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1937 Norton International Build
- Part 5

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  Assembling Timing Case and Shimming Lower Bevels - Part 5:         Last Updated : 27/07/11  

Current Progress
It is now late July 2010 and I have not really worked on the 1937 Inter engine for about a month. That is not to say I have lost interest, far from it, I just have not had the time to play with it, so it has sat on my bench with cloths placed over it.
However, all is not lost. In the intervening time I have had a very nice batch of valve guides made, of which a pair have been reserved for this engine. I am also having the spring holders cast at the moment and am about to commision a batch of hairpin valve springs, so hope to have these ready in the next two months, which at my speed of build will just about fit with current progress (my Newsletter will let customers know when these items are ready as well)..
Before fitting crankshaft, which is ready to go in now, I want to make up a full engine bolt set, which is why in the photograph inset you can see a set of my International rear engine plates loosely fitted. There is also a set of front plates next to the barrel as well. As soon as I have these made up it will be back to assembling, which I dont think will be too long.

Engine sits in large lumps, waiting for me to get my backside into gear and get on with putting it back together. Crankshaft is wrapped up in 'er indoor's' old pajamas - a fetching shade of pink . . .
Inter Engine Kit
I told you one of the best bits of this build was being able to pick out from my own stock a full engine build kit.
Well I ought to be able to treat myself once in a while!
      To Be Continued:
As soon as I am back working on the engine again I will start writing up the next article. Watch this space.

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