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RacingNorton Newsletter No.41 : Summer/Autumn 2023

Progress since last Newsletter -

I am pleased to say that since our last Spring Newsletter, we have managed to keep our main CNC machine back running, following a spate of difficult machine failures I reported on back then. That does not mean the machine has not been without some drama - I have had a couple of further different issues (and one failure, because of one of those issues) - but am pleased to say I have been able to to strip and work on the machine myself to fix those issues .. . after 7 years of ownership and constant usage - I know the innards of that machine well now!, but (touchwood!) still rely on its quality and overall excellent build to keep churning out parts.

As far as my own projects - well since the last Newsletter I have progressed further with the Douglas, as normal, just a few hours each weekend if I can. I had decided to strip some components of the engine and transmission down again - and particularly, to find out why I did not seem to be getting a decent spark? - despite having recently had the original EIC magneto rewound.

Having done this,, I am pleased to say that - actually, I was getting a spark on the magneto . . . maybe when it wias on the bike I had adjusted the points out of its ideal spark range . . . but having mounted it on a test stand and ran it with leads and spark plugs attached - it seems to be gving a reasonable spark, both spinning it by hand and putting a drill on the drive wheel . . . so that has now gone back on again.
Tthen as the last big task I still had to do on it - I have been working on making up a stainless steel exhaust pipe system - based on the original 1912 Junior TT Winning - Works Douglas. That bike had seperate pipes - as did a few other Douglas Works bikes of that era, and they look very different to the almost universal 2 3/4hp type cylindrical silencer that is normally fitted on these models under the engine. I previously had an original exhaust of this type fitted (See the screensaver photo in my last Newletter) - just for the initial build . . . but while doing lots of other fettling tasks, I bit the bullet and spent a few weeks struggling to bend and braze this new exhaust system. It is now about finished - and although I would be the first to admit, it looks a bit rough and ready (at least when you get up close) - it hopefully will sound reasonable and gives the bike a suitable period 'TT Replica' look, which is what I was trying to achieve. I will cover this in an upcoming RacingVincent article.

Douglas TT Exhaust

Continued Douglas Fettling and TT Exhaust System

I continue to fettle on the Douglas for the odd hour here an there at the weekend. I have been working on bending up a seperate stainless exhaust system - modelled on the one fitted to the 1912 Junior TT winning Works racing bikes. More of this in a future article
Douglas TT Exhaust


Scotts On Display
Lovely Scott's and A Nice Evening Out For Fish And Chips . . .

I just wanted to give John Wills and his wife a quick shout out - and include this evocative picture of two of John's bikes - both I believe had previously been owned by John's late father Rex Will's - and I gather the Scott at the rear is a genuine Scott Sprint - possibly my favourite Scott model - lovely.

John and his brother Mark are old friends and with their father Rex, have been long term stalwarts of the VMCC Taverners Section (who are well known for their well organised vintage Trials in the Leicestershire area):

VMCC Taverners

John and his wife had organised a late Summer Taverners 'Evening Run' in late August - which finished off with everyone coming back to John's home in Wigston (where I too used to live), where he treated everyon to Fish and Chips (from a local van booked specially, and parked on his driveway) - as well as food and beveridges, and a tour around his wonderful workshop.

A good evening was had by all - and I just wanted to give John and his wife a big thank you for such a generous and enjoyable evening, truly in the spirit of everything good the VMCC stands for - thanks John!

Recent Work on Own Bikes And A New Vehicle On Driveway!

I dont often talk about the more modern macihines in the garage - but definitely the most useful and ambdextrous bike I have is a 2006 Honda CBR600RR which I have owned for a few years now. As you would expect from such a bike - it can very much heighten the pulse when ridden hard - but also handles like the best 250.
However what most people dont realise about this 'race replica' - it is a fantastic commuter bike . . . it is smooth at slower speeds, ultra reliable and reasonably light and nimble. Normally I keep it sprayed in Duck Oil and Chain Lube to protect from rust (as I use it in all weather) - but I thought I would include a picture of it taken a few weeks ago . . . because I cannot personally recognise it, as it looks here - i.e. there is still paint and brightwork under all the oil!!


Honda Gets A Clean
Recent (modern) Vehicle Updates:

My faithful old Honda CBR600RR sat on the driveway a few weeks ago, looking cleaner than it has for years!

Read the accompanyning text to find out why - it is normally sprayed in Duck Oil and Chainlube, and looking filthy!


A New Toy - And Our First Mini

New vehicle sat on our driveway on the right - 10 year old Mini Cooper Diesel - in a very fetching shade of 'Vincent Grey Flash' grey/blue!

At the moment very impressed, and not handed it over to the wife . .. which was the original idea!

New Mini on The Driveway

It had recently failed its MOT (ohh the shame!) - because it had supposedly got its rear brake pads impregnated with oil! I had a little disussion with my MOT man about this - but cannot fault him on his safety consciousness - so I left it with him to replace the pads (Personally I was sick of working on it - I had spent the previous 2 weekends working on it prior to the MOT - stripping all the fairing and electrics off to try and find the indicator Relay that was flashing too fast with aftermarket indicators. It should have been under the instrument binnacle that meant a full fairing strip . . . but wasent! - I ended up replacing the indicators with original wattage items, and giving the bike a service while the fairing was off. . . in sweltering conditions).

Anyway when I went to pick up my (filthy) CBR from the MOT man, with new rear pads and fresh MOT slip - imagine my suprise when I found he was so disgusted with its oily condition - he had pressure washed and cleaned it as well . . . thanks Mate! . . . My 17 year old CBR now looks like a new bike!


New 4 Wheeled Toy - A Mini Now Sat On Our Driveway

Not allowing for helping with the purchase of my wifes curren tcar about 3 years ago - I realise I have not bought a new 'running' vehicle myself since buying the Honda, which I thnk was about 9 years ago (and I have to remind myself that is now 17 years old - it will soon be a Classic itself!)..
Like most old geezers - I have fond memories of the oiriginal 1960's Cooper Mini's (now much sought after) - but never owned a Mini in my youth - preferring rotting Twin Cam italian cars instead. However, I do remember some memorable drives in very 'souped up' Minis my mates had at the time. But all that said - I had no affinity to the modern type before now.

However, of late - 'Er Indoors has not been happy at the regularity I seem to be borrowing her BMW hybrid (parked next to the Mini here) - cos I cant be bothered to drive my big VW Van, or dig a bike out - and the BMW is so cheap to run on short trips.. So, to reduce the faff and stress of trying to nab the beemer every other day to nip to the shops (or my local fishing spot!) . . . a cheap to run 2nd car seemed a good idea.

I was originally thinking about a cheap 60's-70's MGB (tax exempt) - but as Sandy (my wife) said she really always wanted a modern Mini, rather than a BMW anyway. . . I switched tack, and evenutally bought this instead - a 2013 Mini Cooper Diesel, in almost unmarked condition and a very pretty grey/blue paintjob with black roof.

I spent 3 months viewing a whole raft of 10 year old Minis - most described as good conidition, but turning out to look rough with no service history, before falling lucky on this lovely example - very well kept and immaculate inside and out, which I was lucky to get to at a mainstream Renault dealer on the day it came in to them . . . and they were real gents as well.

Added to this - being a mid 21xx's diesel - it is fully tax exempt (wahhayy!), is reasonably cheap to insure, and seems to guzzle less fuel than the Honda!

RacingVincent Homepage

www.RacingVincent.co.uk - Planned Updates

As I mention in the update on the left - I am intending to add more articles and content to our original www.RacingVincent.co.uk website in the coming months - and also maybe give it a small facelift - or at least introduce some additional pages and ideas, as well as linking it to our small Youtube video content

New (Adaptive)' Articles' Webpage - Work In Progress
I am also working on a new Articles webpage, which hopefully will have a more modern format and be viewable on all media types - i.e. mobile phone . . . even if the original articles it links to will probably be in the old format! . . . well at least I am trying! Expect this to be published on the www.RacingVincent.co.uk site sometime in October, then I hope to add more regular content ongoingl
New Articles Webpage



So far I have only been using it for short trips and nipping to the shops - but up to now I have been really impressed how well it drives and spacious it feels inside - particularly comparted to its 1960's namesake - which I remember being tiny inside.

I am now a modern Mini convert - and Sandy has hardly got to drive it yet!

Website Work - www.RacingVincent.co.uk Update Coming Shortly

For those of you that might occassionally have visitied the sister website to www.RacingNorton.co.uk - that being www.RacingVincent.co.uk - which was the original motorcycle restoration website I first wrote in about 2001, you will probably have noticed . . . it has not really had any new content in the last 3 years. Added to this, it has not had any real format re-design for about 10 years. I apologise for this . . . and can understand why footfall traffic to that site might have dropped off of late - as well as the Google Analytics code on it, requiring updating to the latest version.
Lots of reasons for this - but the main ones being . . . I dont seem to get much time to write the articles anymore - despite still always taking photographs (and occasional videos) of my own restoration builds - with a future article in mind.

As far as the format of the site is concerned - well I originally wrote the website in 'Dreamweaver' myself, as much as a technical exercise as anything. I have now been out of IT for a few years (and was never a Web developer anyway!) - but trying to get time to re-aquiant myself with Dreamweaver - and then apply at least some of the current web practice (i.e. device specific format - so it will resize to a mobile phone etc) - is probably beyond me now!

Anyway, all that said . . . for the last 3 months, as a background task in my spare time I have been at least trying to learn some new skills!

For the moment I have just added a couple of small additions to the Blog page - but over the coming weeks I have a new 'Responsive' format 'Articles' page, that will bring together a number of older restoration articles and videos, as well as providing an easily accessable platform for adding lots of new articles and additional content I would like to publish in the coming year or two.

So far - it has taken longer than I would have liked - and I guess that now I am into my 60's - I dont learn as fast or easily as I used to!, but even if I decide to just carry on with a format similar to the style you see in this Newsletter, for some of the restoration articles - I hope there will be enough Norton, Douglas and Vincent content to be of interest to some of you.

And of course, if there is a particular technical article or subject you would like to see covered (with photos of course) - you can let us know by emailing us on sales@racingvincent.co.uk

Expect an udpate on that website in the next 6 weeks.


So that is about it for this Newsletter, I hope there is something of interest for you below - but I know I did not have enough room to cover everything we have added or are currently working on, in this Newsletter - so I am intending to follow it up with another within the next month or so with another - and again there are a few interesting and unusual parts, particulraly for Norton single customers, so please Watch This Space!

Best wishes

Paul (and Steph) Norman

September 2023


New and Re-Stocked Products This Newsletter





Magneto Mount Studs, Magneto Sprocket Nuts and

Related Magneto Items


1930s Manx Engine
SOHCPre-War Manx Engine - Getting Used For Trial Fitting!
If you are a regular reader of our Newsletters, you will know one of my long term 'builds' is a 1939 Gardengae Manx - of which the engine has been built around our first set of magnesium pre-war crankcases. The engine is full magnesium - and is loosely basd on the 1935 Spec works engines (i.e. the last SOHC Works bikes) - including a geniuine Twin Spark BTH magneto, which the Works team experimented with in 1935-36.

The engine build is about finished now - but as it is still sat on my eingine build stand - and I am currently affixing the magneto - it made a useful opportunity to test fit a number of magneto types (i.e. this magneto, a couple of BTH KD1 competition magnetos and a couple of Lucas magnetos - with the various magneto studs and nuts that you see listed in this section. When making new Norton parts - wherever possible I like to use original Norton parts as patterns, but also trial fit them to actual bikes or engines..

Norton Long Magneto Mount Nut
Item 1170- SOHC (Pre-Featherbed) Wasted Magneto

Rear Mount Nut - Stainless Steel
I have been asked about this particular long nut (bolt?) lots of times - but have only just now got round to making a batch - this is the long wasted SOHC magneto mount nut that fits at the back of magneto - and sits between the two rear engine plates - hence why it is so long - so it drops down vertically and its head is accessable for adjustment, beneath the engine plates. There were at least two designs over the years - but this type were considered the lighter and more attractive version (and FYI - I consulted with old friend and SOHC guru Stu Rogers to make sure I got dimensions right on this one . . . as I have seen so many copied ones, with varying dimensions.

Norton M30 with Magneto Nut Fitted

Magneto Mount Studs
Item - 1167: Shorter (Lucas Type) Magneto Stud
To go with the magneto platform mount nuts - we can now offer magneto mount studs - in two fractionally different lengths.

I looked at numerous BTH and Lucas magnetos (racing Lucas mags and Lucas Magdynos) - and found that they all shared the same course thread going into the magneto and fine thread on the nut end - but although lots of minor variotions - in general the Lucas stud was normally slightly shorter than the BTH equivelant.

Anyway - no matter, I decided to do this stud in two lengths - and the dimensions are included in the Item Listings.

By the way - these studs were only fitted to magnetos on SOHC Norton engines - the OHV and SV models used a seperate magneto platform - with the magneto retained by large tapered screws - which we also can provide - those are Item

However, many other motorcycle marques fitted their magnetos using similar studs to these . . . so hopefully these will be useful for those models as well - as they have the correct magneto thread


Item - 1168: Longer (BTH Type) Magneto Stud

Magneto Mount Studs

Lipped Magneto Nuts

Item 1169 - SOHC Magneto Mounts Nuts - Front Type

As well as using a long nut (Item 1170) at the rear of the magneto, SOHC engines (and other marques) used more normal sized hex nuts at the front (SOHC engines had 3 magneto mount studs, with one long nut and two of these shorter nuts at the front).

Again, the dimensions were copied from original Norton magneto mount nuts (slightly deeper than normal nuts) - but also there is a fractional recess on the side of the nuts facing the magneto platform - so if the washer on the mount platform should fall away - the hex of the nut will not foul and damage the the underneath of the SOHC alloy platform

Featherbed Magneto Rear Mount Nuts

Item 1171 - Featherbed Magneto Rear Mount Nut

And finally, on the SOHC mount nut/studs - this is the shorter type rear magneto mount nut that was used on Featherbed SOHC road bikes.

I dont own a Featherbed road Inter - but again, I double checked wtih SOHC Guru Stu Rogers to ensure I had the dimensions correct!

Rev Clock Drive Nut
Item - 1187: Norton SOHC Rev Clock Drive Nuts

(also secures drive side magneto sprocket)
Another item I have been asked for numerious times in the past - are these special rev clock drive nuts - which are particular to the SOHC Norton engines, which have an outer timing cover to accept a rev clock gearbox (which we can also provide - see Timing Case section).

Because there were numerous small variations in Norton SOHC Inner and Outer timing covers over the years - with fractional fit differences, it has taken some time to confirm and test the dimensions of the nut shown here - and please read all the information we have provided in the detail Item listing before ordering - but they are nice and as per the original Norton version of the nut.

By the way - if trying to fit a rev clock to an ES2 model - as some do (and I did many years ago), although the outer timing cover will need altering - this nut should fit for that purpose

SOHC Rev Clock Drive Nut

Engine Side Mag Sprocket Nut

Item 1186 - Normal Engine Side Magneto Sprocket Nut -

All Single Cylinder Models (stainless steel)

As well as making a batch of the special Rev clock nut - I also made a batch of the normal type nut, that holds engine side mag sprocket on - for all single cylinder modes, as shown here (two types of OHV/SV cams shown, and SOHC oil drive spindle)

Lucas MagDyno Enut

Item 1188 - Lucas Mageneto Shouldered Nut

And for the other Magneto sprocket on roadgoing models .. . we can now offer the shouldered nut fitted to Lucas magdyno Competition magnetos (these being plated, as manufactured by one of my magneto parts suppliers)

WD Type Platform Mount
NEW ITEM: Item - 1189: Norton SV (WD Type?) Magdyno Platform Casting

This magneto platform is of the type that used to be seen fitted fitted to Norton WD 16H wartime models - however, click on the photo to have a read of the detail listing - as it is not as straight forward as you may think.

Regardless - this platform, as well as fitting WD models, should also fit both SV and OHV pre-war models with mag/dynos fitted, up to 1947. However, I also include some information about the later 1948 onwards OHV/SV design . .. and why this platform will not fit that (see picture below)

Late and Early Magdyno platform mounts

Magneto Sprocket

Currently Out Of Stock - Update

Item 0392 - 15T Shouldered Magneto Sprocket - WIP

Just to let you know - if you are looking in the Timing Case section (for either SOHC or OHV/SV engines) - that although we normally offer both the 15T engine side magneto sprocket (Item 0391) and the (recessed type) magneto/magdyno side sprocket (Item 0392) . . . we are currently showing out of stock on the magneto side item 0392.

Well - we are having a new batch of these sprockets made at the moment . . . in fact they have been in hte pipeline for some time - but there is a long lead time to get them made.

If you want to reserve one of the Item 0392 Magneto Side Sprockets - email us on sales@racingvincent.co.uk and we will contact you when they come in - they are a very popular item

Norton Wrapround (Manx) Oiltank - 'Chain Oiler' Taps (Front and Rear):

- Still a Few Remaining of This Batch

Norton Front Oiler
---- Rear Wrapround Tank Oiler

Top Left - shows Front Oiler (Item 0570) and Top Right - shows the Rear Oiler (our Item 0571) -

The taps are the same, just the pipe at the bottom differentiate them
I reported in the last Newsletter that I was in progress of the final assembly of the next batch of Norton wrapround oil tank 'Chain Oiler' taps - both the front and rear type - but that most were already pre-reserved.

Well, that batch were completed and have now gone out to all customers who were waiting - but just to let you know there are still a few remaining in stock - but I would advise to be reasonably quick, there are only a handful left.


I will be assembling one further small batch at some point in the future, once these have all gone - but it is likely to be some months away (and once the current batch have finally gone . . . it is unlikely I will be making more - the complexity of casting and some difficult machining (given current price rises post covid), make these a very expensive item to manufacture.


However, I hope you will agree these are a very pretty item - and are manufactured just as per the originals (and with care taken in the assembly - which is much more fickle than you might imagine).

FYI - we also manufacture the small bore pipe and rubber feed pipe that takes oil to the primary chain - see lower right

Norton Wrapround Oil tank ---- Chain Oiling Pipe

Above left shows a wrapround oil tank with the oiler fitted - this one being for the primary oil chain

Petrol Tank Parts - Back In Stock This Month

(and also a couple of New Products)

Chinpad Tabs Stainless Steel
Back In Stock - Item 0127: Chinpad Tabs in Stainless Seel

Pack of 4

Normally fitted to the pre-war Racing Inter, Postwar Manx and Inter Clubman tanks - these tabs are copied from the original design, but in stainless steel. Always a popular item, now back in stock.

BTW - we also sell the rubber strap material and different black foam sorbo chinpads in the same section

Brass Lever Type Petrol Tap

New Product: Item 1180- Brass Lever Type 1/4" x 1/4" BSP

Petrol Tap With Filter

Last Newsletter we introduced a very nice replica of the 'Push/Pull' Hex type petrol tap - as fitted to most roadgoing OHV/SV singles from the 1930's through to the 1960's (shown again below)

However, we can now also offer a very nice copy of the period style brass lever tap - also in the normal Norton 1/4" x 1/4" BSP threads.

These taps were often fitted to competition models - and were original fitment on the 1950 Manx (and I think later Featherbed Manx) models - but can also be fitted to other road models, if you prefer them to the Hex type. I always preferred this lever type on

my comp bikes, and these are nicely made examples.


Hex Push Pull Type Petrol Tap


1930s to 1950s Norton Kneepads
0394: Norton 1930's - 1953 Type Kneepads - Back In Stock
These popular kneepads recently went out of stock - but along with the 1954 onwards type we also sell - are both available again

Norton OHV/SV Petro Tank Screws

NEW ITEM: Item 1203 Norton Tank Kneepad Screws - in smaller 1/4" BSC Thread Size -
Stainless Steel (per Pair)
We already CNC manufacture these wide headed Norton tank kneepad screws in the 5/16" thread size (see Item 0478 on the right) - but I was reminded some time ago by a customer, that their petrol tank actually had a smaller hole in the tank - to accept a 1/4" BSC thread.

So - know we are able to offer this screw in both sizes - both 1/4'" BSC and 5/16" thread. All other dimensions are the same - they both have the same slightly curved Norton profile head (wider than other screws) and taper under the head, to hold the kneepads.

Fitment?: I have to say - I still cannot be categorical about which type screw was fitted to which tank type - it would be easy to say the larger thread was fitted to SOHC (i.e. piecrust) petrol tanks, and the smaller thread was OHV/SV tanks - because the two tanks here are both original and unmolested and take those sizes . . . but I have heard from other customers and seen for myself, other petrol tanks of both types that took the other screw type.

So best to check what your tank requires before ordering!


Kneepad Screw Fixing

Norton SOHC Tank Pad Screws
BACK IN STOCK: Item 0478 - 5/16" Thread (mainly SOHC??!) Kneepad Screws
- Stainless Steel (per Pair)
And as mentioned on the left - we also supply the 5/16" thread tank screws (click photo above) - and a new batch of these are back in stock. Only a small part - but as original screws are often chewed or rusty - they do visibly improve the look of your petrol tank


As I mention on the left - have a read of both listings and check your own petrol tank before deciding which screws you need to order.

By the way - the genuine OHV/SV tank in the picture below has been in my possesion for about 50 years! It is actually from a 16H (flat bottom) - and for about 30 years I have been meaning to carefully chop the bottom out and weld in an insert so it can be used on either an OHV (or possibly now a SOHC) engined Trial bbike I have been meaning to build some time!

Two Norton PEtrol Tanks

Std Size Black Petrol Pipe

BACK IN STOCK: Item 0121 - Black Rubber Petrol Pipes (Pair) - Std Length

And finally . . . with this months petrol tank updates . . . our popular - period black rubber petrol pipes are now back in stock - this being the slightly longer length variety.

These sets are made up by us, using high quality BSP motorcycle fittings and ferrrules - and an expensive high quality ethanol proof fuel pipe - with all modern writing removed

Short length Black PEtrol Pipes
BACK IN STOCK: Item 0122 - Black Rubber Petrol Pipes (Pair) - Shorter Length

we sell the fuel pipe sets iin two length types . . . this type being slightlyh shorter than the Item 0121 type - each item descriptions gives the lengths of the pipes . . . and as a pair, one pipe is approximately half an inch longer than the other - but both sets will normally fit most Norton single cylinder models . . . but worth checking which suits you best before ordering - some people prefer a larger loop in their fuel pipes





New Facsimile Norton Documentation

Norton 1947 Model Range Brochure
---- Manx Norton in 1947 Brochure Range

New Item 1179 - Norton 1947 Yearly Product Range Brochure Facsimile - Reproduced in larger A4 Format
Another facsimile taken from an original brochure - this being the 1947 Norton range. I suspect this was their first post-war catalog - as I never saw any significant PR work in 1946.

These post war catalogs took a much more contemporay appearance and artwork than the pre-war 'Roadholder' brochures - and provide an excellent and detailed line drawing for every model in the range that year. It is also notable for including a nice picture of the 1947 Manx . . . but paticularly the 1947 Trials model, which was very diffierent to the 500T that followed . . . and I have never seen one of these earlier Trials models in the flesh. As always, all blemishes and imperfections removed - printed on high quality paper, and the size slightly increased from the unusual original size - to A4 format. I will be following up with other years in the near future - both pre and post WWII

New Item 1181 - Norton 1955 Spare Parts List Facsimile - Reproduced in larger A4 Format
Similar to above, we have just added the 1955 Spare Parts List to our Facsimile collection (you might remember - we added the 1950 addition in the last Newsletter). Again, this is copied from a nice quality original brochure, but has been reproduced in slightly larger A4 size - making it very easy to read. It is useful as it shows the swinging arm OHV frame, as well as the last rigid framed models.

BTW - I am expecting to have a batch of the 1957 Spare Parts List completed for the next Newsletter

Norton 1955 Spare Parts List ---- Norton 1955 Spare Parts List

Norton One Way Valves
Item 0248 - Norton Single Cylinder One Way Crankcase valves

I am pleased to say we now have this important (and popular!) part back in stock. Fitted to most single cylinder engines from approx 1933 onwards, above the main bearing housing - it helps breathing (and oiling) and is often chewed, blocked - or just replaced erroneously with a straight thru breather! . . .

It took a while for me to make all the parts, assemble and test each one but they always look pretty when done! . . . see below

0248 One Way Breather Valves

OHV Pushrod Locknut

Item 1126: Norton Pushrod Locknuts

Item Update for OHV 1948 - 59 owners
We were contacted recently by an owner of a 1950's ES2 OHV engine, asking if the Item 1126 - which is described as the '1938-47 Type Pushrod Locknut' - will also fit 1948-59 type OHV Pushrods??

Well just to confirm - yes they will! . . . They are actually the same thread and same depth as the later 48-59 nuts, I had just forgotten to state this when I listed them, as I was manufacturing the earlier pushrod assemblies at the time. However, it did remind me to go and double check with original 48-59 type pushrods I have in my collection of original parts - and it reminded me - the only difference with the later type, originally they did not put a chamfer on the nuts .. . I expect they found that a lot of customers did not use correct slim adjuster spanners and removing the chamfer gave less chance of chewing the nut - but the nut itself is just the same dimension. I have now updated the listing

E3224 Stainless Nuts

BACK IN STOCK: Item 0667: E3224 Deep Hex Norton Engine Bolt Nuts - Stainless Steel (Each)

I apologise for so many of our Norton type stainless steel engine bolts and nuts being out of stock - but I have recently made a new batch of one of the most popular - our 3/8" BSC E3224 nuts.

This nut was used on a number of Norton single engine bolts, but was actually used in a few other places on Norton chassis - and even on the Norton sidecar chassis I believe!

I will be trying to get to some of the other Norton nuts showing out of stock in the coming months - as well as cheesehead screws . . . as time permits.

FYI - price of stainless imperial Hex has tripled since pre-covid .. . but trying to keep any price uplift within reason (and far less than that!)

More New Lucas (and particularly Lucas M01 Magdyno) Items

Luica Bakelite Dynamo Endcap ---- Lucas M01 Magdyno Fibre Gear

More Lucas M01L MagDyno Parts - as fitted to most Roadgoing Norton Single Models - 1930s-50s


We have increased our range of parts to fit the Lucas MagDyno unit as fitted to most Norton singles. Notably - we have the dynamo end cover back in stock - of the type fitted from late 1930's to the late 1950s (these have been out of stock since pre-Covid). We can now also offer the fibre gear fitted to the Lucas Magdyno magneto - it being this fibre gear that drives the dynamo - and it is often worn or teeth damaged.

And as you can see below - we have added the dynamo top strap fo our catalog - it comes already painted and with mount nuts. Finally, the special cable plunger that allows the points plate to be advanced and retarted. All available in our Magneto electrical section or clicking on the pictures here

Lucas Magdyno Dynamo Strap___ Lucas Magneto Cable Plunger


Genuine Lucas K2F Type Endcap___
Genuine Lucas Competition Screw On Cap

Genuine Lucas - Item 1190 K2F Screw On Endcap with Cutout (Left)

And: Item 1189 Competition Type Screw On Endcap With Cutouit (Right)

Lucas have added two screw on endcaps to their Classic Range and they both look absolutely excellent. On the left is the roadgoing K2F (and KVF for Vincent Owners) endcap . . . which often get cracked on original endcaps . . . but even better - the competition endcap on the right is the very desirable late competition types as fitted to K2FC twin magnetos - but more importantly, also fitted to many platform mount Lucas single cylinder competition magnetos.

Both types look to be excellent quality and are CNC manufactured and include 'cutout' mechamisms - even including a central sprung loaded brush. I have included more information about the cutout method in the descriptions

Genuine Lucas K2F Type Endcap___
Genuine Lucas Competition Screw On Cap


Other New Genuine Lucas Bits This Newsletter::

Genuine Lucas Pickup Screws - Item 1191: M01 Magdyno Screws (left) and K2F/KVF Magneto Screws (right)

Genuine Lucas M01 Magyno Pickup Screws___ Genuine Lucas Brake Light Switch

Luica Anticlockwise M01L Label ---- Lucas Clockwise M01 Label

Magneto Labels - Mainly Lucas . .. but an Update on BTH Labels As Well


We already list numerous magneto labels (although for many - they are currently out of stock - see update on that below), but I am pleased to see that Lucas themselves have added to their 'Classic Range' by adding 3 popular labels - the type fitted to most 'standard' roadgoing type magnetos - i.e. M01L (as fitted to most Norton single cylinder road models from the 1930's to 1950's) as well as a number of twin cylinder magnetos, i.e. K2F, KVF etc. It is worth noting that the two road labels above are listed by Lucas as' K2F' type labels . . . but actually they come unstamped - so can be used on other types as well - hence why I say M01L Magdynos . . . very handy. Also at a push, we can offer a 'stamping' service for these labels - but bear in mind the stamps are tiny and very fiddly to do . . . so will not look like a machine finished stamp (but originals never did!)

And finally, they have also offered a pretty K2FC label (whcih we did already offer from our other manufactuer), these already have the 'K2FC' model type stamped on them.

Lucas K2FC Label___ Stamping of Magneto Labels



Lucas and BTH Magneto Labels - Current Out Of Stock Update

If you have looked in our magneto section recently - you may have noticed that we are showing out of stock of many of the rarer to find magneto labels - particularly the competition Lucas and BTH Racing/TT magneto labels. Apologies for this - but unfortunately this is another one of those

instances where we have been really struggling to get a Re-supply of them . . . partly Covid and partly Brexit.

However - although it is early days yet, I am hoping we may shortly have a solution in sight and be able to offer them again in the near future.

We already have a number of customers on the waiting list (particularly for the BTH KD1 'TT Magneto' label showin in the upper right) - but email us if you also have a requirement - but have not bothered to order them, because they are showing out of stock: sales@racingvincent.co.uk

Competition Magneto Labels___

Other New or Restocked Products This Month
(i.e. some were previously showing Out of Stock on our Catalog)

Aluminium Number Plates
Item 0227 - Period Aluminium Racing Number Plates (each)

- Back In Stock

Sorry these number plates are not cheap . . .but are the proper oval shape of period 1920's-1960's competition bikes - and can be painted in any colour. Unfortunately another item where Covid has resulted in a hefty price increase - but at least we have been able to get them again

Plastic Racing Number Plates


Item 0223: Plastic Oval Racing Pates (various colours)
- Also Back In Stock

Likewise, we also have a new stock of our plastic alternative to the competition number plate - very popular with those that are less worried about them being plastic and bikes in regular use - they also come in various colours - including red (not shown here).

These were actually in a couple of months ago, so I know stocks of some colours are getting low again .. .but currently all available

Top Hat Ferrule for Twistrgrips and Carbs

NEW - Item 1178: Top Hat Ferrule for Doherty Twistgrips/Carbs and Throttle Cables Without An End Ad Back In Stock
I confess that up until recently I had not noticed that most genuine Doherty throttle twistgrips do not have a threaded adjjuster fitted - instead they rely on the type of throttle cable that has the threaded adjuster and locknut on one end - so the adjuster can drop through the hole and be stopped in position by the adjuster nut.

Having had this bought to my attention by a customer - I checked a couple of original Doherty twistgrips I have (1930s-50's) and found they were the same. I remember many years seeing 'Top Hat' ferrules designed for this purpose - so they will slot into that hole - for those who have throttle cables with the adjuster mid cable, and just a plain ferrule at the throttle end.

I could no longer find these available commercially - therefore I have manufactured a batch of these - but in stainless steel so they will not rust, and milled with a slot along their length - so they can slotted over an existing cable, without having to remove the nipple.

A useful little item that can also be used on other similar throttles and carbs that have a similar non threaded hole

1178 in a Doherty Twistgrip

1940 War Service Tax Disc



Item 1202: 1940 'War Service (above)
We introduce a new year to our Facsimile Tax Disc collection - and this being our first year that covers WWII - it being for 1940.

We offer it in two formats - below is the standard annual tax disc as used on all civilian vehicles. However - there was a special overprinting introduced for WWII stating the vehichle was being used for 'WAR SERVICE' (see above). For those that have WD16H Norton's this may be of interest - but remember that many civilian vehicles got bought up for war work at the start of the war, as well as vehichles being driven by essential services persoonel - Doctors etc . . . so even if you are just taking your old vehichle to a war enactment weekend - fitting a War Service tax disk is bound to be a conversation point! And of course - as shown below, we can also do the same 1940 disc in the normal format - customised to your own vehicle. We will be introducing more missing years shortly

Item 1201: 1940 'Normal Civilian (below)
1940 Facsimile Tax Disc



. . . And Finally - Stuff Coming Up or on the 'To Do' List . . .

Oil Tank Taps__Gearbox Oiling Bolt
Parts Expecting To Be Back In Stock In The Next 3 Months:

As mentioned in my update at the beginning of this Newsletter - despite a couple more (smaller) CNC failures since our last Newslettter, we have been able to chomp out a good quantity of re-stocks as well as a few new items that had been on our 'To Do' list.

Well - touchwood, I am still continuing with that backlog of parts and hope to have another Newsletter out in Autumn with further parts available.

Pictured above on the left are 1930-37 type pushrod tubes - the one one the left being made by us, based on the original pattern - shown on the right. Ours are manufactured from a heavier gauge than original (which easily dented) - seamless stainless steel, and if you look carefulyl you can just see on the far left the lipped ferrule which will be silver soldered into the tube to create the nut retaining flange. They look very pretty


I still need to re-manufacture a batch of 0671 'greasing bolts for gearbox selector mechanisms (top right), currently out of stock .. . expect them in next 2 months as well

Email us on sales@racingvincent.co.uk if you wish to reserve anything or need an update on availablility


Some of the other parts expecting to remake in the next 3 months:

- Item 1008: Girder Fork Greasing Bolts (WIP)

- Item 1051: Norton Gearbox Camplate and Quadrant Bushes

- Item 1059: Norton Upright Gearbox Selector Front and Rear Bushes

- Item 0903: Clutch Cable Adjusters - Racing Type

- Item 0875 : Girder Fork Crown Main Nuts

- Item 0091 SOHC Engine Cheesehead Screw Sets (Note: please email if you wish to reserve a set of these, so I know quantities - also email us if your are an OHV or Side Valve owner - as I may make a batch of the 48/57 OHV/SV cheesehead screw sets at the same time if enough interest)

Lots of other Norton fasteners or smaller parts showing out of stock, and some Douglas parts

- Note: to check out any of these parts - to remind yourself if waiting for them - you can just enter the 4 digit number in our RacingNorton 'Search' function on the left sidebar. Always include the '0' in the search if item is less than 1000, i.e. '0963'


Longer term - I will be looking at a new batch of our short 'Manx Type' upright gearbox gear levers, a new batch of oldham couplings and possibly SOHC vertical shafts, and numerous other parts we are currently working on - but not far enough developed to confirm yet




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