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Utilities Section

The Utilities Section includes a couple of spreadsheets, originally written to make life easier in the workshop. I will add to these as I get time in the future.

1. Compression Ratio Calculation Utility

This first utility is an Excel spreadsheet that allows you to calculate the current compression ratio of your engine, given the bore and stroke dimensions, along with the piston oversize.

Having established the current ratio, it will allow you to enter your desired ratio, and will automatically calculate the barrel spacer width required to achieve this ratio.
Easy to use, and with instructions included on a second worksheet.

I have found this utility invaluable when building racing engines, and saves much time and headscratching with pen, paper and calculator!


Excel 95 Format (110Kb)


Excel 2002 Format (38Kb)

2. Piston Bore Chart
Another Excel spreadsheet, this time for showing decimal equivelants for bore sizes from 75mm - 90mm pistons. Caters for STD bore, +20, +40 and +60 thou oversizes. Also shows common piston clearance sizes for these bores.

Useful when trying to determine if that piston you picked up for a fiver at the last autojumble will fit in your brand new Manx barrel!


Excel 95 Format (121Kb)
3. Engine Spec Template
Nothing special about this spreadsheet, I just thought you may find it useful if you need the starting point for your own template for recording engine build details

Excel 95 Format (106Kb)