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UK Vintage Racing Events Calender 2006

The Racing Events calender is something I wrote for myself last year (2005), so I could view all the vintage sprint and racing events going on in the UK at a single glance. After some gentle persusasion by Stu Rogers (who can't be bothered to write his own!), I have put together a similar spreadsheet for 2006.
If you know of any historic race/sprint events I have not included, please let me have the details and I will endeavour to incorporate them.

The calender is written in Microsoft Excel 95 format, so should be compatable even if you have and older version of Excel. Simply click on the link below and the spreadsheet should download onto your PC, where you can then save it to whatever directory you prefer.

Excel 95 Format

2006 Historic Racing Events Calender

Excel 95 Format
2005 Historic Racing Events Calender