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Parts or Bikes - WANTED

Posted Date:
Paul Norman
Seller Email:
Seller Phone:
0778 - 8978063 (evenings only)

Another post from myself. I am after a 'round' fin alloy barrel - 500cc. Condition not really critical but obviously, as good as possible.

Will purchase or give good credit against parts. Also square barrel similar.

Posted Date:
Vickie O'Brien (Queensland Australia)
Seller Email:

  • I have posted this on behalf of Vickie and Max who are looking for a Norton ES2 in Australia, for her 90 year old father. I think it would be really nice if someone could help her - so have included Vicki's email to me below:
    "We found your address on a norton site. sorry for this but my father inlaw is 90, he has done a few old cars up in the past. his last a rocket snider she is beautiful
    We are tying to find a es2 or close to that in  queensland australia, as dad is too old to start another car.
    We are thinking of getting him a bike to tinker with, his 1st bike was a norton es2. we just need to keep him busy happy healthy and alive
    and this is the best way we can think of.
    if you could suggest any one in australia that can help us it would be very much appreciated
    yours sincerely max and vickie obrien"

Royal Enfield Trials Bullet 350 (Works Rep power unit)

Price :

SOLD 16/6/13

Posted Date:
Seller Name:
Paul Norman
Seller Email:
Seller Phone:
0778 - 8978063 (evenings only)

This advert is for my own Royal Enfield (Works Rep) Trials bike, which I now need to sell out of necessity. Although I would prefer not to sell it at all (as I would still like to do the odd VMCC trial on it), unfortunately family illness in the last few months means I need to find room in my garage to move in another bike from my mothers garage - so something has to go.
I had loaded this webpage a few months ago on this page (with a price of £3100 at that time), but not bothered to advertise it elsewhere or push it's sale - but now I really need to sell it I have also placed adverts elsewhere leading to this page and reduced the price to what I think is a very reasonable £2850 (a couple of friends have also said likewise, unfortunately neither need a trial bike at the moment!), for a quick sale.

The other thing to note since I took most of the photographs below, is that I just fitted a brand new rear Michelin MX11 Competition rear tyre and inner tube and this is shown in the photograph directly below. Below this new photograph is the full bike description and photographs taken last year - it has not been used since these photographs were taken though. In case it is not clear in the photographs - the colour scheme is British Racing Green and Silver that look great together in the flesh.

Royal Enfield Trials Bullet - photo taken outside my house 5/5/13 - Rear number plate and MOT with 12 month tax will be included for sale - £2850.

I have owned this bike for about 15 years, and before that knew its previous owner for many years (it belonged to a very old friend of Titch Allen who collected motorcycles - to my knowledge it had sat in his garage unused since it's last trial in the 1960's). I did not buy the bike directly from this owner - instead I let a close friend of mine know about it and he actually purchased it, but when he came to use it he found it was not to his liking, him being used to riding modern bikes, so I immediately bought it off him (regretting not buying it myself in the first place!) and gave it a total rebuild and restoration.

It is a lovely bike and not quite what it might seem at first . As far as I can tell it was put together in the early 1960's using all the right tirals parts. It comprises a mid 1950's Bullet chassis (which I think is slightly lighter than the later frame, but fitted with a later Works Replica Trials engine/gearbox./magneto unit - widely regarded as the ultimate Trials power unit.
The bike had a full restoration including engine completely stripped down when I first owned it approximately 15 years ago, since that time it has only been used occasionally, although I did do a number of VMCC Taverners trials on it about 10 years ago over a 4 year period. It now has a nice patina.
It has always ran on Castrol R, so smells gorgeous (although it could probably do with new valve guides now at some point, as it does tend to smoke a bit from cold. However, it has always ran extremely sweetly and starts very easily, with no nasty knocks or rattles. In fact, when I did strip the engine down originally I was amazed at how beautifully the engine was put together for a trials bike - inside the crank and construction was just like that of a racing bike!

Key Features of the bike include:
- Correct 'Works Replica' engine/gearbox/magneto unit, with alloy barrel/rev clock drive/late spec timing side twin roller main bearing
- Genuine RE Trials tank (single fuel tap)
- Lightweight Trials rear subframe (Works type)
- Lucas K1FC Competition Magneto - rewound when first rebuilt (correct for a Works Rep engine)
- 21" front/18" rear Akront Alloy rims. Michelin rear trials tyres fitted. New rear tyre will be fitted at time of selling
- Sammy Miller footrests on custom made trials hangers (fabricated by myself) on swinging arm pivot
- Comes with both standard RE Trials gearing (for the road) and ultra short engine sprocket gearing (as used by those trialling today)
- Original upswept exhaust (new silencer from Armours available - bought new but never fitted)

- Rubber saddle
- Modern (classic style) NJB Trials shocks fitted
- Original RE trials 'barrel' tookit carrier fitted
- All original bolts used in restoration, all dull nickeled or chromed by high quality chromers, now nicely patine'rd
- Comes with V5 and can be MOT'd for the road if required
- Spare rear wheel fitted with 19" rim and original 1960's Trials tyre available extra (these tyres now very rare)
- Very Good usable condition (and well sorted for pre 65 classic trials). Looks lovely in British Race Green/Silver and alloy
- Just had oil change (racing castor oil)

RE 350 Trials (Works Rep engine/g-box)
Pretty engine is proper Works Rep - rev clock drive can just be seen behind upswept exhaust

The transfer on the air filter is the original one - carefully laquered
Note 'Works' type rear subframe . Silencer is original RE 60's upswept pipe - chrome getting thin now, but very period and correct
The bike has lovely lines - note engine sump guard
Lovely RE alloy speedo binacle
Drive Side photos - silver and British Racing Green go great together - bike is in lovely 'clean oil rag' finish
One of the other giveaways of later Works Rep engines is the alloy barrel
I made these footpegs to be right over swingarm fulcrum point
Fitted with NJB shocks and akront alloy 18" rim for modern trialing. Since this photo was taken a new Michelin trials tyre has been fitted
Correct K1FC comp mag - fitted to Works Rep engines
Proper trials magneto lever - with extra long arm. Amal alloy clutch and brake levers fitted