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RacingNorton Newsletter No.42 : Autumn/Winter 2023

First of All - Family Illness Update and Upcoming Changes To www.RacingNorton.co.uk Ways of Working -

If you have been onto our www.RacingNorton.co.uk homepage, or placed an online order in the last 10 weeks - you are probably already aware, that we have had some family illness - and that has impacted the speed we can respond to emails or process orders in that time.- apologies if you have been inpacted by this - but we are only a small family business, with just myself and my daughter (and of course a small loyal list of trusted manufacturers and suppliers).

Actually, I knew 3 months ago I would be giving an update on part of the underlying reason for this soon anyway - as longer term we knew it would require some business change, but this has actually happened faster than we were expecting.

Firstly the good news - my younger daughter Steph (see photo below), found out in June that she (and her partner) were expecting their first child, wiith a due date early next year - Feb 2024.

Family Illness
Steph - Back in November, not feeling so good . . ..

Steph who normally does all of our Online Orders has been off work since October, with some difficult diabetes (and pregnancy) related issues - and spent a number of weeks in hospital.

Although much better than she was - being heavily pregnant, she will not be returning to work in the near future - but she wanted to thank all those customers who had passed on their Best Wishes for her recovery

(click on thumbail for picture of Steph with her sister Abi, a few months ago)


Steph has been running the Racing Norton office (we rent an office for the mail order side of the business) for the last 5 years and processes all the onlne orders, from our sales email: sales@racingvincent.co.uk - so any correspondance and order updates normally come from her (please be aware I am not able to monitor this email address on a regular basis at the moment - please ensure you read our homepage www.RacingNorton.co.uk for current contact).


Obviously my wife and I are over the moon about Stephs pregnancy - it is great news, but from a business point of view, we knew it would mean some changes.

However, unfortunately, Steph is also Diabetes Type 1 and has some pretty serious underlying health issues ( which is why in hte past there have been periods i have had to take over, and provide illness updates) - and two months ago, these became so serious she had to go into hospital.

I am pleased to say that as I write this update in mid Decemberr, she is now out of hospital and a little better - but still not likely to be well enough to return to work in the forseeable future.

www.RacingNorton.co.uk Online Orders Process - Going Forward

I have looked at the options available, and considered bringing someone else in to help temporarily - but in the current economic climate that is not really an option, so for the moment anyway - we will be changing our RacingNorton business processes, and I will be processing all online orders for the forseeable future myself, as well as also handling the CNC manufacturing and supplier side.

Obviously - this will have an impact going forward (it already has . . . I am currently back working 60 hours a week again, which I know is not sustainable!) . . .

However, as I have now had more than two months of working in this way - I know that to allow the business to continue in some capactity - I need to strictly manage my time to allow for an element of customer orders to be processed each week - but also to dedicate another part of the week to continued manufacturing of parts and managing supplier parts.

The upshot of this is - I will be updating the online Order Process shortly to make clear to customers the current likely 'Wait' time between placing an order and myself being able to process that - at this moment in time that is approximately 8 - 10 days. I will also make clear the route if you wish to cancel an order in that time.

Requesting A Deposit When Order Placed:

In addition - the other change I will be making shortly will be to request a £10 Deposit on all orders when an order is placed online - something that historically I have been loathe to do (despite it being the norm for most online shops to request payment when an order is placed), but is now necessary to continue.

I probably need first to explain the background to this:- historically, because so many of our orders come from customers who are doing full engine builds, or restorations - it is not unusual to see an order being placed for 30 or 40 parts or more - and when later we contact that customer, some parts may be unavailable (a numbef of customers will order an an item which is already marked as out of stock), or we provide them additional information which means they wish to revise their order.

Added to this - we have always worked hard to ensure we only charge customers the 'actual' postage cost, based on final weight of package (which can vary tremendously on a large order). With the huge increase in postage costs in the last 2 years - if we were to introduce 'standard shipping costs' - based on the value of an order . . . to cover the actual costs - those standard shipping charges would have to be huge, again, disadvantaging the customer..

Because of those reasons - unlike other mainstream Online Web Shops, I have never wanted to take payment up front from a customer - it has always seemed unfair to the customer, and I want to ensure they are only charged the actual cost of the final items + postage - once the final order is ready to go out, and we can invoice them.

Unfortunately, what we have found happening increasingly more in the last 18 months (and I have seen first hand in the last two months) - are a small percentage of orders that we are picking and then having to email the customer multiple times - only to find they are no longer replying to email, do not get back to us and it seems, no longer want the parts - and inevitably we have to cancel an order that has already been picked/packed/invoiced and is only waiting for the final payment.

Although only a minority of orders - this is having a very detrimental affect on our time, and results in delaying further the customers who are genuinly waiting - because we are still having to chase those people who are not replying - in case it is a genuine oversight and they have just been away or missed an email.

The overall effect of this is - our timescales are longer, and we are paying all the admin time of packing and chasing orders - because the customer has not bothered to contact us to say they wished to cancel the order.

So shortly we will be introducing a change to our order process - where all orders will require a default £10 deposit at the point the order is placed.

Of course this will be subtracted from the final invoice amount - once we have picked/weighed and invoiced the customer, but will be non refundable if the customer then later decides not to continue with the invoiced order - and has not contacted us beforehand to cancel the order. I hope most customers would agree - this is still a better arrangement than doing what most online retailers do - which is take all the order payment and a huge postage cost up front!

I am also intending to change the order confirmation screen to make clear to the customer the current order processing time (i.e. 5-8 days) and ensure the deposit payment is returnable if that timescale is not met and the customer no longer wishes to continue.

If you have any comments about this process you would like to make to us - or just query an order placed in the last 3 months you think is still outstanding (as I am still trying to go back through some in-progress orders at the time Steph was first ill) - then you can email me directly on paul.norman@racingvincent.co.uk

I am expecting that sometime in the near future - I will revert back to using our 'sales' email address for all online order correspondance - but currently that is only being used for sending Order Status Updates 'i.e. order in progress, order dispatched etc) - and is not being monitored full time, sorry.

New Products and Restocked Parts - This Newsletter

When I published the last Newsletter (No41) in September, I ran out of room for some of the parts batch's we had been re-manufacturing - so this Newsletter was originally intended more to cover those other remaining parts - and those I have continued to manufacture in the mean time.

Because of our family illness issues - this has taken far longer than expected . .. so you may have already found those parts on our catalog for yourselfs . . . but save to say - hopefully there are some interesting new trinkets - and I am pleased to say that I am still trying to spend some time each week CNC manufacturing our most popular 'out of stock' items.

In addition, we have also had some useful re-stock batches of parts in from our trusted CNC partners - some of our regular SOHC items.


So hopefully, you will find something in the Newsletter below of interest to you - particularly as for the last 6 months I had been trying to concentrate on remanufacturing those CNC parts we make which are most in demand - but I am aware I have a long way to go yet, and I am afraid that some long time out of stocks, may just stay that way for a while - as the list is quite long.


Website Work - www.RacingVincent.co.uk Update Coming Shortly

I said in the last Newsletter I was expecting to update my www.RacingVincent.co.uk website with a new 'Articles' page format and some new (albeit small) articles.

With all else that has been going on - I hope you will understand why this has not happened yet . . . frankly I am struggling just to cover the minimum at the moment.

But all that said - the new article webpage (and some of the articles that are linked ot the new page) has actually been published up on the T'internet . . . I have just not linked it to the www.RacingVincent.co.uk homepage yet . .. because some of the links go off to no-where!

Hoping I shall get to this in coming month or so.

Ditto any of my own project build updates - none for this newsletter . . . not getting much chance to play with my own bikes at the moment.

Best wishes

Paul Norman

December 16th 2023


And finally, Steph would like to thank all those customers who have wished her a speedy recovery - she is very grateful for your concern and kind wishes.


New and Re-Stocked Products This Newsletter





New or Re-Stocked Carburettor Parts


Item 0149 TT Air ADjuster Kit
Item 0149 - Air Adjuster Kit to fit Original Amal TT, RN and GP carburettors - Original Design and Knurl
We have been out of stock of this popular kit of parts for some time - but I have finally managed to get time to re-make all the different components for a new batch.

It was not unusual 'in period' for the air aadjuster mechanisim from Amal competition carburettors to get dumped - often considered not essential and something else to go wrong - so these components are very often missing - or at the least have all the top components chewed!

We make all the parts to the original design - other than the top nut (that holds the cable adjuster) are manufacutred from stainless steel. The cable adjuster also replicates the original and distinctive Amal type knurl - so they look pretty and proper when fitted!

Item 0149 TT Air ADjuster Kit

Amal TT and RN Throttle Cable Adjuster
Items 0874 and 0871 - Original type Amal TT/RN Throttle cable adjuster/locknut and airslide cable adjuster/locknut - Back in Stock
To go with the Air adjuster kit - we also manufactured a new batch of the similar design Throttle Cable Adjuster and locknut - again, complete wtih the original Amal design of squared off top lip and distinctive knurl.

These early type (pre-mid 50's carbs normally) throttle cable adjusters are of a bigger diameter than the later throttle cable adjusters (which we also sell - but were much smaller in diameter and similar to road Amal carbs)

Like the Air slide cable adjuster - these original design type are now hard to find and are normally have a chewed knurl - where someone has used a pair of pliers on them in the pits!

And we also sell the air slide cable adjuster and locknut on its own - see belowAmal TT and RN Air Slide Cable Adjuster

Norton OHV and SideValve type - Distinctive Air Filter Assembly: Fitted Exclusively

to Norton type Amal 76-276 Carburettors - 1930's to mid 1950's

Norton OHV/SV Carb Filter
---- Spare Parts for original OHV/SV Filters

New Item - 1205 (Variable Listing with full assemblies in two styles, or component parts also available):

Original Norton OHV/SV type Bellmouth/Filter Asembly - as fitted to Norton Road models fitted with Amal 76/276 type Carburettors

We are now able to offer these distinctive filter assemblies - as were fitted to most roadgoing Norton OH/SV models from the 1930's to mid 1950's, when fitted with the Amal 76/276 (seperate floatchamber type) carburettor. These filter assemblies are copied from the original Norton/Amal pattern - and have exactly the same dimensions and profile - but are machined from alloy billet, rather than the original Amal 'pewter' type material.

However - as original Norton bellmouths were originally painted a satin silver colour (the pewter colour only showing when the original paint rubbed off - see the original Norton bellmouth just visible in the photo on the lower right below) - we also supply them painted in the same way - with a high temperature and petrol resistent satin silver finish , very close to the original colour.

If preferred we can also shown them in their machined aluininium finish - see top left


The Item Listing on our online catalog gives more about the background on this type of bellmouth - but as you can see we have also manufactured the distinctive filter plates (again - identical to original design, but using stainless steel mesh) and the special clip spring for retaining them (again in stainless steel) - as well as the addition of a large Nitrile 'O' ring to stop the filters vibrating or rattling (which original filters could do).

So - even if you still have an original filter bellmouth fitted . . . but your gauzes/springs are tired or missing - these are fully interchangeable with the original bellmouth and can be bought seperately if required.

Not cheap - as a lot of work to have all the different parts manufactured (in the UK) - but really nice if you are missing this special item to finish off your Norton OHV/SV restoration - as trying to find originals at autojumbles is now extremely unlikely

Norton OHV/SV Gauze Carb Filter ---- Norton OHV/SV Filter Assembly

Above left shows one of our filter assemblies which has been painted in the same shade of satin silver as the original Norton colour (high temp base coat and petrol resistent flat lacquer) - The carb body in the picture is an original (only lightly used) original Norton Amal carb body. . . and underneath years of garage oil and dirt, is still showing the original silver paint of a similar hue.

Original Copper Type Float Chambers
Item - 0458: Copper Floats to fit Original Amall 76/276/289 and TT/RN carburettors

And Items 0161 (later Amal TT/RN alloy floatchamber - Floatneedle) and / Norton SOHC Rev Clock Drive Nuts
In the last Newsletter we offered for the first time these copper floats - which are to the original Amal design and construction - from copper . . . shown here fitted with a later Amal TT type float needle - which had gone out of stock some mnths ago


Well since then - we have had a new batch of both the later Amal TT/RN type manufactured and back in stock (these have a bigger cone at the base than the earlier TT Type 14 type:

And Items 0161 (later Amal TT/RN alloy floatchamber - Floatneedle

Amal TT/RN/ GP type floatchamber needle


. . . .And at the same time - we also have the earlier type floatneedle available again - see below. This type were fitted to roadgoing Amal 76/276/289 flaotchmabers - but also the earlier pre-war brass type Amal TT floats

Items 0613 14/024 Float needle - Back In Stock

Type 14 Float Needle to fit Amal carbs

Lipped Amal Carb Ring

Item 1773 and 1174 - Lipped Chrome Inlet Rings to fit original Amal 76/276/289 Carbs - Two Sizes Available

Another new addition to our range of parts to fit original Amal 76/276/289 road carbs (as fitted to most OHV/SV/CS1 models 1930's-50's) - are these lipped inlet stub locking rings - which are identical in design and finish to the original Amal items. They are made for us in the UK and are available in 2 throat sizes (see listings for details) - and look really nice. . They are fitted with the original style amal hex bolts - CNC manufactured in stainless steel by ourselves

Lipped Chrome Ring for OHV Clip Fitting Carbs

Item 1175 - Shouldered Bolt to fit inlet Clip on Amal Carbs - Original Design But in Stainless Steel

And just in case you still have a clip in good condition on your OHV/SV Amal carb - but the original and distinctively shaped bolt is chewed (they nearly always are - after years of the carb coming loose and someone using a pair of pliers at the roadside! - we can offer the bolt on its own if required - CNC manufactured in stainless steel

Amal 276 Inlet Clip Bolt

Washers to fit all Amal Carbs
Item 0165B - Banjo Fibre Washers, TT Carb Washers Kits and Washer Kits for Various Amal Road Carbs (276/289/376 etc)
In the last few weeks (since family illness has meant me needing to re-arrange many of our storage areas) - I have veen sorting through and re-organising many of our (mainly Amal) carburettor spares.

Among other things I have restocked on many of our washers and washer kits - these shown are our 0165B TT/RN/GP type banjo washers which are of a particularly high quality and always worth replacing periodically

We have 4 different carburettor sections . . .covering road and race carb models - and washers are showin in each section

Amal TT Mixing Chamber Top

Item 0138: Top Mixing Champber Cap to fit original Amal TT 10 Carburettors - Later type with throttle Cable Aduster

These pretty (CNC manufactured) Alloy TT chamber caps are now back in stock again - and as a reminder - we also sell the knurled top ring (in chromed brass - as per originals) to go with these - Item

As well as the TT type top rings - a reminder we also manufacture the much rarer and slightly larger Amal RN (Remote Needle top ring) - Item xxxx

Amal TT, RN, GP10 Bellmouth Lockring

Item 0142: Bellmouth Lockring To Fit Original Amal TT, RN and GP10

These have been out of stock for some time now - but we have finally got the chance to make up a new batch - and they are now back in stock- to fit Amal TT and RN carbs - as well as GP10 carbs

Amal Competition Bellmouths

Item 014A, 0140B and 0140C - Short/Medium/Long Bellmouth to fit Original Amal TT, RN and GP10
And to go with the Amal competition lockrings - we also have a small batch of all our different competition bellmouths back in stock - Short, Medium and Long lengths in all the popular sizes. This the Long length (0140C) as was normally fitted to later competition and GP bikes - particularly Manx Nortons. . . . and ours are to the correct original Amal profille!

Scroll down the Amal TT section to see all 3 length listings - 0140a, 0140B and 0140C


Norton SOHC Parts - Back In Stock


SOHC Bevel Chamber Bolt
Item 0075 and 0075B - SOHC (approx 1932 onwards) Bevel Chamber Filter Bolts
We recently completed a new batch of this special filter bolt - which has a distinctive long hollow tube with narrow slots - to stop large pieces of dirt or swarf being ingested into the SOHC Oil Pump

CNC manufactured in stainless steel - the normal version above has the standard Norton style head - which looks very pretty, or we offer a

'Wasted' racing type . .. for an extra bit of BS!


SOHC Bevel Chamber - Manx Type

3 Screw Bearing Plate
Items 0285 and 0286 - SOHC Main Bearing Securing Plates -

3 Screw (Inter) and 4 Screw (M30/M40/Manx) - Back In Stock
We have recently made new batch's of both types of the securing plates fitted to SOHC engines - the roadgoing (alloy crankcase) models having a 3 screw cover - while the magnesium crankcase racing engines used a 4 hole cover as shown above and below. See Item listings for some information on best practices for fititing.

4 Bearing Screw Plate


As a final point - we also offer the earlier (shallower) bearing plates, fitted to the first Arthur Carroll engines (up to approx 1932) - Item 0287, as well as the special unplated screws used to secure all these plates wtih solder - Items 0023 and 0024

Inlet Valve Lubrication Assembly


Items - 0353 and 0354: Inlet and Exhaust Valve Guide Lubrication Assemblies

It seems like only yesterday I was showing a new batch of these in a past Newsletter - but Steph reported to me again a couple of months ago we had ran out again! . .. So I have just made another batch of both - supplied as an assembly - where you just cut and bend the copper pipe to best fit your own engine (and trying to get the best curve around hairpin valve springs!)

Exhaust Lubrication Assembly

SOHC Cambox Rubbers

Item 0308 - SOHC Cambox Rubbers

Another common item that had been showing out of stock for a few weeks - the cambox rubber set for SOHC camboxs - a new batch now back in stock

Item 0062, 0062B, 0063 - SOHC Rocker Cork Side Washers

Std, Medium and Thick sizes

And similarly - an item that has been showing out of stock for some time the 'Thin/Std' thickness type rocker side corks (we also sell a Med and Thick type) . . . these are not a new batch - I just found an extra box of them when clearing Stephs office recently! - fyi . . . always worth buying a small selection of each - as just like shimming - the thicnkess required can vary by cambox - and often worth experimenting to get best (and tightest) fit

SOHC Cambox Cork Side Washers

Norton SOHC Sleeve Nuts
Item 0042 - Norton SOHC Cylinder Head Sleeve Nuts

Just before Xmas we manufactured a new batch of our SOHC Cylinder Head Sleeve Nuts - which have been out of stock for some months.

These Sleeve Nuts are particularly nice (if we do say so ourselves!) - and replicate all the unusual chamfers and counterbores of original - as well as haivng good 'crisp' hex's (in the correct imperial hex of course) - meaning they can be easily used to fully tighten down the cylinder head with a socket or ring spanner - not always the case if you have tried to restore and re-chrome your original Norton sleeve nuts . . . which often have worn spanner flats. We sell these singularly, or as a set of four.

0317 Cylinder Feed Lubrication Bolt Kit
Item 0317 - SOHC Cylinder Feed Lubrication Bolt Kit - and indivdiual Parts can be bought seperately

Our cylinder feed lubrication bolt kits are made up and back in stock again. The kit is not a cheap item - but as you can see, is made up many fiddly and complex parts - but together they do the important job of allowing a 'metered' feed of oil to the cylinder wall of almost all (Arthur Carroll) type SOHC Engines. As all parts are CNC machined in stainless steel, and come with the correct copper and fibre washers - they also look pretty, once fitted in the crankcase.

All parts are also available seperately, click on the photo below to go to the relevant catalog section

Cylinder Feed Lubrication Parts

Norton SOHC Cambox Bolts
Item 0046 and 0047- SOHC Cambox Bolts and Cambox/Sleeve Bolt Sets

And to go with the SOHC Sleeve Bolts - we also have the matching cambox bolts - which have the correct deep hex with Norton curved head profile. These cambox bolts are available from the cambox section, or sold as a set wiith sleeve bolts from our SOHC Head section.


New and Re-Stocked Norton Gearbox and Chassis Parts



Upright Gearbox End Nuts

Item 0099 - Norton Upright Gearbox Domed Nuts (and the bottom of the Laydown Gearbox Cover)
One of our most popular gearbox parts - we have recently had a new batch of these Gearbox end cover nuts back in stock (in pretty stainless steel)


. . . And to complete the end cover cleanup on an upright 'Dollshead' Gearbox cover - our bar turned top oval cover cheesehead screws are now back in stock - the profile copied from original Norton screws


Gearbox Upright Screws

Upright Gearbox Greasing Bolt
Item 0671 -Norton Upright Gearbox Greasing Bolt -

- Back in Stock l
To go with other gearbox fasteners - we have recently made another batch of these special little Norton greasing bolts - used to grease the selector mechanism on upright gearboxs up to 1950 - pretty in stainless steel

Upright Gearbox Large Washer
Item 0461 - Top Bolt Washer . . . and other Upright Gearbox Primary Chain Adjustment Parts -
- Back in Stock l
Although 'only' a washer - this particular washer we have made specially, as it is the special heavyweight/extra large diameter washer that spreads the load when tightening the top gearbox adjustment bolt on upright gearboxs - notorious for moving under strain when not fully tightened, and eventually breaking the casting lug if not a good fit. Back in stock

(and all other compoinents in the photo are also available in our gearbox section)

Norton Gearbox Sprockets and Final Drive Sprocket/Brake Drums - Various

Types - Back In stock


Norton Deep Recess Gearbox Spricket
---- Deep Recess Sprocket on Sleeve Gear

Back In Stock Item 0341 - 19T Norton 'Deep Recess' type gearbox sprocket - As fitted to most upright Norton gearboxs and (I believe) later laydown gearbox's to sometime in the early 1950's. These have been out of stock for sometime, but now back available (from trusted UK manufacturer)


Item 1206 - Later Norton Laydown gearbox type 19T gearbox Sprocket : Similar to above - but as you cn see from the photos, a slightly shallower profile - I think they changed over some times in the mid fifties, but I have often stripped original gearboxs to find they have a shallow sprocket fitted, with a spacer behind it - because the deep recess type were not available

Norton Shallow Recess Gearbox Sprocket ---- Rear Wrapround Tank Oiler


Norton Rigid and Plunger Type Rear Brake Drum/Sprockets


Item 0296 - (non finned) Rear Sprocket/Drum: All Rigid Models and Swinging Arm (non-Featherbed) Models

Something that has been out of stock for the last 18 months or more - are the rear brake drum/sprockets fitted to all Norton single cylinder models that employed the 'Cotton Reel' type rear hub - i.e. the type that had 3 studs close to the centre (as opposed to the late 1950s type fitted to full width alloy hubs - which had the studs much furhter out. This type of rear sprocket were fitted to all types of 'Rigid' chassis Norton's through the 1930's - 50's, as well as the 'Swinging Arm' type chassis that followed the plunger chassis for OHV models in the mid 1950's.

These sprocket/drums are manufactured in the UK (not offshore) and look to be of excellent quality

Norton Rigid Type Rear Sprocket/Brake Drum ---- Norton Rigid Rear Brake Drum/Sprocket

Item 0296B - Finned/6 Hole - Rear Sprocket/Drum: All Norton Plunger Models

From the same manufacturer as the rigid sprocket/brake drums are the distinctive 'finned' type rear drums that were fitted to the slightly different design rear hub - as fitted to all Norton Plunger chassis bikes from 1937 through to the mid 1950's. This type of drum - as well as having cooling fins have a 6 hole location - 3 of those holes being for fixing studs, while the other 3 holes are for locating pegs. Again, UK manufactured and very nice quality

Norton Plunger Rear Sprocket/Brake Drum ---- Norton Plunger Rear Sprocket/Brake Drum

Other New Or Restocked Parts (mostly re-stocks this Newsletter)

1 BA Cheesehead screws
Items 0250 and 0335: 1BA and 2BA Bar Turned Cheesehead Screws - For Controls and Electrical Components

Our 1BA stainless steel cheesehead screws have been out of stock for some time (awaiting a fix to the milling function on our CNC lathe/millt) . . . but pleased to say I have now made new batch's of both these and the 2BA version (Item 0335), both n stainless steel.

By the way - 1BA cheesehead screws were used on numerous British motorcycle handlebar levers and controls - but this thread size are virtually unobtainable these days

Girder Fork Return Spring Clevis Pin Set

Back In Stock: 0345 Norton Girder Fork Clevis Pin Set with Greasing Holes and Split Pins

If truthful . .. these did not actually go out of stock - but I knew they were running low . . . but it was one of those items that when recently clearing my daughters office . . . I found the main stock! . . . ahh that was where they went!

These are not cheap . . . but are lovely things - and CNC machined in stainless steel to the original Norton design, with curved head greasing point - which allows you to grease the return spring in-situ . . . a notorious wear point on Norton girder foks.

Gearbox Lock Ring
Items 0271, 0272 : Norton Gearbox Sprocket/Sleeve Gear Locking Rings (for recessed and none recessed type sprockets) and 0801 LH Sprocket Nuts

As well as new batchs of Norton gearbox sprockets - we also have a new batch of the locking rings that are used to retain the Left Hand Nut that retains the sprocket to the gearbox sleeve gear. Item 0271 (shown) has a slight tweak - so it fits into the earlier rececessed sprocket, while 0272 is flat and for the later flatter sprocket.

A reminder as well that we also manufacture the large LH gearbox sprocket nut also shown in the photograph above - this is Item 0801 in the same gearbox/clutch section of our catalog - and fitted to all Norton models

Girder Fork Top Spindle Greasing Bolts


Back In Stock: 1008: Norton Girder Fork Top Spindle Greasing Bolts

Similar to above - but in this case, these popular and distinctive Norton girder fork greasing nuts had definitely been out of stock for some time! . . . but we have now made a new batch

As you can see in the photo above - the nut in the top of the photo is the original Norton item, while the two belw are our identical profile items - but are CNC'd in stainless steel. We then fit the period type grease nipples in to them (with red fibre washer). These allow the girder fork top spindles to be greased - very important and normally omitted as original Norton items are now rare to find.


1100B Wedge Shaped Bumpad
1100B - Plain Black 'Wedged Style' Sports/Racing

Type Bumpad
We previously offered a very similar bum pad to this - manufactured by a specialist UK manufacturer. These are from a UK supplier, but I think are manufactured offshort - but frankly the quality is virtually identical to the UK manufactured item, and inevitably are much cheaper. I will still by supplying the special red piped UK manufactured mattress (our item xxxx, not available anywhere else), but these offer excellent value for money as well as very good quality


1100B Wedge Shaped Bumpad

Small Squab Bumpad

1177 - Small Squab/Bum Pad - Wedged Style' Sports/Racing

Type Bumpad

Smaller and slimmer than the Item 1100B type bumpad (on the left) - never the less, this pretty little bumpad looks like an excellent candidate for fitting to a 1920's/30's sporting bike with slimmer rear mudguards than the more normal later road type pillion pads.


Again - these bumpads look very well made and I think represent very good value for money


Small Squab Bumpad

Std Size Black Petrol Pipe

BACK IN STOCK: Item 0121 - Black Rubber Petrol Pipes (Pair) - Std Length

And finally . . . with this months petrol tank updates . . . our popular - period black rubber petrol pipes are now back in stock - this being the slightly longer length variety.

These sets are made up by us, using high quality BSP motorcycle fittings and ferrrules - and an expensive high quality ethanol proof fuel pipe - with all modern writing removed

Short length Black PEtrol Pipes
BACK IN STOCK: Item 0122 - Black Rubber Petrol Pipes (Pair) - Shorter Length

we sell the fuel pipe sets iin two length types . . . this type being slightlyh shorter than the Item 0121 type - each item descriptions gives the lengths of the pipes . . . and as a pair, one pipe is approximately half an inch longer than the other - but both sets will normally fit most Norton single cylinder models . . . but worth checking which suits you best before ordering - some people prefer a larger loop in their fuel pipes





Other New or Restocked Products This Month
(i.e. some were previously showing Out of Stock on our Catalog)

NGK Red Silicone Caps
Item 0196 - NGK Red Silicone Type HT Cap
I am actually really pleased to be able to offier this type of HT cap again . . . it has been out of stock for about 4 years and is very hard to source.

These are competition type silicone reubber HT Caps by NGK and are of the type I normally used to use on my own racing engines. We have now finally found a new supplier of them.

When they first came out many years ago - they used to come with their own tie clip (to stop water getting in, where the HT lead fits . . . but even when we last stocked them 4 years ago, they had stopped supplying this - so just as before, we add a tie clip of the correct size to this item (as in the photograph). We also sell a small bag of the tie clips seperately now in the same Ignition section of our catalog - See Item 1204

Girling Type Spring Top Plates


Item 0560: Girling Type Shock Absorber - Top Spring Plates

(Pack of 4)
Another unusual part back in stock - these are the pressed steel top spring retaining plates that were used to retain the main spring on the Girling type shock absorbers - as fitted to many Norton models from the mid 1950's onwards. If you look at the listing you will see there is a picture of my own 1955 DOHC Manx Norton, which is fitted wit genine Girling rear shocks . . . and these plates fit that type of shock absorber.

These are in stainless steel and are well made - so have the added benefit that they will not attract rust (as the original clips often did)

Bakelite Lucas Dynamo Cover
Back In Stock: Item 0616 Copy of Lucas Bakelite Magdyno Dynamo Endcap

Another item that had been hard to source since pre-Covid were these replica Lucas Magdyno endcaps. We have now finally got a new batch in. These are of the type commonly fitted to Norton single road models from the late 1930's to the early 1950's

1954 Tax Disc



In the last Newsletter we introduced 1940 year - our first War Service year, but this Newsletter it is 1954 - which as you can see - was in a fetching shade of blue for that year. As with all our facsimile tax discs - they are identical format to originals (including the almost invisible watermark running through the background of the disc centre - and will be personalised to your own bike details

Inter Chinpad Strap

0127B: Chinpad Straps - Back In Stock
In the last Newsletter I reported we had just produced a new batch of our Chinpad Clips - Item (0127) - as used on Racing Inters and pre Featherbed Manx petrol tanks (and Clubmans) - but also can be used on any 1920's -50's competition bike using a chinpad) - well we have also now made a new batch of the chinpad strap material - so these are back in stock as well

1920s Kneepads


New Item - Item 1207 1920s Style Kneepads

I am fibbing actually - they are not a new item . ... I purchased a batch of them about 5 years ago . . . but for whatever reason never got round to listing them - and only found them when clearing my daughters office a few weeks ago. They are a 1920's style ' generic' kneepad, not a specific makers pattern, but have a central steel retaining hole and are of a type typically fitted to 1920's flat tank models.

Better late than never! . . .



. . . And Finally - Stuff Coming Up or on the 'To Do' List . . .

G&S Valves


SOHC Valves By G&S: Please Read If you Are Intending To Buy Valves In Next 12 Months - Limited Stock Available (and G&S OHV/SV Valves)
This is very important if you are intending to build a SOHC Norton engine in the next 12 months and are expecting to purchase valves from us.

We are running very short on a number of sizes - and particularly (3/8") Exhaust Valve sizes - the most popular sizes already being out of stock.


Not suprisingly G&S (by far the best specialist valve manufacturer) have had the same huge manufacturing cost increases as everyone else - and have recently introduced big price increases (I have not added this to current prices yet - but know they will be substantial).

With our own current position (i.e. very little available investment funds!) - I am intending to place a small order in the next few weeks (expecting availability in March 2023) . . . but it will only be a small order and very limited selection .

I strongly recommend you contact us now if you are either waiting for a valve already (I am now working on my own - and will struggle to email all people who may previously have asked for an out of stock items) - or if you know you will require valves in the coming months . . .. once these are ordered - they will go to customers already waiting first!!

If I know I have a confirmed requirement, I will ask for a deposit and add your request to the order, if it is a size I am intending to re-stock

Email me on: paul.norman@racingvincent.co.uk

Valve Caps


Norton Valve Caps - 11/32" and 3/8" Stem Valves

- Email if required

Additionally - we introduced SOHC valve caps 18 months ago and were suprised at the speed they sold out.

I am looking to make another batch shortly - which will be the 2 thicknesses for each type of valve (Item 1127 shown above is the 3/8" thickness, but see also item 1128 for 11/32" thickness).

If you wish to reserve some - or have an additional thickess requirement, then email me on:: paul.norman@racingvincent.co.uk

Valve Caps


1930 - 1938 OHV Pushrod Tubes and Fittings - still to come

I was just starting to work on these when I had to take over the mail order side of our business from my daughter . . . so they are on hold just for the moment. I hope to get back to them sometime in the spring time

As you can see - in the top of the picture is a new tube, and on the top left is one of a batch of stainless steel lipped ferrules I had just made, which will be silver soldered into the bottom of the tube to give the correct lip


Well touchwood, I am still continuing with that backlog of parts and hope to have another Newsletter out in Autumn with further parts available.

Pictured above on the left are 1930-37 type pushrod tubes - the one one the left being made by us, based on the original pattern - shown on the right. Ours are manufactured from a heavier gauge than original (which easily dented) - seamless stainless steel, and if you look carefulyl you can just see on the far left the lipped ferrule which will be silver soldered into the tube to create the nut retaining flange. They look very pretty


I still need to re-manufacture a batch of 0671 'greasing bolts for gearbox selector mechanisms (top right), currently out of stock .. . expect them in next 2 months as well

Email us on sales@racingvincent.co.uk if you wish to reserve anything or need an update on availablility


Some of the other parts expecting to remake in the next 3 months:

- Item 1008: Girder Fork Greasing Bolts (Done! - see this Newsletter)

- Item 1051: Norton Gearbox Camplate and Quadrant Bushes - Jan/Feb hopefully

- Item 1059: Norton Upright Gearbox Selector Front and Rear Bushes - Jan/Feb hopefully

- Item 0999 Competition Gear Levers - Small batch to make in Feb time

- Item 0903: Clutch Cable Adjusters - Racing Type

- Item 0875 : Girder Fork Crown Main Nuts

- Item 0091 SOHC Engine Cheesehead Screw Sets (Note: please email if you wish to reserve a set of these, so I know quantities - also email us if your are an OHV or Side Valve owner - as I may make a batch of the 48/57 OHV/SV cheesehead screw sets at the same time if enough interest)

Lots of other Norton fasteners or smaller parts showing out of stock, and some Douglas parts

- Note: to check out any of these parts - to remind yourself if waiting for them - you can just enter the 4 digit number in our RacingNorton 'Search' function on the left sidebar. Always include the '0' in the search if item is less than 1000, i.e. '0963'


Longer term - I will be looking at a new batch of our short 'Manx Type' upright gearbox gear levers, a new batch of oldham couplings and possibly SOHC vertical shafts, and numerous other parts we are currently working on - but not far enough developed to confirm yet




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