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How To Create a Screensaver?
Screensaver Section 
The Screensavers section includes some of the nicer shots of my bikes. They are big enough and in a high enough resolution that you can download them onto your PC and use them on your desktop as Wallpaper . . . then you can pick at my workmanship any time you like!
If you have nice photos of your own you would like to be included on this site, to share with others, then please send them and I will make them available. Ideally they should be JPEG format, 1024pixels x 768pixels (approx 210k in size)
Inter Racer 1
File Size = 210k
Inter Racer 2
File Size = 207k
Inter Racer 3
File Size = 210k
Inter Racer 4
File Size = 247k
RE and 916
File Size = 106k
Inter Racer 5
File Size = 207k
RE Connie 1
File Size = 183k
RE Connie 2
File Size = 96k
RE Connie 3
File Size = 184k