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RacingNorton Newsletter No.43 : Spring 2024

First of All - Family Update and Ways of Working for www.RacingNorton.co.uk -

If you read my last Newsletter back in December you will remember I had updated that my daughter had been off work since September 2023 and as she had previously managed all the mail order side of our business - I was now taking this over in the short term, and that consequently orders were taking much longer to process - up to 4 weeks in fact.

Nova and Grandad

Nova - Helping 'Grandad' with a CNC program .. . sort of

Hard to believe, but Steph's daughter Nova is now approaching 4 months old and just starting to recognise the world around her.

We often have Steph and Nova round in the week - so my wife Sandy can help out with the baby tasks (which she loves) and Steph can get a nap!

But I would be the first to admit - It is great to spend some time with her - even if I have to have half the office laptop playing kiddie stuff, and the other half of the screen updating orders!


Well - fast forward now to April 2024 - my daughter Steph is now the mother of a beautiful baby girl called Nova . . . and is of course on Maternity Leave . . . but I have decided to carry on 'muddling through' doing orders on my own at the moment - as I have got the process to work as efficiently as I can, and am just about keeping the 3 - 4 week turnaround of an order period constant.- and have tried to help those customers who contact me and genuinly need things in a hurry.

(FYI I have 'interviewed' a couple of good friends to take on Steph's role in the short term - but seeing the complexity of our catalog - all have respectively declined!).

To go alongside this - hopefully loyal and regular customes will know that I am trying to respond to all emails quite quickly  - particularly if a customer emails me (on my normal email paul.norman@racingvincent.co.uk) to enquire about where their order is in the queue?

I am trying to take all orders in the order they are placed - but if for whatever resaon you are in a valid hurry - and the order is easy to pick . . . I am trying to accomodate where I can. 

However, for the moment - what I would ask all customers is - to plan ahead, particularly when placing the larger orders . . . if you know you are going to require parts in the coming weeks - then best to place the order asap - then it will be in the queue - and just as importantly . . . our stock count will show if the part is available (and generally - allocate it to the next customer in line who places the order).


For the moment, I have held off the introduction of a '£10 deposit on all orders(which I said I would be introducing from January, in the last Newsletter), not because the problem has gone away (and I fully understand why people might not want to wait for up to 3 -4 weeks for me to get to their order) - but because trying to implement it will cause is own delays, and I think the majority of customers have been seeing my updates and are aware of the position.   If I might just iterate again though - if you decide you dont want to progress wtih the order you have placed with us - I would really appreciate if you can just email me on paul.norman@racingvincent.co.uk to let me know, it would be really helpful - thanks.


Emco CNC Electronics

CNC Lathe Issues Again - And not the simplest of Electronics
. . . But it would help if I knew how to read a digital clamp meter properly!

I had yet more CNC lathe issues again in Spring - which curtailed the CNC parts making process even further.
The picture above shows the back of my Emco 325-II lathe/mill - not the simplest of machines to diagnose, when electrical woes manifest themselves. Read the accompanyning text for more background and, ultimately - the fix.

Clcik on the picture above to see a picture of the main isolator power switch I replaced as part of the fault finding exercise . .. Not an easy part to get to in my limiited workshop space - and it is not visiblle in the photo above - being hidden in the topl left corner of this picture


What has been Going on Since Last Newsletter? -Parts sold, Parts Restocked and Manufacturing  

Around the time of my last Newsletter in Winter 2023, we had one of our busiest periods for the last 3 years - I am not sure if my recent updates on availability may have something to do with this - but we have have been maxxed out for orders of many of our most popular parts and for many of these - stocks had been running low.

But the good news is - over this period of time, as much as I possibly can, I have been continuing to re-stock these parts - many of them manufactured by the close group of specialist manufacturers we have been using for the last 15 years - so although many parts are now showing out of stock - most are continuing to be replenished, and many of these are replenished before they actually show as out of stock. Inevitably - the one area that has suffered in the last 8 months - is my capacity to make parts on my own CNC machine (which accounts for maybe 20% of our catalog). I have still been working on the CNC as much as I possibly can - but long hours processing online orders mean this area has inevitably suffered.

Added to that - in mid March the machine suffered another breakdown and this has proved elusive to fix (and of course costly!).

It was an electrical problem this time - and refused to switch on, after a few days of non-use in a particularly cold spell. Being an older machine now - it is inevitable that electrical components (of which this machine has more of a fair share! - see the photograph on the left, of the back of the machine opened up) - it always worries me when the machine has sat for a few days in a below freezing workshop . . . will it fire up again?

In this case, after a week or so of fumbling about with torchs at the back of the machine and keyboard interface (access is a nightmare) - I came to the conclusion that the main ON/OFF Isolation switch, or the slightly damaged Emergency Stop button were the most likely culprits. Both were replaced - at considerable cost of course (click on photo on left to see new isolation switch fitted . . . a nightmare to get to from my small workshop access) - but did that fix it??? - did it buggery!

So despondant and considerably poorer - and running out of ideas, I moved back to the first thing I looked at - my main 3-phase switchboard, which uses large Schneider 3 part On/OFF switch's and a power meter in line. Remembering I had some issues with this about 4 years ago, I jury rigged it to take the actual switch out of the loop - and hey presto . . . I now had a CNC machine that turned on!! So all that, and it was not the CNC at all, it was the power supply.

In mtigation of my seeming lack of electrical intelligence (Duhhh . . .), I did actually put a 'clamp meter' around the 50amp 3-phase cable that runs from the switchboard to the machine before actually looking at the CNC - and I did get a reading of power of sorts, but I figure now that only 1 of the 3 'phase' inputs on the switch was likely to be faulty - and I should have looked at the actual reading more closely. . . hey ho . . . well at least it is working again now - for the moment!

So, as I finish this update in late May, I am back on the backlog of CNC parts to make new batch's of - having finished the 1920's valve spring caps, I am back on to small BTH screws, before getting a new batch of SOHC and earlier OHV valve endcaps done, and then back onto gearbox selector bushes . . . at the current rate I should get to cheeseheads in about a year!

New Products and Restocked Parts - This Newsletter

We have been extremely busy since our last Newsletter at the end of 2023 - we have re-manufactured many parts (both my main CNC manufacturers, spring makers etc - but myself as well with my own CNC) - so hopefully you will see some of our most popular parts (that were showing out of stock a short while ago) - now back available again. Actually, because I was not getting time to work on this Newsletter - in the end I have decided to just publish it (at end of May) as it is shown here - but there is actually more new parts than showing, so I already have a follow up Newsletter to cover the other new and restocked parts - try and get that out in next month as well


So hopefully, you will find something in the Newsletter below of interest to you - particularly as for the last 6 months I had been trying to concentrate on remanufacturing those CNC parts we make which are most in demand - but I am aware I have a long way to go yet, and I am afraid that some long time out of stocks, may just stay that way for a while - as the list is quite long.

www.RacingVincent.co.uk new look
www.RacingVincent.co.uk Gets Makeover . . .

Above: This is the new look www.RacingVincent.co.uk site, when viewed on a mid-sized laptop screen . . . but it may look a bit different if viewed from a Smartphone . . . but it should resize by iteslf!
Click on picture to go to the new version of our site

Below: Just a reminder what the old www.RacingVincent.co.uk homepage has looked like for the last 8 years. Ok - but not responsive to different device types
www.RacingVincent.co.uk new look

Website Work - www.RacingVincent.co.uk - Upgraded and Now 'Responsive', Well . . . sort of!

I said in the last Newsletter I was expecting to update my www.RacingVincent.co.uk website shortly - as I was aware it has not had a major upgrade in many years - and frankly - in hte last two years I have not had time to give it any new content.
But most importantly - it was still in its old 'non-responsive' format - i.e. it will only view in one size - which is fine if you are looking at it from a desktop monitor (or laptop) - but not easy to read if you are looking at it from a mobile or tablet device.

In the world we live in today - like it or not for us old fuddie duddies - many people prefer to look at the web from their mobile phone and for the web site to automatically 'size' to that format.


Web design has changed hugely since I wrote the last format (which actually was probably about 2012) . .. and even then, my HTML web kills were only rudimentry!, learning just enough to keep the web site updated (I first designed and wrote the website back in 2001 - when web design principles were very different and I was just a motorcycle restoration enthusiast that fancied learning enough web skills to write my own website (I worked in IT at the time as a Project Manager . .. and had been a programmer pre-web in the 1980s).


Anyway - being totally out of touch with modern design practice, I contemplated paying someone this time to write a more modern site format - but being as 'tight' as I am, and actually - remembering the old principle that this was supposed to be 'my web site' - last year I bit the bullet and tried to learn just enough current new skills to keep doing the site myself.


The upshot of this is - back in April 2024 I was able to upgrade the site to the new format you see on the right.

As well as looking quite different - the main change is - it is now 'Responsive' of sorts - i.e. it will re-size dependent on what screen size it is being viewed on, but there are lots of smaller changes as well.

There are also a few 'bugs' in it, which I have not had time to rectify yet - but for the main part it seems to work ok.

But the key thing is - now I have put the foundation of the new homepage format in - I am hoping I can find time in the near future to start writing more articles again . . . or just brief write up of events I attend and projects I am working on - with lots of pictures.


If you get a chance - please have a look, and feel free to email me if you have particular articles or rebuild pictures you would like to see more of.

So that about it for this Newsletter - and as I said, if you are a customer placing orders with us and need a status update on an order, because it is taking longer than you expected - dont forget to email me directly on paul.norman@racingvincent.co.uk , not our sales@racingvincent.co.uk email - which is not being monitored while my daughter is off work, it is just sending out automated order status updates, thanks.

Best wishes

Paul Norman

30th May 2024




New and Re-Stocked Products This Newsletter





New or Re-Stocked SOHC Valve and SOHC Hairpin Valve Springs


Sized SOHC 500cc Valves
0033b and 0037b - G&S 'Sized'SOHC Inlet and Exhaust Valves

- New Batch (with more sizes to follow)

We have recently had an interim batch of new G&S valves for both inlet and exhaust valves in stock - in some of the popular sizes.

Shown above are 'sized' inlet valves (i.e the valve collet groove has already been cut), and below are some of the exhaust valves

Many of our SOHC Valve items are 'Variable' listings - which means there will be more than one type - each will be grouped, but will have variations.


At the moment - we have updated the listings with the interim batch that recently came in - but we are also expecting a bigger 2nd batch from G&S in the next 8 weeks - so if the variation you are looking for is still showing 'Out of Stock' - you can email us on paul.norman@racingvincent.co.uk for an update on if that valve is on backorder and when due

0037B SOHC Exhaust Valves

SOHC Featherbed International Valves

Items 0035/1 and 0035/2 SOHC Valves for Featherbed Internatoinal 500cc Models

Above are two new variants of our SOHC valve collection - these being a slightly longer length than most SOHC valves - 4.750" overall length, and you can see in the photograph the length of the stem above the collet groove is slightly longer than other valves. Only small supply of these



More Information On Selecting Valves - Update to Head and Barrel Section

As part of updating the SOHC Valve listings - with some new photographs and updating the stock counts, for this new interim batch - I thought it was worth addiing 'an informational' Item listing . . . which gives some background informatiion which I hope some customers may find useful, before ordering valves from us . . . it may help explain why we offer so many variaitions - I know it seems quite confusing to those who are new to our quirky SOHC engines! Click on photo below to go that inforational listing


SOHC Valve Information

500cc SOHC Exhaust Valves
0037a-1 or 2 - 500cc Blank Stem Exhaust Valves
For some reason - it seems to be Exhaust valves that are constantly in demand these days . . . . consequently, it has been them we have been running most short of.

As an interim - we now have some exhaust valves back in stock, including thiese blank stem versions (customer can cut these to their own length and cut the collet groove themselves) . . . but fyi - we still have some 'cut to length' 500cc exhaust valves still to come



0039c-1 or 2 - 350cc Blank Stem Exhaust Valves
. . . . And to go with the 500cc blank stem exhaust valves, we also have a new interim batch of 350cc Blank Stem exhaust valves

SOHC Blank Stem Exhaust Valves

'New Old Stock' SOHC Inlet Valves
Items 0036 - 'New Old Stock' 500cc 1.735" Head, 4.600" Length SOHC Inlet Valves: Possibly original Norton Valves

(Not sold as G&S)
Historically - all our valves are manufactured by top valve manufacturer - G&S valves. However, from a reputable source I was recently offered this small batch of original 'New Old Stock' 11/32" SOHC inlet valves.

They come from a reputable SOHC marque expert and he was told many years ago - they may have been original Norton 500cc SOHC inlet valves (note - the most common original Norton SOHC inlet valve head diameter was 1.735" - which these are).

I cannot confirm they are original Norton - but I noticed they are etched around the top of the valve stem - which I have seen on original engines .. . so they may be! . . . I will leave that to you . . . but cheaper than our new G&S valves and when they are gone they are gone!

New Old Stock Valves - head closeup

Norton International Hairping Valve Sprigs
0323 and 0324 - Norton International and SOHC M30/M40 (Pre-Featherbed Manx Type) Hairpint Valve Springs - New Batch of Both
Just in case you had been into our SOHC Head and Barrel section recently and seen hairpin valve spings out of stock .. .

We have new batch's of both types of hairpins back in stock - and as always, manufactured by specialist spring manufacturer in the UK - using our original 'New Old Stock' versions as the patterns

Manx Norton Hairpin Valve Springs

0278 Inlet Valve Top Cup Plates
Items 0278/0279/0280 - SOHC Top Cup Plates/Valve Collets - 11/32 Inlet, 3/8 Exhaust, or later 5/16" LS Manx Type - New Batchs of All

And Finally on the Head and Barrel valve gear assembly - we have just had in a new batch of Top Cup Plates (and collets) . . . to fit all 3 common size SOHC (and LS DOHC) valve stem valve types we offer.

CNC manufactured as always . . . and also quite pretty to look at!
0278 and 0279 shown - but 0280 are similar, but for the later 5/16" LS Manx type valve stems

0279 Exhaust Valve Top Cup Plates

SOHC Oldham Couplings - All Types Back In Stock (and one new type)

0683 3/16" Oldham Coupling
---- 0684 Rang of SOHC Oldham Couplings

Oldham Coullings - New Batch's: 0683 (Std 3/16" Bottom Thickness) on the left

0684_1 to 0684_6 - list all the other thicknesses we can provide

We have just manufactured new batch's of all our SOHC Vertical Shaft Oldham couplings.

Item 0683 is the 3/16" thickness variety - which should always be fitted on the bottom bevel ftiting (see the titem listing for more detail), as well as also being usable as a top coupling - if requred. This popular size coupling had been out of stock for some time.

We have also re-manufactured all sizes of Item 0684, as well as introducing a new (extra thick type - 0684-6, which is 0.240" thickness) - these are the same design and type as Item 0683, but are all of varying thicknesses - so when assembling an engine (particularly if having changed the barrel height when varying the compression ratio) - the correct top coupling thickness can be calculated. The photo on the bottom left shows the tool I use for calculating this

Setting height of oldham couplings ---- Oldham Coupling 240 thou thickness

Above left : Shows the tool I used for determining the correct top Oldham Coupling thickness requirement
Above right : 0684_6 For this batch, we have introduced a next extra thick coupling - of 0.240" thickness, as requested by some customers

15T Magneto Sprockets - For SV/OHV/SOHC Engines

and Lucas/BTH Magneto Types - Back In Stock (and now manufactured in-house)


15T Magneto Sprocket
---- Magneto Sprocket

New Item - 1205 (Variable Listing with full assemblies in two styles, or component parts also available):

Original Norton OHV/SV type Bellmouth/Filter Asembly - as fitted to Norton Road models fitted with Amal 76/276 type Carburettors

We are now able to offer these distinctive filter assemblies - as were fitted to most roadgoing Norton OH/SV models from the 1930's to mid 1950's, when fitted with the Amal 76/276 (seperate floatchamber type) carburettor. These filter assemblies are copied from the original Norton/Amal pattern - and have exactly the same dimensions and profile - but are machined from alloy billet, rather than the original Amal 'pewter' type material.

However - as original Norton bellmouths were originally painted a satin silver colour (the pewter colour only showing when the original paint rubbed off - see the original Norton bellmouth just visible in the photo on the lower right below) - we also supply them painted in the same way - with a high temperature and petrol resistent satin silver finish , very close to the original colour.

If preferred we can also shown them in their machined aluininium finish - see top left


The Item Listing on our online catalog gives more about the background on this type of bellmouth - but as you can see we have also manufactured the distinctive filter plates (again - identical to original design, but using stainless steel mesh) and the special clip spring for retaining them (again in stainless steel) - as well as the addition of a large Nitrile 'O' ring to stop the filters vibrating or rattling (which original filters could do).

So - even if you still have an original filter bellmouth fitted . . . but your gauzes/springs are tired or missing - these are fully interchangeable with the original bellmouth and can be bought seperately if required.

Not cheap - as a lot of work to have all the different parts manufactured (in the UK) - but really nice if you are missing this special item to finish off your Norton OHV/SV restoration - as trying to find originals at autojumbles is now extremely unlikely

Norton OHV, SV, SOHC engine side magneto chain sprocket ---- Magneto Sprocket BTH or Lucas

Above left shows one of our filter assemblies which has been painted in the same shade of satin silver as the original Norton colour (high temp base coat and petrol resistent flat lacquer) - The carb body in the picture is an original (only lightly used) original Norton Amal carb body. . . and underneath years of garage oil and dirt, is still showing the original silver paint of a similar hue.

More 1920's (and Early 1930's) OHV Valve Gear Parts and Re-Stocks

1920s Coil Valve Spring Parts ---- Early Coil Valve Spring details

Back In Stock: Walter Moore CS1 (and late 1920's early 1930's OHV models) Valve Caps (sold as a top and bottom pair) - Item 1029 (on right)

New Item - First Norton OHV (and very early Walter Moore CS1) Valve Caps (as solt as top/bottom pair) - Item 1225 (shown on left)

New Item - Item 1224: Another (longer) early coip spring type - 1924-28 for smaller Valve Cups - seemingly more common length than our early short type (Item 1125)


I would never have thought about 6 years ago - when I first considered offering some early Walter Moore CS1 and 'Flat Tanker' OHV/SV parts - that it would be such a minefield - but so it has proved to be so far ! I should have guessed really, Norton have always offered a diverse and varied range of models - even in the 1920's, and although at first glance many parts look the same . . . it often follows there were many variations.


Such has proven to be the case with the early coil valve springs - fitted to the first OHV models from @1924//25 and the first Walter Moore SOHC models, which were offered from 1927.

Broadly speaking though it seems there were 2 sizes of 'conical type' vm painted in the same way - with a high temperature and petrol resistent satin silver finish , very close to the original colour.

If preferred we can also shown them in their machined aluininium finish - see top left


Norton 1920s Valve Spring Caps ---- Walter Moore CS1 Valve Cups

Above left - New Item 1225:1924-28 (Flat Tanker) small conical type valve cups, Above Right - Back In Stock - Item 1029: 1928-31 large conical type vavle cups - as fitteed to most Walter Moore CS1 models, the very first Arthur Carroll SOHC models and OHV models of that period

Lower left - New Item 1224:1924-28 Long type springs to go with earier type conical valve cups, Lower Right - Back In Stock - Item 0966 - 1928-31 valve springs to go with the larger type conical type vavle cups - we also sell a second spring type that fit the same cups, but for 596cc OHV models. as fitteed to most Walter Moore CS1 models, the very first Arthur Carroll SOHC models and OHV models of that period

Norton 1920s Valve Springs ---- Walter Moore CS1 Valve Springs

Lower left - I have added a new 'Informational Item' listing - before the start of the coil valve spring listings, in the SOHC Head and Barrel section. In this I try and describe the lineage of the early valve spring and cup types - but am open to any feedback from customers more knowledgable than myself, Lower Right - BShows some of our latest batch of both early and later conical type cups, after chemical blacking. These are definitely not my favourite parts to CNC machine - as they require multiple tool changes to mmanufacture - and just setting up the tool offsets can take up a huge amount of time and wasted billets.

CS1 Background ----Walter Moore CS1 Valve Springs

SOHC Stainless Steel Crankcase Studs
Item - 0049 and 0050 (500cc Size) and 0048 (350cc) and 0050 (600cc) SOHC Crankcase Studs - All back in stock with new batch
In the last Newsletter in December 2023 we told customers that (although out oi stock at that time) - we were in the process of manufacturing a new batch of 500cc cylinder SOHC cylinder studs - a very popular item - and something that can make a suprisingly visual improvement to an engine.


Anyway, these have now come in and are available again - in 350cc, 500cc and 600cc lengths.

(and by the way - as I have mentioned in previous newsletters, the cost of stainless steel has risen hugely since Covid, - as has the material used here, but we have kept the price increase minimal, compared to the material cost increas)

Crankcase Studs in SOHC Crankcases


SOHC Sleeve Bolts

Item 0042 and 0047 - SOHC Sleeve Bolts and Cambox Bolts

(to go with the SOHC Crankcase Studs)

I know I mentioned these in the last December Newsletter - but just a reminder that as well as a new large batch of SOHC crankcase studs - we also had a new batch of SOHC Sleeve Bolts (i.e. head bolts) manufactured at the same time, and also have the Cambox bolts/Sleeve Bolt Sets back in stock.
It is common for customers when rebuilding the engine to purchase crankcase studs, sleeve bolts and cambox bolts all at the same time - now all back in stock


Sleeve Bolt and Cambox Bolt Sets

SOHC Cambox Lipped Camshaft Nut
Item 0057 -SOHC Camshaft Lipped Front Niut
These lipped nuts went out of stock in the latter part of last year, but back in Feb 24 we had a new batch made. Initialy they look like made from Hex steel - but of course the hex is actually milled.
Also fit DOHC central bevel wheel shaft

SOHC Cambox Rubbers

Item 0308: Cambox Rubber Sets

These are always a popular seller and running out - and have shown temporarily out of stock recently - but again a new batch now made, so back in stock again

SOHC Vertical Shaft Twin Row Bearing

Item 0005 - SOHC Top and Bottom Vertical Bevel Housing Bearing -

(Now Ultra Hard To Find) . . . Back In Stock
Pleased to say that having been out of stock for the last 4 months - we have now obtained another batch of the extremely hard to find 'Self Centering' double row bearings used in the vertical bevel housings.

As always - these are the genuine RHP/Hoffman articles . . . but as always - sit down before you check the price (but actually we have pretty much maintained it from the previous batch).

As always . . . when they are gone they are gone (and already a few have sold since they came in a few weeks ago)

SOHC Drive Side Ball Main Bearing

Item 0018B - RHP SOHC Drive Side Ball Bearing - Back In Stock

Likewise We have also managed to obtain new batchs of two other very difficult to source SOHC Bearings - above being the original fitment RHP (non-C3) Ball Main Bearing .

. . . . And below being Item 0028 M30/M40/SOHC Manx type RHP Rear Roller Bearing
Both bearings are the genuine high quality RHP versions - not cheap but the correct items and both now obsolete

SOHC Camshaft Bearing

Amal TT, RN, GP10 Bellmouth Lockring

Item 0023 and 0024: Main Bearing and Cambox Bearing Securing Plate Screws

In the last Newsletter I reported that we had made new batches of both the 3 screw (Inter) type main bearing plate, as well as the 4 Screw (Manx) type bearing plate. Well we recently ran out of the screws used to secure them - and have now bought in a new batch.

Although a very incongrous looking screw (and it must be un-plated, to ensure that they can be properly soldered over) - these are now very difficult to source in the correct profile and thread - but tthese are them!
(Note - we are still showing the cambox front bearing cover plate being out of stock - sorry . . . I need to get a new batch lasercut, expect in next 3 months if requiring these

SOHC Camshaft Quill

Item 0066 - SOHC Cambox

Hot off the press as I complete this Newsletter update in late May 2024 - we have just had a new batch of the SOHC Camshaft Quills (i.e. central oil feed type cambox's) completed and now back in stock (they have been showing out of stock for about 2 months)

Not to be confused with the Bigend SOHC and OHV Quills that look the same, these quills have a much smaller central oil delivery holle

Other New or Restocked Products This Month
(i.e. some were previously showing Out of Stock on our Catalog)

Manx Slotted Clutch Plates
Item 0252 - Slotted (Manx Type) Slotted Clutch plates
These popular Manx type slotted clutch plates are now back in stock again.

We also used to sell a slightly thicker (HD) version of this plate (popular with Cooper Car guys) . . . which is currently out of stock, but hoping to have another batch of that type done in next 6 months

Girling Type Spring Top Plates


Item 00255:: Normal Pre-AMC Clutch Plates (Surflex) - Also back in Stock
. . . And we also have had new batch's of both normal plain plates (dimpled acually, as per photograph) and friction plates back in - from top clutch plate manufacturer Surflex.

Bakelite Lucas Dynamo Cover
Now We have both types of the E3 (bakelite Type available

In the last Newsletter I reported that we had the Norton type E3LM bakelite type cover back in stock again (see Item 0616 below) - identifiable by having an 'off centre' type mounting screw.
Well - we now also have in stock the very similar E3H type - see Item 1204 above, which is similar, but has a central mounting screw.

I gather this central screw type were more commonly fitted to non-Norton marques, but have had them requested in the past . . . so best to check yours beforehand if wanting to order one of these

Bakelite Lucas Dynamo Cover

Oil Tank Rubbers


0130 - SOHC/OHV/SV Oil Tank Mounting Rubbers

Looking very similar to the Petrol Tank bottom mounting rubbers - these oil tank rubbers have a fractionally smaller central diameter than the oil tank rubbers. I said some time ago I would not bother having them made again - as frankly petrol tank rubbers can also do the job . . . but ended up finding a secret stash of them when clearing my duaghers office in December!

Handle bar Srews


Items 0250 (shown above) and Item 0333 - Original style 1BA and 2BA

Bar Turned Handlebar Screws in Stainless Steel

Managed to get new batchs of both of these popular handlebar screws made on the CNC just after Christmas - both have the original head pattern used on original Brit bike controls

Repro QA Amal type Twistgrip

0347: 'Quick Action' Repro Amal Type -
Back In Stock
It is very pleasing that after them being unavailable for at least 18 months - we are now able to offer these very pretty and popular 'Quick Action' type throttle twistgrips again

They are a reproduction type - but are very well made and excellent value for money - I have reserved one for my current 1939 Gardengate Manx project.

1920s Kneepads


Item 0610 - Manx Stainless Bar Turned Clutch Cups

Another back in stock item are these clutch spring cups (Manx type shown, but also we offer normal road clutch length - see our Clutch and gearbox section). I know a number have already sold since making the batch . . . so may be running short again soon!. . .

Lucas for Norton Singles Facsimile

New Facsimile Item - 1213 - Norton Single Cylinder Models - All Wirting Diagrams - and Lucas/Norton Period Parts List (3 Doc Item)

I am not sure about you . . . but I had always had it in my head there were only 2 or 3 publsihed wiring diagrams available for Norton singles between 1930'ish and 1960'ish. It was only a few months when checking up on parts we offer for original Lucas parts numbers - where I had to go through all my original period Norton manuals and literature - that I realised there were so many variations!

So . . . I decided to bring all these wiring diagrams together in one document - showing them all listed in chronological order.

To go wtih it are two very useful documents Facsimiles from the 1950's - covering orignal Lucas parts and part numbers for Lucas parts fitted to Norton single cylinder models for that period.

Useful to have, and hopefully - an interesting read as well

Lucas Equipment and N

5/16" Ferrulles


Item 0979A - 5/16" Breather Pipe Ferrules (commercially made)

I have been asked a few times if I will be making another batch of our 5/16" 'barturned' stainless ferrules (see Item 0979B) - as we have been out of stock for some time. Well . . . they are horrible things to make, as they waste a lot of material . . . but I have finally been able to find a supplier of a similar commercially made 5/16" ferrule - shown here.

I may also be having to make a small batch of the bar turned variety shortly (we use them on our pre-war sheathed speedo/rev clock cables as well) - but they would be a lot more expensive than these - email me if you require some of those. At some point I may also make a small batch of the larger 3/8" type for large bore oil pipes. . .

Rear Wheel Spindle Nuts


Item 0462 - Heavyweight Lasercut/Dull Nickel Plated Rear

Wheel Spindle Washers (Pair)

Another item that had been showing out of stock for sometime - but I found a 'missing' batch of them while closing down my daughters office in December - so thats where they went!. Now showing back in stock!. . .



. . . And Finally - Stuff Coming Up or on the 'To Do' List . . .

G&S Valves


SOHC Valves By G&S: More sized Due in in next 3 months
We have already had an interim re-stock of G&S SOHC valves (see above) - but more of the most popular sizes are still due in, in the next 3 months.

Therefore if the size/length/type is still showing Out of Stock - you can email to find out if your requirment is on order

Email me on: paul.norman@racingvincent.co.uk

Valve Caps

Norton Valve Caps - 11/32" and 3/8" Stem Valves

- Email if required

I am getting closer to doing a new batch of these - should be available for August time all being well.

As I said in the last Newsletter

If you wish to reserve some - or have an additional thickess requirement, then email me on:: paul.norman@racingvincent.co.uk

Valve Caps

Bar Turned Ferrules - Email me if Required

Frankly - I dont like making these, as I have to turn them from solid stainless bar (very wasteful) . . . and they look so inconsequential it seems difficult to justify the cost - there is a lot of machining.

But - I know last time I made them they sold very fast . .. and I am going to have to make another small batch for another application anyway - so if you do want to reserve some . . . email me in the next 4 weeks on:: paul.norman@racingvincent.co.uk

But also - see 0979A above

Valve Caps


Vetical Bevel Tubes and

1930 - 1938 OHV Pushrod Tubes and Fittings - still to come

Since the last Newsletter I have been contacted by a couple of customers about the early type pushrod tubes - see below.

However since that time - we have also ran out of the SOHC verticla bevel tubes in our most popular 500cc size.

Both of these are currently Work In Progress - and I hope to have an update in the next Newsletter - but bear with me, both are very difficult and time consuming to make (and the cost of material very expensive . . . I know because I have wasted some in latest batch!)

Valve Caps


Valve Caps

Next Nwsletter - To Follow Shortly

- Lots of Other Parts Still to List

Because I am getting limited time to do the Newsletter - I still have quite a few new and restocked items to list - but in an effort to get this Newsletter out (I have been promising to do so for 4 months) . . . I will publish this one as is shown here (end of May 24)

Many new parts not shown in this Newsletter are listed in our catalog - so please have a browse through our catalog - you will see they have a star saying 'NEW' against them . . . . but I am going to quickly try and follow up with the next Newsletter - which I have already started

I apologise to those customers that have been asking about Valve Caps and OHV pushrod tubes - as I have been promising to get them made for some months . . . but hope you will understand why, but they are on the more urgent to do list.


I have also been working on the 'Manx' type gearlevers - but still a lot of work to do on these.


Some of the other parts expecting to remake in the next 3 months:

- Item 1051: Norton Gearbox Camplate and Quadrant Bushes - Autumn 2024 (planned)

- Item 1059: Norton Upright Gearbox Selector Front and Rear Bushes - Autumn 2024 (planned)

- Item 0999 Competition Gear Levers - Small batch to make - in progress . .. but could be some months yet

- Item 0903: Clutch Cable Adjusters - Racing Type

- Item 0875 : Girder Fork Crown Main Nuts

- SOHC Shims (all types) - Should be looking at new batchs of all in late 2024 (funds permitting!)


Email us on sales@racingvincent.co.uk if you wish to reserve anything or need an update on availablility


- Item 0091 SOHC Engine Cheesehead Screw Sets (and other Cheesehead screws) - these are a long term out of stock . . . and much as I have tried, I have not found the time to CNC new batchs. FYI - I did talk to my main CNC people (who make many of the parts we list, if not made by myself) - but with current stainless steel prices - and the amount of variations . . . the outlay cost (and final customer price) is just too high. So I will endeavour to make new batchs as soon as possible myself.



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