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Soundtracks Section 

This soundtracks page gives you an idea of what some of the bikes covered on the website sound like. Yes I know, it is a bit sad, but hey . . . there are worse things to be downloading on the web!

Click on the thumbnail and a larger version of the photograph will be displayed, where you can listen to the soundtrack (I find it gives best results with headphones and the volume up!).
If your PC has no facility for listening to .mp3 sound files, I have put a link at the beginning of this section to Microsoft's website, where you can download Windows Media Player on to your PC.

1. 1938 Norton Inter, with Megga - Being Warmed Up

This soundtrack is of my 1938 Racing Inter being warmed up at the 1995 VMCC Eelmoor Twisty Sprint. The bike was running on Methanol and is fitted with an open Megga, so is most definitely not quiet!
Norton being warmed up
750kb file

2. 1938 Norton Inter, with Megga - Being Ran

This is the soundtrack of the same bike, on a run down the 1/8th mile Twisty circuit at Eelmoor. Engine was being 'ran in' so I was shortshifting and using less revs than normal. It went well though and I was lucky enough to post fastest time in the Pre-War Class

Norton 1/8th Run
532kb file
3. 1938 Norton 550 ES2 Racer - Being Warmed Up

This is the bike I used to run in the late 1980's in VMCC Historic Racing. Fast but fragile, again it was running on Methanol, this time with a straight through pipe and employed a squish band that gave it a distinctively loud and fruity exhaust note
550 Pushrod Racer
751kb file
4. 1955 Rotrax JAP Speedway Bike - Being Warmed Up

Another bike I raced in the mid 1980's, this time in the VMCC Grasstrack section. This was a Speedway Bike fitted with a JAP longstroke 4 stud engine and the addition of a small front brake, a requirement for grasstracking.
Fantastic acceleration off the line, but handling was a bit frightening on the longer straights!
JAP 500
745kb file
5. 1997 Ducati 916 - Being Warmed Up

I'm afraid this is the closest I can get to a V-Twin at the moment, until the Vincent gets finished. This is my 1997 Ducati 916 (before slipper clutch fitted). Unfortunately, I have not been able to get a soundtrack of it at 7000 revs yet, where it sounds far more impressive
Duke 916
550kb file
6. 1960 Royal Enfield Constellation - Being Warmed Up

Another different engine configuration, this time a big 700cc parrallel twin, This was a soundtrack of my 'Connie' shortly after I finished its restoration in 2004
RE Connie
635kb file
7. D.Goddards 1200 Suzuki Sidecar - Eelmoor Sprint

Although a modern bike, this 1200 Sidecar outfit driven by Dave Goddard sounded absolutely awesome and I thought well worth including. Very fast as well.
1200 Suzuki Outfit
378kb file
8. Le Mans 24 Hour Race - 2004

This soundtrack was taken on the short straight that leads to Tertre Rouge. Enclosed by trees on both sides, with cars suddenly appearing in front of you, over a blind brow at 150mph.
When I recorded this track it was 3.00am in the morning, stood there on my own (my mates having failed to vacate their sleeping bags), it was a haunting experience.
Le Mans 2004
919kb file