider the following bikes:
- KTM LC4 SMC (comp version), although would prefer electric start - am getting old now!
- KTM EXC 450 - although again with supermoto wheels preferable
- CCM R30
- Honda XBR 650
- Anything of similar ilk that you think may interest me

With all of the above I am not worried about scratchs and knocks - happy to consider a bike needing a bit of love and care (but obviously I will pay cash according to condition).
I am a pretty easy person to sell to, in that once I purchase I know I might have to correct faults, but I would much rather you tell me about it before I buy!

If you have something you think may tempt me please contact me on the following:

Mobile : 0778 - 8978063 (evenings preferable)
E-Mail: paul.norman@racingvincent.co.uk

Please Note: Do not bother calling me if you have anything in the least bit suspect!
If you are not the legal owner, cannot prove its history, are selling it for a friend (irrespective of if he knows or not!), do not have full documentation then do not waste your time or mine. At the very minimum I will be checking engine and frame numbers and all the paperwork.
I do not like the thought of owning someone elses pride and joy and am likely to shop anyone I know who is less picky!

Other than that - if it has got something wrong with it, then let me know, I might still be interested!

  Here are a few examples of the bikes I am looking for
(my apologies if you are owner of any of these bikes, I sourced photos off internet):


Factory shot of standar KTM 640 LC4 - Approx 2003



Another KTM 640 LC4 - in this case a 2002 SMC
(Notice no rear footrests)



Factory shot of standard KTM 525 EXC
I would like one of these - but with Supermoto road wheels



CCM R30 - I may be tempted by one of these if I cannot find a KTM in the near future


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